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0 answers

How can I revert refusing consent in the 2024 Developer Survey?

I was trying to take the 2024 developer survey, but I mistakenly clicked the no consent in the first question, and now I cannot go to the page again. Is there any way to change my answer to consent ...
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Petition to extend the deadline for SO-developer survey 2024

As I grow more comfortable with ChatGPT, I find myself visiting Stack Overflow less and less but not never. I just woke up this morning and felt like checking if the developer survey is open for no ...
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41 votes
23 answers

The 2024 Developer Survey Is Live

Update: Due to the holiday and other factors, we have decided to extend the deadline to June 20th to provide more time for responses. The 14th annual Developer Survey is open to the public today. 13 ...
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35 votes
14 answers

Review our technology options for the 2024 Developer Survey

Update on May 6th, 2024: Thank you for taking time to share your feedback for the upcoming survey. We have concluded reviewing these suggestions. The time has come to ask you to vet our latest ...
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