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Questions tagged [survey-2023]

Use this tag for questions and anything related to the 2023 Developer Survey.

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37 votes
3 answers

Developer survey 2023: Hard to understand (or wrong?) sentence. Feedback

I think my English skills are very decent, but I have trouble understanding a sentence that came up in the explanation for the new "Admired and Desired" of the 2023 developer survey: Rust ...
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0 answers

2023 Developer Survey: no absolute values in 'Admired and Desired'?

Link: Wouldn't it make sense to show the absolute values in the tooltips, like before? The ...
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16 votes
2 answers

Developer Survey 2023 - full data set availability?

Currently, links to the results summary of this year's developer survey and the summaries and full data sets of previous years: Is there a plan to release ...
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30 votes
0 answers

Error in 2023 Developer Survey analysis?

The 2023 Developer Survey results page says Erlang is the highest-paid language to know this year but Zig is 1st: Add The above error is fixed but this one still remains: Visual Studio Code remains ...
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35 answers

Take the 2023 Developer Survey

Update on June 13, 2023: Thanks to everyone who took the survey! The 2023 Developer Survey results are available here. (Also see the announcement on the blog.) The annual Developer Survey is now live!...
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59 votes
33 answers

Review our technical responses for the 2023 Developer Survey

Update on May 3rd, 2023: Thank you for all the comments and suggestions! We have collected your responses and have completed reviewing your suggestions for the survey. It is that time of year again ...
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