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How can I include Tailwind CSS as external source in a Stack Snippet?

The recommended way of directly including Tailwind CSS according to their documentation is to add <script src=""></script> to the HTML head. But when ...
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Migration— declined - Cross-Validated is part of the standard migration path

I haven't flagged many questions, but I recently realized most of the flags I've raised were denied. The most common reason was "declined - Cross-Validated is part of the standard migration path.&...
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Question is not viewed for about 8 hours [closed]

I guess I was chosen to be a part of testing Staging Ground. But my question has not been viewed for moderation for about 8 hours. I'd be happy to test new features, but I'd like to have an answer to ...
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Does merging accounts also link edits and flags?

I'm thinking about merging this old account with a newer one, but I'm worried about this. My newer account has >80 flags and about 40 edits (accepted, not flagged against the account), but ...
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"How do I ...X ?" - is this an opinion-based question?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Identifying host machine in python This question was marked as opinion-based. I can't see, where this judgement comes from, which is why I am now ...
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Should [nx] synonym be removed from [nomachine-nx]?

When the nx tag was split into the nrwl-nx and nomachine-nx tags, it was noted that the vast majority of the questions were NoMachine NX questions. It seems like nx is being used overwhelmingly for ...
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User profile edited by moderators - some questions

I recently got information from the moderators that my profile on Stack Overflow was edited by them and the photo of a father crying over his son's body in Mariupol was removed from it. That photo was ...
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Received SO Teams domain migration notice on an old email address that I no longer use

I just received an email that begins with this: Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2022 21:14:31 +0800 From: Stack Overflow Support <> To: iBug <Email C> Subject: Welcome to the ...
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How to search for code that contains double quotes

I'm looking for answers on SO that contain "type": "docker". How can I use/escape double quotes in the on-site search? I tried `"type` and ``"type` but didn't work. So ...
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Is there a way to delete inbox notices, not just mark them as read?

Stack Overflow recently released new inbox enhancements. When I go into the "full inbox", it shows that I have 1836 pages of notices, going back 12 years. I don't need all of those ...
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Close-voting and answering questions (and the dupehammer version of it) [duplicate]

I am questioning some users' behavior and the way SO works. Let's take the following examples: A user votes to close a question (for whatever reason) then posts an answer to that question A user ...
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Merge [nim] into [nim-lang]

Back in 2019 nim was renamed as nim-lang but three months ago the tag was re-created and it has a few questions now (22 vs. 585 for nim-lang). Both tags are used for the exact same language, as one ...
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Why were my answers to a CSS question marked for deletion?

My recent answer, to an old question about centering an element, substantially improves the knowledge base, since it styles only 1 element instead of 2. I even found a way to do it in the technology ...
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How should I deal with a "trick question"?

Yesterday I saw this question: SELECT max value with each group without summing - SQL and after examining the code I voted to be closed as: Not reproducible or was caused by a typo and also left the ...
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How long will the ChatGPT-ban banner (2022-12-08) be visible?

A big thank you to the SO staff for the big honking banner (and linked-to Help Center page) we now (2022-12-08) have that says: We do not currently allow content pasted from ChatGPT on Stack Overflow;...
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What should I do if I suspect that a question or answer is written by ChatGPT?

Following the new temporary policy, content generated by ChatGPT must not be used as a question or answer on Stack Overflow. If I, as a non-moderator user, encounter a single post that I suspect is ...
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Why can I see some deleted questions but trying to access others result in Not Found page?

Example 1: (Blurred by me on purpose) Example 2: List of ...
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Please show closable banner on top of the page linking to ChatGPT policy post [duplicate]

At the moment there is a great influx of ChatGPT-generated answers and that creates a lot of additional work for both elected moderators and other users that moderate the site. It is very easy for ...
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How to reference material written by others - clarification

I stumbled upon this from help center which seems problematic to me and I would like to clarify if I got it right. The page says: Do not copy the complete text of sources; instead, use their words ...
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Why is my Stack Overflow profile avatar image not showing?

For the last two days, my avatar image has not been showing on my Stack Overflow profile. Browser: Chrome
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How do I hide the HTML preview for a Stack Snippet?

I have a simple JavaScript code snippet that displays an alert message. alert("Hello world!") Running the code snippet shows the alert as expected, but it also displays a white empty box ...
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How do I change my login method from GitHub to Stack Overflow for

I created my Stack Overflow account via GitHub, so every time I log in via GitHub. Folks at work recently blocked GitHub, and now I'm locked out of Stack Overflow at work too.
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Is there a section for questions like "I've seen my question answered on Stack Overflow some time ago, but can't find that solution anymore. Help?"

My current example: I want to catch all changes of an HTML text input field by redefining the setter like oldSetter = input.setvalue; input.setvalue=function() { newValue==='bar'?... then do something;...
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Query/overrule a moderator decision that might be misguided, or at least is very opaque [duplicate]

This is in regard to this question: Coldfusion DirectoryList Filter, and the answer for it by Boatti that has been deleted. Moderator Martijn Pieters has deleted the answer to this question, and ...
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Temporary policy: ChatGPT is banned

Use of ChatGPT1 generated text for content on Stack Overflow is temporarily banned. Please see the Help Center article: Why posting GPT and ChatGPT generated answers is not currently acceptable This ...
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Stack Overflow question bans. Questions and Ideas [duplicate]

Before I continue, I just want to say, that I am not mad for my ban. I completely understand it. I just don't understand what was wrong with my questions in the first place and would like to know. I ...
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How many language-specific Stack Overflow sites are there?

