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Users without full edit privileges can suggest edits to posts and tag wikis.

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Accidentally made an unneeded edit [duplicate]

I just faced a weird issue. I saw a new answer to a question that had code without the formatting, so I sent a suggested edit to the author to include the formatting (e.g., add the triple `). Now ...
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Should we duplicate part of an existing partial answer or edit it to include more information?

I had a programming problem involving SQL, and I found this question that corresponded to my issue: MySQL Error 1215: Cannot add foreign key constraint. On that question I found an answer that talks ...
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Force to review suggested edit before making a new one

In all of my edits, some are rejected because they conflict with others. For example: node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:936 Error: Cannot find module '.yarn/releases/yarn-3.0.2.cjs' How to display ...
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Should questions be edited to add data frames?

I'm fairly new to Stack Overflow and am unsure what the limits are to editing. I have read over Stack Overflow's documentation on edits, and read over some meta posts on editing, but could not find ...
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Approve, reject, or improve this suggested edit - no improve button!

I wanted to edit this question, which at the time had a pending edit. Clicking the edit link under the question gave me a dialog with this at the top: However, there is nowhere visible to choose to ...
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Two approvals for new user question edits [duplicate]

Currently it takes two approvals from a privileged user to a question's suggested edit (from a new user) for the edit to go into effect. This fails in two ways: Suggested edit approval workflow often ...
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Two suggested edits rejected because they don’t improve post quality—but they do

I suggested two edits: Plugin Bungeecord for chat prefix Can I make the inventory to be updated when clicking the item in another GUI, individually? Both suggestions were declined. That was a fear ...
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Suggested edit rejected for deviating from author's intention - what is the deviation?

I made a suggested edit here for a post which linked to the Microsoft TypeScript GitHub repository's style guide as an example of how an underscore prefix was not typical convention. The issue with ...
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Overflowing title in review queue for Suggested Edits [duplicate]

Stepped into my review queue for Suggested Edits and saw this issue. I suspect this has got to do with the word-break attribute not being set correctly, as it can be fixed by using word-break: break-...
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Error encountered when approving a suggested edit

When reviewing suggested edits from the post page (i.e. not from the queue), if I'm the first reviewer and click Approve, the content greys-out but then nothing happens and I see this error in the ...
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Why can we edit posts if the edit queue is full? [duplicate]

I have been getting this annoying error when I am going through my review queue. I see that some posts need editing in formatting, spelling, grammar, etc., and I make my changes. Depending on the ...
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Was told the post I edited in review had other edits but there is nothing else in revision history

On finishing an edit from the Suggested Edits queue, I got a message about other saved edits, linked to the post I just edited from review, but there are no other edits listed other than mine and the ...
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Mobile: Edit review queue, after 40/40 daily reviews, does not list time to next review any longer

I've been reviewing suggested edits on the main SO for a while now. Until a few days ago, after filling the daily limit of 40 review decisions, there would be a message stating, in part, "Come ...
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Suggestions on making question "more focused"

I asked a question on how to re-init the whole router outlet to cause an ugly but badly needed hack. It was closed with status needs to be more focused. I haven't got that before and I'm not exactly ...
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Should I reject or approve this code edit suggestion? [duplicate]

I've already read main question on this topic, When should I make edits to code? and this one too, still I'm not sure what to do with this edit suggestion:
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Was I right to reject this edit? [duplicate]

I am quite new to the edit review queue and am keen to make sure I make the right decision on whether to accept or reject an edit. I rejected this edit since it basically does nothing to improve what ...
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Unable to reject a suggested edit due to missing HTML attribute

When trying to reject a suggested edit with the custom/harmful reason that requires an explanation, I am unable to cause the 'reject' button to be clickable, despite entering more than 20 characters. ...
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Should this edit have been rejected as "does not improve the quality of the post"?

Yesterday, I've suggested an ordinary edit which I've done many times. I've added a missing inline code formatting, fixed some spelling mistakes, removed explicit line breaks within paragraphs (used ...
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Can't look at historical audits in suggested edits queue [closed]

It used to be possible to look back at historical suggested edit review audits and be shown success/failure/"This item is not reviewable" (if you'd skipped it). However, now attempting to ...
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Why was my suggested edit that added a tag to a question rejected?

I suggested an edit to a question about the NEAR protocol that was later closed because of missing details or clarity. My edit added the blockchain tag. The question is about a blockchain, so the ...
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Code blocks: spaces vs fences [duplicate]

Recently I've been seeing quite a number of "suggested edits" that do nothing other than change a perfectly valid "indented code block" (using 4 spaces) to a code block enclosed by ...
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Edited Questions Queue Link [duplicate]

Recently I went through a bunch of questions which were missing our open-source project tag and 'suggested an edit'. It looks like I have reached a limit on those as I get a message my queue is full. ...
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This answer needs an edit [duplicate]

I never heard of the suggested edit queue before, maybe because I don't edit a lot of answers. But I heard of it just now because there's an answer with a glaring flaw: Timing Delays in VBA: Accepted ...
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Diffs of code blocks are pretty consistently broken [duplicate]

I'm not sure when this bug was introduced, because I've been mostly away from the site for a year and a half, but the "inline" and "side-by-side" views of code blocks seem to be ...
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How can I escape Suggested Edit purgatory? [duplicate]

