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Who is going to handle flags on content in the Collectives discussions feature?

A new site area for subjective discussions has been announced in the WeAreDevelopers talk and on SO Labs, scheduled for release in August 2023. My understanding is that the feature is just for ...
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Will OverflowAI really feature dumping AI code explanations onto Stack Overflow?

Is this why the company wanted to effectively unban AI-generated content? Because AI-generated code explanations will be auto-dumpable now? From WWC23 - Stack Overflow: Community and AI (Mainstage) at ...
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Exactly what does "document new learnings and solutions" mean in the description of the OverflowAI Visual Studio Code extension?

The initial description of the OverflowAI Visual Studio Code extension says: Meeting users in Slack is helpful, but we wanted to do more. Developers spend a lot of their time in an IDE and Stack ...
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How can I follow my own question (so I get notice of comments)?

I would like to get an email when someone has posted a comment or solution to a question that I have asked. I have seen a couple of questions/discussions about this, and they all mention a "...
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The question is in the wrong collective. How can I edit it?

This question How can I find in my project? was included in the PHP Collective, possibly because it has a PHP tag, but it has nothing to do with it. If anything, it should belong to ...
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How do old questions get "modified today" but show no new changes in the SO top questions list?

Today on Stack Overflow I clicked a question tagged in my watch-list Shell - Delete line if the line has only one column? and looked at it: The question has value, is clear and relevant. The question ...
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Is leaving many pointless comments a bannable offense?

I recently wrote a question about hiding for me personally all comments by a user who left many irritating useless comments under posts in a tag I'm active in. I was looking for this because I assumed ...
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Stack Overflow rate limits on 404 generated by snippets

I am being rate limited, because the code I am editing in a snippet is requesting nonexistent images in a loop. I have fixed the reason for the rate limiting (I believe) by adding the tag <base ...
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I would like to be able to ask questions again. What more can I do to improve my existing questions? [duplicate]

As per this page, when asking questions is disabled for your account, you are supposed to go edit and improve your existing questions until the nebulous "system" (an algorithm I assume?) ...
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How do you make your answer stand out from the influx of generative AI content?

I've had a few years hiatus and could not find any article that underscores this question, so please go easy on me. I also just got somewhat up to speed about the strike as posted here, so I know this ...
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Why did staff mark this "thank you" answer as Rude/Abusive and convert-to-comment to the question?

The answer post I am referring to is this: Thank you. I spent an hour looking for a solution until i came across this There was only ever one ...
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Would this question about copying Visual Studio to a drive backup be on topic?

I made a clone backup for my C: drive on the same disk and I forgot that Visual Studio 2022 is not yet installed as I did a factory reset recently due to system files corruption. If I installed Visual ...
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Filter Tags with logic groups (parentheses) [duplicate]

I filter tags like this: [tag1] [tag2] OR [tag3] As far as I see, all of the results include [tag1]. But I want to also include questions that are tagged with [tag3] without [tag1]. So I tried: ([...
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Should users encountering benign but irrelevant comments flag them as not needed?

I just flagged the following two comments from the question Is it worth bothering to align AVX-256 memory stores?; Good question! I don't know the answer off the top of my head and don't have the ...
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18 votes
3 answers

What should we do with Tor Onion links in questions?

I just came across this question and I wondered something like that should be allowed, although asking it this way sounds a bit weird. The user wants to scrape sites in the Tor network and posted some ...
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Can't submit question on Stack Overflow

I've recently written a question for Stack Overflow. However, there isn't any submit button after I click to review my post: What am I doing wrong here? I'm on a 2021 iMac using Safari if that's ...
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I don't understand anything on this site [closed]

Firstly, I was banned from posting on Stack Overflow. I asked a question that didn't have enough content in it (I think) to be considered a high-quality question. I didn't receive any warnings in my ...
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Could collectives clutter be reduced please?

Collectives seem to create a lot of clutter (4, maybe 5, elements on the screenshot below). This affects UX. Please consider reducing the clutter. If collectives don't serve any real purpose, please ...
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How can I search within in a specific saved list?

StackOverflow and StackExchange have the feature to save a post and put it in a specific list for later use. I find this feature very helpful but I am not sure how to search with a specific save list. ...
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What should you do if you discover that the assumption underlying your question is incorrect?

Say, for instance, that you asked why was P the case, P being a statement. But after doing further research you discover that P is not in fact the case. What would be the appropriate course of action ...
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How to turn on two-step verification on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I just joined Stack Overflow and I want to enable two-factor authentication, but I couldn't find it. Can you please tell me how to enable it? I couldn't find the security tab in the settings; I looked ...
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Would asking about a clarification regarding the definition of a measure in datawarehousing be on-topic?

While trying to make sense of datawarehousing, I came across the following definition in Wikipedia: In a data warehouse, a measure is a property on which calculations (e.g., sum, count, average, ...
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2 answers

How should non-English answers with code be handled in the Low Quality Answers queue?

I have seen this answer but it was not made clear specifically how answers such as this should be handled. The answer includes a non-English description of a code block. Given the facts that: Non-...
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How can I schedule a question to be posted later?