I'm not sure how many exists out there. I'm only aware of a few: URL Language Spanish Portuguese Russian ...
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How can I appeal unfairly closed questions?

How can I appeal unfairly closed questions? I noticed that difficult and annoying* questions often get closed, not because they are unclear or lack details, but because the voter finds it difficult to ...
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How can I mark a single inbox notification as read?

My inbox shows a red icon and indicates many unread comments. If I click and read one such a comment, nothing happens. How do I mark a single inbox notification as read? It is disturbing to see the ...
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Questions of [pytorch] are going to the [torch] tag

There are two tags: pytorch: PyTorch, the widely used Python machine learning (ML) / deep learning (DL) framework. torch: Torch7, the LuaJIT ML/DL framework, which can be considered dead at present. (...
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Should I close this question and ask a different one somewhere else?

I asked this question (let's call it A): tmux 2.6: why does copying mouse-selected text to macOS clipboard work in iTerm but not in Warp and VS Code? A user made this interesting comment: tmux doesn'...
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How can I contact the author of deleted question if I have an answer to their question?

I am referring to this question: Sort algorithm to create a polygon from points with only right angle. I believe I have a solution to this question. Is it possible to contact the author to find out ...
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What exactly does it mean that a certain SQL Server version is no longer supported? Why are there different versions of SQL Server?

On some occasions in this website, I've seen some people tell other people to remove tags like *sql-server-2008 and sql-server-2012, because they are no longer supported, and I assumed that it meant ...
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with GitHub no longer available on Stack Exchange

I was logged into Database Administrators ( using the "Sign in with GitHub" feature. Today when I loaded the site, my account was logged out and the GitHub login method was no longer ...
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Is it allowed to post syntax error problems?

It seems like some users use Stack Overflow as a debugging tool. Example post: - the OP asked the question with an error and a few minutes after that added ...
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Was there a UI change that prevents the inbox count from resetting when the mailbox is clicked without selecting a message?

This question is similar to Inbox notification counter doesn't go away anymore after clicking outside the window, but I didn't see the issue appear until today. Between yesterday and today (maybe the ...
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Find questions that I have answered and that have been closed

Is there a way I can search for questions that I have answered and that were later closed (for any reason)? Looking at my list of answers (from my SO profile) isn't helpful as there is no visual ...
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Review queues edit [duplicate]

I am new to the 500 reputation bracket. I was reviewing some questions and answers. Sometimes I was seeing something small to fix. Something like grammar, spelling or code formatting. So I did some ...
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Filter conditions don't get preserved when moving to next page of the result

I have the following custom filter: Sometimes if I also want to mark No answers and Apply filter, this setting is preserved only for the first page of the result; when I click the next page, then the ...
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How can I answer a question well on Stack Overflow? [closed]

I have problem when I answer the question on Stack Overflow. There is always a notification like this: Some of your past answers have not been well-received, and you're in danger of being blocked ...
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How do I see the Stack Overflow teams I am member of? [closed]

I can log in as my user on and I do not see my team: However, when I go to and log in, I am redirected to my Teams ...
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How can I post a question that doesn't cross the text limit but has an image that explains things better?

In the following question, and I made an effort to explain what I desired with a paragraph of text in addition to an image to illustrate the problem, but Stack Overflow asks me for more text. I have ...
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Why don't my questions get views? I asked 15 questions on my account, but only 6 questions have been answered

Why don't my questions get views? I asked 15 questions on my account but only 6 questions have been answered. Is access to my questions restricted? Why? I don't know what is going on regarding my ...
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"You cannot register at this time" error when trying to register on Meta Stack Exchange

I wanted to upvote the feature request Can we have a way to edit bounty custom message? But when I attempt to create the account on I get this dialog The "Log in" ...
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1 answer

How can I edit the bounty message?

I had a year old question which for a long time had only 1 answer that didn't sound correct, so I added a bounty with this message: The current answer does not make sense to me But the answer I was ...
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2 answers

Is it OK to ask others to upvote own answer as a "thank you"? [duplicate]

Sometimes I have a situation that a single comment solves the whole problem. The person who asked the question is thankful for the solution and often says that they will delete their question (because ...
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Is there anything to do about an unfair downvote on a clear question? [duplicate]

This is a question about something not clear in of the official Microsoft documentation about C#. The first comment on that question clearly mention that something is actually missing from the ...
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Get rid of google tag

google tag has no questions, no wiki and no synonyms. Can we get rid of it? google sounds like a much too broad tag and I see no reason for it to exist.
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Is SO getting too [corporate]?

Converting the question in a burninate-request as suggested in the comments. I believe the tag corporate should be burninated. It fails all the preliminary checks before burnination: Does it describe ...
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What exactly does "reviewed" mean in the suspension messages?

Once again, I have been locked out of reviews. I'm failing to understand the strict parameters for reviews here, but I've gone back to see what exactly is the issue. One of the questions I went back ...