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A request to add one tag as the synonym of another tag. Please be specific about which tag should be a synonym of which. Bidirectional synonyms and cycles are implicitly disallowed, so suggest wisely.

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Bootstrap tags revisited

There's a world of ambiguity and mis-tagging between bootstrap bootstrapping and twitter-bootstrap twitter-bootstrap-2 twitter-bootstrap-3 twitter-bootstrap-4. Can we sort it? The Issues bootstrap ...
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Alias tag synonyms [symfony2] and [symfony3] => [symfony]

The Symfony2 core team decided to close their mailing list to gather their support community on Stack Overflow: From their ...
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1 answer

Synonymize / rename [excel-vba] and others to [excel-automation] / [excel-activex] / [excel-objects] / [excel-object-model]

The Microsoft object models for the various Office applications are language-agnostic; they can (generally1) be used equally well from any OLE-Automation-supporting language. Use of the API is the ...
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82 votes
2 answers

A list of tag synonyms which are not proposed in Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a big community with users from different backgrounds. In Stack Overflow, tens of thousands of tags are proposed by different users to annotate questions. However, due to the ...
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44 votes
3 answers

Unify [triangle] [rectangle] [shape] [circle] and the like under [geometry]

The triangle tag doesn't seem too useful. It has only 4 followers and is about a very broad concept, much like the sum tag that was discussed yesterday. Also, per the comments, these tags should ...
55 votes
3 answers

Make [html5] a synonym of [html]

Back in the day, it was useful to distinguish between html and html5 as HTML 5 was introducing new and interesting features to HTML, and different browsers had significantly different support for the ...
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14 votes
1 answer

Organize my [directory], my [subdirectory], my [working-directory], or just organize my entire [directory-structure]

I was just looking through the folder tags, and I saw there's quite a few that need to be synonymized: (Same line indicates suggested synonymization, first tag in line is suggested master tag) ...
7 votes
1 answer

Merge tags [datatables] and [jquery-datatables] or vote for synonym?

The are two tags for the jQuery DataTables Plugin: datatables has ~3000 questions, jquery-datatables has ~ 1150 questions. Both have the same description: DataTables is a plug-in for the jQuery ...
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41 votes
1 answer

There’s more of the [amazon] to cut down

This picks up where my previous question left off – there are still Amazon services that have multiple tags hanging around. amazon-cloudwatch (440) / cloudwatch (80) amazon-iam (766) / aws-iam (21) ...
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Rename c++1z tag to c++17

The tag made sense pre-official-release of C++17, especially given that historically the standards haven't always come out in the expected year, but given that C++17 is now officially released, ...
34 votes
2 answers

Make [css3] a synonym of [css]

This idea was introduced before and declined but I think it is time to discuss this again after nearly 5 year went past. Let's start with the facts: there are 587,810 questions tagged css there are ...
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32 votes
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Version specific synonyms: [2d-array], [3d-array] -> [multidimensional-array]

I can't add 2d-array and 3d-array as multidimensional-array synonyms because Failed to propose synonym: Version specific synonyms can only be created by moderators (the same issue is discussed on SE ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Synonym request: pugjs > jade

I can't suggest it myself. Please add pugjs as a synonym to jade. To avoid any confusion someone should probably edit the wiki as well. cf
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7 votes
0 answers

Duplicate AngularJS-related tags: [angularjs-ng-*] and [ng-*]

We have: angularjs-ng-repeat (1,643 questions, wiki) and ng-repeat (339 questions, no wiki) angularjs-ng-options (13 questions, no wiki) and ng-options (131 questions, wiki) angularjs-ng-model (6 ...
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angular1.x is a synonym of angularjs

angular1.x is use on 7 now 18 questions. It is not a version of AngularJS, 1.x probably means "the first version of Angular", that is angularjs. I think this is an exact synonym of angularjs. I can't ...
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Merge [vue.js] into [vuejs]

I think we should merge the tags vue.js and vuejs together. There is a vuejs2 for v2, but both the above point to the same version. So, I suggest we should merge them into vuejs as is the case for ...
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1 answer

Delete [emr] - it's a duplicate of [amazon-emr]

