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CV-PLS old requests room moderator/CM authorization

Around a month ago, I created a new chat room intended for registering questions which should be closed, but don't have recent activity within the scope set by SOCVR. Any room with a collection of ...
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Why was this answer of mine deleted? [duplicate]

Yesterday, my answer got deleted by a moderator (@sideshowbarker). Being new to Stack Overflow, it's possible I broke a rule without knowing it, but could I get the reason so that I don’t repeat my ...
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What should I do with my bounty message on my question that states something that isn't true?

Recently I made this question: How do I maintain a live video stream playing if I change tabs in Chrome? I've put a large bounty on it, because I had been trying to solve this problem for around 3 ...
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How can I regain ownership of my question after it has been migrated to another site?

I ran into serious trouble with PostgreSQL and asked for help here: PostGres with 62 GB of table gobbling up over 500 GB on disk? My question was moved to another Stack Exchange site: https://dba....
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How can I share a project without breaking the rules?

I had a problem that I failed to find possible solutions for on the Internet that satisfies all my requirements, so I decided to write a new package. I see this is a problem which has considerable ...
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Census page link is broken?

When I clicked the “Learn more” button in my profile from recent badge section, the landing page is broken.
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What are the edit reject reasons?

Users with a reputation below 2,000 cannot access the review queue to find the official list of edit reject reasons for questions/answers. Likewise, users with a reputation below 5,000 cannot access ...
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Problematic SO synonym: [ibm] -> [websphere]

I am looking for some advice or moderator action to help with a problematic tag on SO, ibm -> websphere Context: "IBM" is a corporation with hundreds/thousands of software products. &...
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2 answers

How can I improve my question to remove a question ban?

I run into a "circular reference" problem with my question: original question I don’t have any idea how to be more specific on the problem (how to generate the list of the quarters of the ...
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Lost silver badges on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I went down from 41 to 39 silver badges on SO overnight. I cannot see what has gone and activity indicates nothing. Ideas?
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How to resolve a question-posting issue that is not getting properly resolved?

I posted a question to Stack Overflow yesterday which was rejected because I was told that it doesn't address a programming-related issue. I edited the question with a very detailed explanation of how ...
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Census badge awardees not shown [duplicate]

On any badge page, you can see who got that badge, sorted by date with the most recent shown first. The census badge page doesn't show any awardees. Currently, it looks like the image below: The ...
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2 answers

I want to remove "only can send one post on half past a hour" limit

I want to remove "only can send one post on half past a hour" limit. Because I want to answer a lot of questions, this restriction has seriously limited the opportunity to help others solve ...
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Should I edit an obsolete (and incorrect) answer? [duplicate]

I came across this answer: In short, it states that text/javascript is obsolete and that application/javascript should be used instead. The answer was ...
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Persistent cookies prompt [duplicate]

Every time I visit a page on SO. I get the "Your privacy" popup in the lower left corner. Even after I make a selection, it will reappear the next time I visit the site.
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What else should I have put in this question? [closed]

My question Why is it adding a horizontal scroll bar was answered, but I need guidance about how I asked it. What else should I have provided? I couldn't provide all the ancillary files because there ...
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34 votes
1 answer

Cookie banner keeps popping up

Until a few days ago, clicking the "Necessary cookies only" made the banner disappear as long as I kept my cookies (I delete them when I close Firefox, and I don't mind setting my ...
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How to participate in the Stack Overflow survey [duplicate]

How do I participate in the Stack Overflow survey? I'm new to Stack Overflow and have heard there is a survey conducted annually. I've searched in the 'Help Center and other resources' and in general ...
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Stack Overflow is no longer providing Creative Commons Data Dumps

The company has refused to honestly explain their plans to the community, but the data dump was late, and a former employee graciously did the community the favour of confirming that the company has ...
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Can the system consider questions spam and prevent the OP from editing them?

I recently encountered a question where an OP created a new account to re-ask a question. When someone pointed out in the comments that they should just edit the original question, the OP claimed the ...
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Edited questions should not be used as review audits in Close Review queue

I just encoutered this audit that I failed. The concerned post is I can not connect my api with the oracle database. When reviewing, I saw everything I'm looking for: A clear issue: There are error ...
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How should I proceed if my re-open vote was rejected although the issues are fixed?

Yesterday, a fairly new user (4 months, 9 reputation) posted a question about rounding in C#. When reading it for the first time, I had a feeling that I knew what they wanted to ask, but unfortunately ...
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Website copying question and answer from Stack Overflow and presenting it as theirs [duplicate]

Are websites allowed to copy questions with their answer(s) from Stack Overflow and present it as authored by them? If no, what should one do?
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1 answer

Guidance re-writing a question closed as opinion based

I had a question closed as opinion based. I'd like to ask the community if the problem here was the wording I used, that is, how the question was written, of if the subject itself is not suitable to ...
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What do we do when answering an old question that turns out to be a duplicate of an older question?

An old question was brought to my attention that I was able to solve, and I wrote an answer. So far normal, but it turned out to be a duplicate of an even older question. I asked for moderator ...
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How can we easily find when we upvoted something (not recent?)

