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Questions tagged [survey-2022]

For questions and anything related to the 2022 Developer Survey.

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What tech is "Flow" in the 2022 Developer Survey?

In the Which developer tools have you done extensive development work in... question, there is a piece of tech listed named "Flow", however, it's very unclear which "Flow" this is ...
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Incorrect colouring of points when based on responses in developer survey

Link: Link: The ...
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Link to 2022 survey broken

Congrats on the 2023 survey results - interesting stuff in there! I was curious how some of the results compare to previous years, and noticed that on (...
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SO survey keyboard navigation

I am on the page How did you learn to code? Select all that apply. in the 2022 Stack Overflow Developer survey. The page uses custom "checkbox" form elements and visually hidden inputs. That ...
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"Years of professional coding experience by developer type" is clearly wrong The average student apparently has nearly five years of professional coding ...
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