Those are synonyms. I suggest to merge them. Leave amazon-emr and delete emr, as amazon-emr is easier to find.
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1 answer

Can we please make [css3] a synonym of [css]?

css2 is already a synonym of css, why not css3? 31,120 questions tagged css3 18,732 of those are also tagged css The facts are that 60% of questions with the tag css3 also have the tag css. They ...
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53 votes
2 answers

Rename [visual-studio-online] tag to [vs-team-services] based on product rename

Microsoft has (again) decided to rename their online version of TFS. The old name, Visual Studio Online has a corresponding tag on Stack Overflow (visual-studio-online). Last time I tried to propagate ...
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25 votes
4 answers

Synonym Perl6 and Raku

TLDR: Raku is an alias name for the language Perl 6, so it should be an alias on SO. Note that Perl 5 and Perl 6 are separate languages in the same way as C++ and C#, and that when people talk about ...
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77 votes
1 answer

Let's cut down the [amazon]

There seem to be a lot of tags about AWS products that come in both the amazon- and aws- variety, but are seemingly describing exactly the same product. For example: aws-java-sdk (45) / amazon-java-...
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63 votes
2 answers

Let's handle doomed tag synonym suggestions

For a tag synonym to be approved, it needs to garner four upvotes, and only users with an answer score of at least five in the target tag are allowed to vote. As I showed here (Stack Exchange Data ...
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42 votes
3 answers

Should [swift2] be [swift] too?

Much along the lines of this discussion on MSO and this one on MSE, can we merge swift2 into swift? At the time of writing, there are over 650 questions tagged swift2, with over 100 in the last week. ...
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36 votes
7 answers

Clean up the [*language*] tags

Building on this request, I just noticed that plenty of the language tags are pretty useless. languages (x279) - use nlp when referring to natural languages instead, or is there a need to have a tag ...
15 votes
0 answers

Merge the advertising tags

I suggest the following advertising related tags be made synonyms: ads, advertisement -> advertising Ads and advertisement have nearly identical tag wikis which appear to be copied from Wikipedia. ...
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51 votes
1 answer

The [FAB] tag is floating everywhere? [duplicate]

Edit: I (and I think more people) would really like to do something about this tag problem, but without people posting their suggestions and people voting on them I/we can't really decide what to ...
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Make these specific [jquery-*] and [jquery-ui-*] tags synonyms

The following tags all refer the same jQuery UI components but use both the jquery-ui-* prefix and the jquery-* prefix. I suggest all of the following tags are made synonyms. jquery-dialog -> jquery-...
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19 votes
1 answer

Merge [drone] and [] tags

The drone and tags cover the same Drone CI system - the tag was specifically created for this system. From a quick scan of drone, it is clear that the vast majority of answers ...
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15 votes
1 answer

Make [nimrod] a synonym of [nim-lang]

Nim was recently renamed from Nimrod, so it's a good idea for the tags nimrod to be synomized with nim-lang.
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0 answers

Merge [unity3d-5] and [unity5] tags (or synonymize or delete)

The unity3d-5 and unity5 tags are being used for the same purpose. Can these be merged or made into synonyms? Alternatively, these may not be needed at all. I'm not convinced tagging a question as ...
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42 votes
3 answers

Can we start burninating or synonymising [initalization]?

EDIT 3: After @JDB has pointed out this link in the comments, I have been enlightened as to the polling approach of pasting answers and asking people to vote on them is not a good one. Hence, I am ...
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17 votes
1 answer

Tag merge or burninate candidates: "tic-tac-toe" and "tictactoe"

tic-tac-toe has 102 questions, and it's competitor tictactoe a whopping 35. Shall we merge these (preferably with tictactoe added as a synonym to tic-tac-toe)? Or do we take the flamethrower to them;...
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15 votes
1 answer

Merge [partialfunction] and [partial-functions] tags?

partialfunction has a nice summary, but partial-functions is probably a better name. It seems like they are duplicates.
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13 votes
1 answer

Merge [cloudformation] into [amazon-cloudformation]

Seems like this tag is a duplicate of amazon-cloudformation, so I end up adding both to my questions. For searching and posting speed, can we merge these 2 tags? cloudformation amazon-...
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13 votes
0 answers

Rename the google-direction tag

To my understanding, the google-direction tag was created to tag questions related to the Google Directions API. Therefore it should be renamed to google-directions-api which would be consistent with ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Retag ecmascript-harmony into ecmascript-6?