I had a low-priority question bouncing around in my mind. I forgot if I'd asked before--I hadn't written it in my small Python cheat sheet. The answer was here: Split a string by spaces -- preserving ...
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How should answers citing ChatGPT be flagged? [duplicate]

Since the introduction of the plagiarized content flag, I've been steadily using it to flag answers clearly generated by ChatGPT (by clearly I mean I've gone to ChatGPT and had a chance to produce ...
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Review audit failed (solution was inside the question, not in a separate answer)

I recently failed this review, and I'm very curious to know the reason(s). I clicked "Share feedback", planning to invite the author to write a separate answer. (I have read such things ...
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Could be an irrelevant modification of answer be flagged as a plagiarized answer in the same question?

So I've found this answer: and following, in the same question, this one: that only makes an irrelevant ...
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Is it a good idea to skip upvoted answers in the Low Quality Answers queue?

I noticed that upvoted and/or accepted answers cannot be deleted via review in Low Quality Answers. A moderator ends up deleting the post anyway, invalidating the task. Here is an example: If such ...
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Reputation threshold for the first election [duplicate]

I just noticed that in the first SO moderator election the minimum reputation was set to 65,882. All following elections have the threshold set to 3,000. What's the source of that weird (65882) value?...
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How can I protest question closure? [closed]

What is the way to protest question closure in case I don't want to alter it? The question is well formed and even answered. Some people marked the answer as useful, so the question could help others. ...
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How much setting bounties are effective to get out of question ban?

Setting Bounties drop attention to your questions. So if I set a bounty on one of my well-written unanswered questions, will that be effective to get rid of my question ban?
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Why was my question closed as "not reproducible or was caused by typos"?

The question can be found here: Why won't Ansible ever match hosts? The reason given was: not reproducible or was caused by typos. I don't understand this reasoning for closing it. I have ...
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Are Late Answers reviewers expected to verify the technical accuracy of answers?

Some time ago I failed this review audit. I was told to Recommend Deletion or Edit such posts. At the time I did not have full edit privileges and maybe the edit queue was full our I was out of edits. ...
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Are migrated questions affecting my history?

Recently, I got unable to ask new questions in StackOverflow. I understand that I should not appeal this is meta, but what I want to know is that why my migrated questions affect my questions' history....
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2 answers

Restoration of posts

I am raising the question as I have ran out of option to flag the post for moderator intervention. Recently, I have found that my popular post have been deleted due to Posting content from Oracle ...
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It appears that the DeletionDate column in the Stack Exchange data dumps available on is always empty

I downloaded Post.xml file from Here, you can find what is inside the different XML files ...
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My post "appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code", but I did wrap code in <pre><code> tags [duplicate]

I was trying to answer a coding question in JavaScript. I had some code and used <pre><code>, put my code in, then typed </pre></code>. I then came across this error when ...
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Do "deleted" questions ever get deleted?

In my profile, under questions, at the bottom of the page, there's a link to my "deleted questions." I feel that these are weighing me down in my question ban, and really want to get rid of ...
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46 votes
2 answers

Where’s the 2023 April Fools joke?

April 1st landed here 9 hours and 17 minutes ago. Where’s the fun? Or is this incomprehensible thing the joke of the year? Or did SE for some reason decide that this year, the site itself is the big ...
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Why my Q&As are getting downvoted without any explanation? [duplicate]

Why the questions that I answer myself are getting downvoted without any comments or reasons? Look at this and this. I removed my answer posted on first one.
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14 votes
1 answer

Add option to search for posts that were voted to be deleted, closed, etc by the user

I frequently come across questions that are very similar to questions that I voted to "closed as duplicate" or "delete" etc. So currently I have to manually go to the votes tab and ...
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Code could not be submitted, because it triggered the spam filter [duplicate]

There is an issue with the code in this question about extracting strings in Chinese in Python. If I attempt to edit the post to contain the code which the OP posted as a comment, this error/warning ...
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Why was my question 75732423 deleted?

I asked a question, and it was closed. It was "in review" for ten days and was closed today. I edited the question and "Submit for review" it 10 days ago, and checked the "...
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2 answers

What should I have done instead in these reviews?

I got suspended from reviewing with the following message: You’ve been suspended from reviewing. You will be able to review again in 2 days. The following tasks were handled incorrectly: /review/...
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Do the cookies already work while you just log in on the login screen of a Stack Exchange?

Do the cookies already work while (that is, right before) you log in? At the point in time when it shows you the "Your privacy" box with the three cookie buttons to choose from, I want to ...
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How can I connect my public SO account with my SO for teams of my company?

Our company just opted in for SO for teams. I would like to connect my personal account with that account, just like the SE network, or something similar. Is that possible? I couldn't find that answer ...
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Flagged a comment telling someone to "learn social skills" as unkind, but was declined

I recently flagged a comment as "unfriendly or unkind". The comment said something like: "if you are going to correct someone's posts, you should first learn social skills" A ...
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Is there a Stack Exchange site where I can post this question?

I asked a question as to where the source for the Java JDK was, and the question was closed by a bot and later deleted. The question is:
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