I just hit the 6 questions in 24 hours limit. How can I queue my question to be posted after 24 hours since my 6th-most-recent question have elapsed?
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Current position on & proposal for the responsible use of AI on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

The current policies of Stack Overflow around the responsible use of AI are confusing and unclear, both for moderators and users. There was the old announcement that as a temporary policy any use of ...
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How do I make a code snippet with the new editor? Where did the button go?

Here is a comparison of old: and new: Where did the code snippet go? How can I make it now?
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Rename [sqlx] tag to [go-sqlx]

The sqlx (188) and the rapidly growing rust-sqlx (122) groups tend to often be confused - I had to re-tag about 15 of the mis-tagged ones from sqlx to rust-sqlx. Since the numbers are somewhat ...
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Should [] questions also be tagged [python] and [discord]? Can they be interlinked?

Many tags are related only to a particular programming language, and it might be of a library that has bindings in many languages. For example, many PyQT questions are tagged python and qt, though the ...
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Do enough rejected edits flag an account? [duplicate]

I suggested what I believe was a really good edit at to which was rejected, and thus I had to ...
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May my question be undeleted?

Maybe a long shot, since I'm the author. This unresolved question was deleted due to a ...
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How do I get the entire body text of my questions, answers, and comments from API requests?

I tried USER ID/timeline?sort=creation&page=1&pagesize=100&site=stackoverflow, then USER ID/timeline?...
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How should I handle typo answers in the Low Quality Answers queue?

Occasionally, I find one sentence answers in the Low Quality Answers queue. They are often: I had to restart my computer/IDE/whatever Or Not reproducible or caused by typos type answers such as: ...
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How can I change my birthday information on my Stack Overflow user profile?

I signed up using GitHub account, but I don't know how to change the birthday information on my Stack Overflow user profile. I hope it is easy to change my birthday information on Stack Overflow.
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Merge [powerbi-datasource] into [powerquery]

Background Details Power BI is a self-service analytics tool. One of its defining features is the ability to extract data from just about any data source using a uniform language (PowerQuery M). Stack ...
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Review-banned users might be having issues with viewing suggested edits from a question page

I'm currently review banned (this is not by any means a complaint about my ban, it's necessary background info), and I've noticed a while ago that when I try to view pending suggested edits from a /...
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Would asking about a method to install packages in an unstable connection be on-topic?

I understand that this is related to the question, but would [e.g.] the following post be within the scope of the site? I noticed that python package installators tend to give up early whenever you'...
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The new submit question style is stuck and won't let me do anything

I've written a question on stack exchange with the new ui and it's straight up stuck. It shows do a final review: But then doesn't let me progress, at all! How do I get out of this? what is wrong? ...
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1 answer

What is the time limit for reporting CoC violations? Can past violations be reported?

A few years back I got attacked by someone with privileges that first vandalized (i.e. changed content to something quite different) one reply I wrote and then apparently with the help of a few ...
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What changes were made to the Code of Conduct on May 31, 2023?

There is no clear delineation of what is new/changed and what is the same among the "updated" code of conduct announced on May 31, 2023. What was changed/added?
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3 answers

How can a user show "code" on a visual tool?

In this question, the OP is using an automated tool - one that records actions and then can be adjusted. There is no "code" to be provided. Yet, it has been closed, requesting a minimal, ...
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How can I find questions that I haven't voted to close?

I'd like to find a way to get a list of questions that have a particular tag and that have zero answers aren't closed and that I have not voted to close It's easy to use the advanced search help to ...
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1 answer

Continuation of the voting button design rollout

Please continue to process the voting button design rollout by reverting¹, then applying abstraction. There is absolutely no obligation whatsoever. If you asked me what I'd wish, then I would say: ...
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Are questions asking about the purpose of a particular snippet of code within a non-documented library within the scope of the site?

Are questions asking about the purpose of a particular snippet of code within a non-documented, well-known library/package/repository (e.g. DeepSort) within the scope of the site?
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9 votes
2 answers

Can we properly sort all this [cargo]?

The tag cargo is currently defined to be about some Java EE tool, but it's often used to be about the Rust tool rust-cargo (currently 77 questions [rust] [cargo]) or a site builder (31 ...
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Abusive admins are deleting requests to reopen the question together with supplemental reasons to reopen it [closed]

The following question asking about a regex to truncate an alphanumeric string to two decimal places and remove non numeric characters was closed citing that the answer was provided in another ...
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code formatting lost after edit, revert would not fix it

I made an edit to this answer, (changed "unicode" to "str") however when I saved the edit, the code formatting was lost. I quickly reverted the edit, however the code formatting ...
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Need help formulating a question

I have a problem and wonder how to solve it. However, due to unclear solution, I'm pretty sure that the formulation will be considered as making slacking off, making others do my job. So is not the ...
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What's the problem with this question?

I asked a simple and straightforward question. It has four downvotes, but no comments to say why. What's wrong with it?
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I waited nearly one hour, but my post has only five views

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How to convert labels shape from (x,1) to (x, ) I waited nearly one hour, but my post has only five views. I created this account, because my main ...
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Rename/change a tag - N1QL to SQL++

I work for Couchbase, and we'd like the tag n1ql to be renamed sql++, please. The "N1QL" brand name is being phased out in favor of the more meaningful/standard name of "SQL++". It'...
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