The tag ecmascript-harmony appears to be related to the fact that ecmascript-6 is labeled as ES6 Harmony in places or something or other. A quick perusal of the questions appears to show a bunch of ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Merge tags 'numeric' 'numerical' 'numerical-methods' and 'numerical-analysis'

I went to add a tag favorite for something related to numerical computing, and found that there are several distinct tags that all fit this area. Their tag wiki descriptions are almost identical, and ...
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9 votes
0 answers

Synonymize [keyboard-shortcuts], [shortcut-key], [shortcuts], and [hotkeys]

I would like to propose synonymizing the following tags: keyboard-shortcuts x 2929 shortcut-key x 46 shortcuts x 360 hotkeys x 706 These tags all refer to the same thing. (Note that shortcut, ...
  • 42.4k
9 votes
1 answer

Synonymize [tomee] and [apache-tomee]

I was just reviewing suggested edits and I saw several edits that consisted in changing tags from apache-tomee to tomee because the former has the following excerpt: DO NOT USE THIS TAG! Please use ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Remove aliases between [symfony2] and [symfony3]

Recently I noticed that symfony3 is defined as an alias of symfony2. IMHO they are not the same: Symfony 3 is the evolution of the Symfony 2 framework and is good to have different tags for ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Merge request for 2 tags: [textview] and [android-textview]

According to their description they should be merged IMHO. Can it be done? Is there any reason why it's not merged yet? textview: Android widget that displays text to the user and optionally ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Should the mongocsharpdriver and mongodb-csharp tags be merged?

While asking a question related to the MongoDB C# Driver I noticed that there were two very similar tags that are listed below with their descriptions. mongocsharpdriver The official MongoDB .NET ...
  • 2,387
5 votes
0 answers

Merge [jdt] and [eclipse-jdt]

The two tags, jdt and eclipse-jdt, are for the exact same subject and have the same tag wikis. One of them should be merged with the other. I personally think that eclipse-jdt is more descriptive, ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Make [jena] and [apache-jena] synonyms?

(I know that there's a tag synonym voting system, but it doesn't appear to do much (looking for examples, I found Does the tag synonym suggestion system work?.) I have suggested the synonym in the ...
39 votes
7 answers

Making [iphone], [ipod-touch] and [ipad] tags synonyms of the inclusive [ios]?

What do you think about making the iphone, ipod-touch and ipad tags synonyms of ios? I feel these are no longer necessary, and I see people removing them from questions all the time lately. My ...
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29 votes
1 answer

Let's recycle [recyclerview]

While answering questions I came across two tags which both refer to the RecyclerView UI element in Android. The tags in question are: recyclerview: 993 Questions android-recyclerview: 205 Questions ...
68 votes
1 answer

Let's synonymize a few plural, unnecessary tags

We have a few tags which should be synonymized! identifiers (51) has the same tag wiki as identifier (641), and are synonymous: An identifier is a name that identifies either a unique object or a ...
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52 votes
4 answers

Rename [osx] to [macos]

With the release of Sierra, Apple has renamed their "OS X" operating system to "macOS", most likely to fit in with the other Darwin derivatives, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS. In that spirit, osx-sierra has ...
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24 votes
1 answer

Please undo all of the current [git] tag synonyms (and reject [github] synonyms)

Git Synonyms There are currently 8 tag synonyms for the Git tag, along with a 9th suggested synonym. These synonyms should never have been created. They all represent different, individual, and ...
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24 votes
2 answers

Rename [windows-azure-*] to just [azure-*]

Due to the renaming Windows Azure to just Azure please rename all tags [windows-azure-*] to just [azure-*], such as: windows-azure-storage 1599 windows-azure-queues 93 windows-azure-diagnostics 74 ...
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