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What is the purpose of the foreach tag?

The foreach tag. I've never used it, but I see it pop up in a lot of questions that have nothing even remotely do with the foreach loop. Even though they may contain the code. It's very rarely the ...
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How do tag removal (burnination) requests work?

How do you determine when a tag is bad? How are tags removed? Is there other cleanup work that should be done first? Why are so few tags blacklisted after they are removed? Who should do the ...
12 votes
1 answer

I can't ask questions on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

My SO account has been blocked from asking questions. This has been for a while now. I have a reputation of 139. I have a single downvote on a question and the question is closed as "closed as ...
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Is it possible to bookmark Stack Overflow questions/discussions?

Often I read good answers here on Stack Overflow. Is it possible to bookmark them, like in forums?
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What is the meaning of Posts.Id and how I look the corresponding post from

I have downloaded the datadump of Stack Overflow. And I want to retrieve the question from by like if the data dump said its id is 305223, then I look for URL https://...
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7 votes
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Delete the [ORALCE] tag?

There are no questions using this tag and it seems like just a "mis-spelled" Oracle tag that will never get used.
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7 votes
2 answers

Use Stack Overflow For API Q&A

I would like to use Stack Overflow as the Q&A platform for the developer API. I've noticed other organizations using Stack Overflow for handling question and answer for their API. ...
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Version tags added, but removed from question

So I created a few new tags: intellij-13 and intellij-12 And I assigned them to my questions IntelliJ CSS autocomplete / Emmet? and IntelliJ 12 Android and Gradle respectively. Then, the tags got ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Is Stack Overflow a website to ask personal coding questions?

After learning that Stack Overflow is not a question-answer website but rather a website that must ask questions that need to benefit the community, I stopped asking questions at there. But, say if ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Rename [msdnsubscriptions] to [msdn-subscription]

The tag msdnsubscriptions without a dash makes much less sense to me than more readable msdn-subscriptions or singular msdn-subscription.
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21 votes
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Can we defy [convention]?

Currently, the convention tag has about 174 questions, 28 of which have been closed. It's used for the following types of questions: Best practices Gradle's build-by-convention Should we burn it?
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7 votes
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Merge [injection] into [code-injection]

I’d like to propose a merge of the tag injection to code-injection as the latter is the proper term.
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16 votes
1 answer

Retag [mpich2] as [mpich]

The mpich2 tag needs to be retagged as mpich. I thought I'd be able to do this as a synonym when I reached 2500 rep, but apparently, there are rules about "version" tags that prevent anyone but ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Is it possible to edit the tag description of a synonymous tag?

This is regarding the cocos2d tag which is a synonym for the cocos2d-iphone tag. Unfortunately many users type in "cocos2d" in their questions which expands to cocos2d-iphone even though their ...
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10 votes
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Retag [Laravel-4.1] into [Laravel-4] tags

Per Jeff Atwood post here:, there should not be 'version tags' unless it is not relevant to earlier or later versions. For some reason, someone has ...
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Merge chained-payments into Adaptive payments

chained-payments is really a subset of paypal-adaptive-payments. Merging them should help people asking questions about it and there's already considerable tag overlap. Adaptive payments does deserve ...
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21 votes
2 answers

Is there a way to delete/merge duplicate tags?

I noticed three duplicate tags is there a way to delete/merge 2 of those? The tags in question are: qc, quality-center & hp-quality-center.
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33 votes
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Burninate the healthcare-industry tag

The healthcare-industry tag is absolutely not related to programming, and anything programming question that's related to the healthcare industry doesn't need this tag. Can it be burninated? Also, I ...
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15 votes
1 answer

closing unclear questions - which close reason to use and when?

With the latest changes to the close reasons, there are two close reasons that sound very similar to me, and in going through the Close Votes queue, I can't seem to find any rhyme or reason to when ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Tag common-language-interface seems incorrect

What is common-language-interface? For me it seems that this is a mistake and it should be named common-language-infrastructure. There are only 4 questions with this tag and all refer to something ...
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Can we retag questions with [partialview] to []

At the moment partialview has 144 104 0 questions and no wiki or excerpt. Most of them are referencing the technology used in ASP.NET MVC which has his own tag which has 204 ...
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15 votes
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Suggested Retag/Synonym: team-foundation-service is now visual-studio-online

The Team Foundation Service has been renamed to Visual Studio Online. I think we should retag the team-foundation-service as visual-studio-online, and arrange for the former to be a synonym of the ...
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31 votes
1 answer

Create the [nivo-slider] tag and merge [nivo], [nivoslider] with it

I would like to consolidate nivo and nivoslider into a new nivo-slider. Nivo Slider is technically two words and the existing nivoslider doesn't follow our naming convention (as pointed out by @...
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12 votes
0 answers

Merge [cakephp-appmodel] and [cakephp-model]

There are numerous tags for the php framework CakePHP - but two tags related to the use of models: cakephp-model and cakephp-appmodel - the latter is a problem. AppModel is a class in CakePHP, it is ...
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7 votes
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Merge [gnumakefiles] with [gnu-make]

gnumakefiles should be synonyms with gnu-make gnu-make is already synonyms with gmake and gnumakefile(no 's') and has over 900 questions tagged with it. gnumakefiles currently has 53 questions ...
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14 votes
0 answers

Merge “modal” and “modal-dialog” tags

Per the instructions in How to suggest tags to be merged? can someone please merge modal and modal-dialog? I'd start re-tagging them myself, but this would take more time than I have. modal ×5968 ...
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When should I make edits to code?

