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Help, [iam] trapped in the Amazon and can't get out

The iam should not remain a synonym of amazon-iam when IAM is an industry abbreviation.
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Revoke [plotly] tag synonym [r-plotly]

Recently the r-plotly tag referring to the R library plotly became a synonym for the plotly tag referring to the JS library plotly. I think this should be undone, as it makes filtering the questions ...
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De-synonymize [cmake] and [cmake-gui]

Suddenly I found that my favorite tag - cmake - has a synonym cmake-gui. Name of the latter tag perfectly fits to cmake-gui tool, which is a GUI wrapper around command-line configuration tool called ...
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The [tk] tag should not be a synonym of [tkinter]

I just noticed (when retagging a question) that it looks like someone aliased tk and tkinter despite this question here: Synonymize [tkinter] with [tk] specifically indicating that this should not ...
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Remove [mdb] -> [ms-access] synonym

While monitoring the ms-access tag, I've encountered an unusual number of questions about Angular issues. I've tracked these questions down to the mdbootstrap library. They're using the mdb tag ...
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Requesting a [unity-ecs] tag, remove [ecs]=>[amazon-ecs] synonym

The ecs tag currently links to amazon-ecs. Unity's new ECS compoment system is currently in preview and will be stable at some point in the near future. As the ECS system is very different from the ...
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