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Remove Phonegap as synonym of Cordova tag and make it independent again

When Adobe bought Phonegap back in 2011 and open sourced the current code as Apache Cordova they were synonyms, but Adobe kept the Phonegap brand and continued working on it, and now they are ...
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Too much [carbon] is bad for the environment

It seems like carbon was made a synonym of php-carbon in the scope of this MSO post (which was probably fine at that point) (or it was probably synonymized later). However, as there seems to be a new ...
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Help, [iam] trapped in the Amazon and can't get out

The iam should not remain a synonym of amazon-iam when IAM is an industry abbreviation.
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Does "changes in version N" also encapsulate dot releases?

Motivation: Swift 5.4 was recently released. swift5.1, swift5.2, and swift5.3 are all synonyms of swift5 swift5.4 can be created and become a tag synonym of swift5 as well. However, I wish I was ...
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Synonymize sub-tag [google-apps-script-web-application] to main tag [google-apps-script]

Why? Subject matter experts participating in meta agree that a separate tag isn't warranted and should be synonymized: Current Consensus: For: ★NEW★7(4 Gold badge holders+3 bronze badge holders)(...
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