The about page says: Improve posts by editing or commenting Our goal is to have the best answers to every question, so if you see questions or answers that can be improved, you can edit them. Use ...
12 votes
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I can't follow the [timeline]

The tag timeline is being used for several different kinds of timelines, but its excerpt claims that it is specific to Facebook's timeline, and its tag wiki discusses both Facebook and ActionScript (...
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81 votes
1 answer

Getting to Know Stack Overflow's Voting Culture

There are few topics more controversial than voting, either on the Main site or here on Meta. Whether expressed in rants on Meta or rants in comments, users frequently get angry, confused and ...
11 votes
1 answer

Make [microsoft.mshtml] a synonym for [mshtml]

I think microsoft.mshtml should be a synonym for mshtml (or vice versa, but mshtml is more common).
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73 votes
3 answers

Is there an [api] to help burninate this tag?

The api tag is typical meta tag. It is used as modal modifier for other tags, but it is used for so many different things, that in no way it could be used alone. Let's burninate it. Every time ...
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25 votes
1 answer

Remove the [organization] tag

A quick look seems to suggest that this tag is meta, and that we could just remove it and leave not much of a trace. Looking at organization, I see many questions. Some are, modernly speaking, too ...
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19 votes
1 answer

Is the "api" tag a too broad one, and a candidate for burninating?

There are more than 45,000 questions using api. Those questions have very little in common, except that they are related to an API, in some way. Isn't api too broad? If it is too broad, should not it ...
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22 votes
2 answers

Disambiguate the [union] tag

The word "union" can refer to at least 3 different things: A union in the C language A union in SQL A union in set theory Currently the tag wiki (union) is about SQL unions, but a search for [...
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10 votes
1 answer

Merge tags [cursoradapter] and [android-cursoradapter]

The 107 questions tagged under cursoradapter are all tagged android. I propose that we merge these two tags together. Before: cursoradapter x 107 android-cursoradapter x 5 After: android-...
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14 votes
1 answer

Merge tags [cursorloader] and [android-cursorloader]

I propose we merge these two tags together. All 41 of the questions tagged under cursorloader are also tagged under the android tag. Before: cursorloader x 41 android-cursorloader x 16 After: ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Merge tags [contentprovider] and [android-contentprovider] and [content-provider]?

I propose we merge these three tags together. Almost all of the tags that are tagged contentprovider and content-provider are also under the android tag, and those that are not are clearly Android-...
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58 votes
5 answers

If the moderator workload is so high, then why are there only 3 new moderator positions available?

If the moderator workload is so high, then why is there only 3 new moderator positions available? As per Why not 5, 10 or 20? There are a lot of people with ...
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26 votes
3 answers

Merging SSL/TLS and related tags

I would like to suggest merging the ssl and tls tags on StackOverflow. I made that suggestion a while back on the synonyms page, but there are probably there have been no votes on the topic (possibly, ...
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149 votes
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What is the proper way to approach Stack Overflow as someone totally new to programming?

I've read the FAQs and prompts that coach on how to ask good questions and am careful to follow that advice. I make a good effort to research the problem before asking the question, both on Stack ...
335 votes
1 answer

Something in my web site or project doesn't work. Can I just paste a link to it?

I have a CSS, HTML, or JavaScript problem on a website I'm working on. I would like to just describe the problem and paste a link to the external site in question. Can I do this instead of posting ...
52 votes
2 answers

html5-canvas tag should be a synonym of the canvas tag

I have really enjoyed being part of the StackOverflow community for canvas for some time now. In fact I've answered more than 10% of all canvas questions ever asked on SO. One thing I noticed during ...
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46 votes
6 answers

Why were historically significant questions deleted?

For example: This question: What are some funny loading statements to keep users amused? used to have this notice on top: But since then it has been deleted on November 9th. I have seen this with a ...
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1 answer

Tag synonym request: [sso] -> [single-sign-on]

I noticed that there are two separate tags on Stack Overflow for questions related to Single Sign On, single-sign-on and sso. I believe these are better off as synonyms, and merged.
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432 votes
1 answer

Choosing between Stack Overflow and Software Engineering

Suppose you have a "borderline subjective" question, and you're not sure if you should post it to Stack Overflow or Software Engineering. How do you decide? What's the best default option if you ...
13 votes
4 answers

AS400, iSeries, and IBM-i are all the same system

IBM has had an identity problem for its midrange system over the past decade. There are several names for the same system. The tags I see mostly being used now in SO is as400 and iseries. I have been ...
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17 votes
2 answers

Can we ask SEO questions on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I had this question closed. No problem for me, I understood I can not ask SEO questions on SO. Today I look at SO and see this one: Can you trick GoogleBot by writing CSS-invisible keywords?. Is ...
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19 votes
3 answers

Desynonymize [ecmascript] tag

Like mentioned in this question, there are some tag synonyms that rather should not be synonyms. I'm proposing to ‘desynonymize’ the [ecmascript] and [javascript] tags. Though ECMAScript represents ...
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30 votes
1 answer

mod_rewrite questions getting migrated to SF

Sometimes when I ask a syntax question about the Apache Module mod_rewrite, I get at least one comment and close vote saying "belongs on serverfault". Recent example here. I strongly disagree with ...
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2 answers

Where to find answers to SEO questions

I'm assuming that straight SEO questions are unwanted here. The question Good programming website like SO? on Stack Overflow provides a good overview of alternative forums but makes no mention of ...
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