I have a bot account which I would like to bring up to 100 rep so that it can be made a room owner in chat. I was making good progress just by making simple grammar fixes to posts with common typos, ...
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Unable to edit wiki tag [duplicate]

Currently I'm trying to edit a wiki tag [docc] for a recently released framework of Xcode: However, I do not see an edit button(Improve tag info) on the ...
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Unclear failure mode for tag wiki edit attempts when you have too many pending edits

When you have low rep and are attempting to build reputation by submitting suggested edits, you see a rejection notice when you have too many pending edits (currently 5 on Stack Overflow, it seems): ...
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In the suggested edit review, the user should be asked for a rejection reason when choosing "reject and edit"

As I'm starting to review suggested edits, I noticed, as would anyone else, the following popup that occurs requesting a reason for the edit rejection. However, when I click Reject and Edit, the popup ...
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Make Rollbacks more intuitive for <2k

zcoop98 answered 'How do you rollback?' a few minutes ago with an answer that shows how <2k rep users can suggest an edit. To quote that answer: Using the "Rev" dropdown, simply select ...
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How to find suggested edits on my posts if I don't have 2k reputation?

According to here, I can reject or approve suggested edits on my own questions even if I don't have enough reputation. How can I do that? I don't have 2000 reputation so when I go to the suggested ...
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Can I retract a suggested edit? [duplicate]

I read this topic about the limitation of the total suggested edits. Also, I saw on the review queues page the number of suggested edits is changing (So, it is not full). I edited a question on ...
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Broken "Learn More" link on Suggested edits page

I have noticed a broken link on Suggested Edits history page. I can see "Learn More" text as a link, which is clickable but it doesn't take the user anywhere. I tried checking the same link ...
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Edit queue on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

The suggested edits queue is usually not full on Stack Overflow. However, sometimes (especially during the evenings), it is impossible to edit anything because the edit queue is full. This seems to be ...
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Should we prevent edit suggestions from adding images to posts?

As a follow-up on a discussion on this meta question, I'd like to request a new feature to prevent edit suggestions from adding new images. In general, images are only useful when added by the OP, but ...
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Suggested edit with disturbing image - is there a way to remove it from the queue?

I came across a suggested edit in the review queue which was vandalizing the post by adding a disturbing picture. One of those with ghastly faces, just to be clear, with the intent to troll the ...
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How do I "suggest edit" when I have enough rep to edit? [duplicate]

I have enough reputation to edit questions on SO. However, sometimes, I'd like to suggest to the OP a significant revision. For example, on Pointer unitialized in the main functtion , I would have ...
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A "Needs Community Edit" Option for Reviewing First Posts When Reviewer is Unable to Edit

When reviewing first posts, there are often new questions that are poorly formatted and can be fixed without much effort. However, for reviewers who haven't reached 2000 reputation, it's very ...
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Why was this edit updating outdated information rejected?

I know this question has been asked on Meta a number of times before, but I do not understand why reviewers rejected my edit with the response "this edit was intended to address the author of the ...
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Temporarily suspended from suggesting edits

I have been banned and I don't understand why. I have only tried to improve the tags of the posts I usually work with, for a better search or response. Suggested Edits You are temporarily banned from ...
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An edit suggestion at the time of deletion prevents edits on the deleted post

If an edit was suggested and not approved before the post gets deleted then it is impossible to edit the post after it is deleted. Example
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Partial Edits and Review Queue Workload

In thinking about Partial edits in the review queues for First Posts or Late Answers where a post can be improved for "spit and polish" issues like: code formatting placing images in line ...
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3 answers

Was the size of the suggested edits queue reduced from 500?

Since June 2017, the size of the suggested edits queue has been 500, meaning that once there are 500 suggested edits from all users, no one can suggest edits until at least one of them completes ...
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Bug (?) with stack-snippets within three backticks

First off: I'm not sure if that's actually a bug. Just seemed really odd. I was reviewing some suggested edits and came across the following edit (which I rejected): Then I decided to view the ...
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When can meta tag wiki be updated, how often, why should changes be reverted?

I spent a few days exploring the content of meta and discovered that the tag wiki is sorely lacking content. So as a part of exploring the content of meta, I began to update selected topics in the tag ...
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Editing an answer doesn't display the 'edit queue is full' error on submission

I am trying to edit an answer to one of my questions as it has grammar and spelling mistakes. But when I click "Save edits" nothing happens. Viewing the network requests displays the below ...
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Blocked from editing due to an edit needing review [duplicate]

There is a question posed that I would like to edit (mainly the issue is that it was a new user, and so an image showing the output of a plotting command could not be put directly in and I'd like to ...
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What, if any, are the actual changes suggested by this edit

I recently received an edit for my answer. I looked at the changes, and it looks like the 7 words that the editor suggests replacing are spelled exactly the same as the ones that they would be ...
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Can we have a delete option for suggested edits? [duplicate]

Problem I am currently at the limit for pending suggested edits. All my pending edits aren't being reviewed by anyone, so without a way to delete them, I can't suggest edits at all. I want to be able ...
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I edited an answer, adding what seems to me was necessary information, but got rejected

TLDR: This edit was rejected with "This edit deviates from the original intent of the post. Even edits that must make drastic changes should strive to preserve the goals of the post's owner."...
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Edit was rejected even though it doesn't copy from an external source

I saw this edit which I suggested to the tag tkinter-button. A bit of context: this tag refers to the tkinter.Button class and can be used to add a button to a parent widget. I've been using tkinter ...
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