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Users without full edit privileges can suggest edits to posts and tag wikis.

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Rollback part of an edit without offense

At my steep learning curve, I was wondering whether I could rollback a part of an edit (such as removal of a tag that I think decreased the attention) of the post? While I understand that the edits ...
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Can't edit others' posts on Meta

I'm sorry if this isn't a bug and is just something I'm missing, but I've scoured the help section and can't find anything: is there a rep requirement for editing posts on Meta SO that's higher than ...
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Suggesting edits to remove your earlier suggested edits

I just saw this edit suggestion. The user added the explanation "I updated this mistakenly.". So I did a little investigation. And indeed the user suggested an edit earlier which was approved. And ...
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45 votes
3 answers

Rolling Back Approved Edits

Would it be incorrect to rollback an approved suggested edit that obviously shouldn't be approved? Sometimes an edit gets approved because the reviewers don't take time to consider it well enough and ...
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User attempting to burninate tag without Meta discussion

This user has been attempting to burninate the execute tag, but I haven't seen any discussion on this matter on Meta Stack Overflow. To do so, the user has been suggesting a number of edits removing ...
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325 votes
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"Too minor" edits - better to leave poor quality on the site?

I have seen a few posts recently on this meta site that make me wonder about "minor edits": Review ban because of approving burninate tag edits What is wrong with minor edits? When an edit only fixes ...
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42 votes
2 answers

When an edit only fixes a typo, what should I do as a reviewer? [duplicate]

I was reviewing some suggested edits when this came up. Someone proposed an edit of a fine question that didn't need any editing but had a typo in the title ('netwrok'). The edit only corrected the ...
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Is there no limit to edits you can make in a day? (rep farming)

I was going through my daily suggested edits when the same user kept popping up. Around 14 times in a row. Most of the edits they made where removing "Thank you" and removing the tag "run". Now as ...
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Why can I make, but not approve, edits?

As a user with 2000+ reputation, I can edit questions and answers immediately, but I cannot approve or reject changes made by others: I can only vote for or against and wait for some consensus. This ...
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Reward slow/careful edit reviews

It is clear that a lot of careful reviewers have stopped doing edit reviews. I often see statements on meta like: I barely get a vote because by the time at which I decided whether or not I can ...
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167 votes
13 answers

Does Stack Overflow need to reward edits with +2 points?

If we removed the +2 reputation gain for approved edits would it bring down the levels of nonsense in the edit review queue or would it lead to a problematic reduction in edits (and thus site quality)?...
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1 answer

How rapidly does edit moderation occur?

If I edit someone else's post I get a notice indicating that my edits will not be visible to others until they are checked by a moderator. (In fact they disappear as soon as I leave the page and come ...
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3 answers

Shouldn't another accepted edit award 2 rep if you lost 2 rep due to a removed user?

I just lost 2 reputation because the user was removed. I believed that it was gained from a successful suggested edit a while back. I suggested an edit successfully again but it didn't return me the 2 ...
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Request to spend some time while reviewing suggested edits

I noticed while reviewing the suggested edits that some reviewers are in too much of a hurry to collect more number of edits or badges. They can see just two options: "Approve" or "Reject". This is ...
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Why there is no -2 reputation for an tag wiki edit when the tag is removed?

When we (users below 2k reputation) edit a post, we get +2 reputation when the edit is accepted. Later on, if the post gets deleted, then we lose the 2 reputation for that edit. When we edit a tag ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Rollback an edit that skirts a SO rule?

There's a built-in check when posting a question that contains a link to that the question must also contain code. Sometimes users attempt to skirt the rule by highlighting non-code text ...
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156 votes
7 answers

What is wrong with minor edits? [duplicate]

This has probably been asked before, but What's wrong with minor edits? Jeff Atwood had something against them and as a result we have stupid limits on having to add 6 characters to an edit before ...
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Increase in Invalid Edits

In the past 2 days, I've rejected about 20 invalid edits, in which the person actually changed the asker's code as their way of "answering." Actually, this is rather mind boggling to me, as this isn't ...
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17 answers

There is no shame in using "Skip"

Is there a way to encourage reviewers - especially new ones - to use "Skip" button when they are hesitant and not 100% sure what to do? For example, this edit was approved, although it is 100% ...
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2 answers

Removing words from titles because they're in the tags?

I've seen 2-3 question edits where a word was removed from the title just because it also appeared in the tags. To me, this seems like a really bad idea. It makes the questions unclear since the tags ...
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14 votes
1 answer

Should I approve [implementation] tag removal edits piling up in the review queue?

There are numerous edits in my review queue that cite this post as the reason for the edit. Here's an example In the cited post, there is no accepted answer on whether the tags are actually to ...
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4 votes
1 answer

When should I write a new answer instead of editing a question?

I strongly believe that for SO being a useful Q&A resource we need good answers. To get the best answers I would like to know when I should edit and improve an already given answer and when I ...
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1 answer

What to do with a user making many minor changes [duplicate]

There is a user who is making minor, aesthetic changes to titles e.g. I have ...
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What is the reason behind the 6 character minimum for suggested edits?

Why must edits be at least 6 characters? There are some minor spelling mistakes which could be fixed by changing less than 6 characters; I think it would be nice to include them.
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2 answers

Is there a way for an author to accept/improve a suggested edit after it's been rejected? [duplicate]

Here is a suggested edit that was rejected. Rejection is questionable, since it really was offering an improvement, not commenting. But I can see where the reviewers were coming from. However, if ...
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Rollback button in suggested edits queue

This edit was already approved - please visit the post and correct the edit. Why? Can't I have a rollback button on the page? Preferably putting the edit into a mod queue to consider review-banning ...
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31 votes
2 answers

Should I approve suggested edits that only add/remove tags? [duplicate]

Are edits involving only adding/removing tags to the body or title of the questions acceptable (assuming everything else looks good), or should they be considered too minor?
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2 answers

Mass updating of tag wikis with content copied [duplicate]

A certain user has been making edits to tag wikis all over. Not surprising enough, the suggested changes: are copied 1 verbatim 2 from 3 wikipedia 4 with or without attribution, and do not follow ...
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Suggested edit content change while being reviewed

Basically, I rejected the addition of "test12345" to a post as (minor case of) vandalism. Got to the next to-be-reviewed post, everything fine so far. Out of interest (amount of robo-accepts) I ...
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Why did the Community user reject my suggested edit?

I have recently edited a question in which I added the code blocks for the entire question. Another user approved the edit however, Community came along and rejected the edit. Is it because adding ...'s user avatar
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3 answers

Suggested edit shouldn't have been accepted?

This edit shouldn't have been accepted. This cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@CustomerCode", txtkey2.Text); cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@CustomerName",txtkey2.Text); was replaced with: cmd....
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22 votes
2 answers

How should "bad" language be handled?

I was just reviewing some edits when I came across an edit where a user with 97 Rep wanted to edit a answer by a user with 12k+Rep. Just by that I was thinking well this should be good.... So ...
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Is it possible to edit the tag description of a synonymous tag?

This is regarding the cocos2d tag which is a synonym for the cocos2d-iphone tag. Unfortunately many users type in "cocos2d" in their questions which expands to cocos2d-iphone even though their ...
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When should I make edits to code?

The about page says: Improve posts by editing or commenting Our goal is to have the best answers to every question, so if you see questions or answers that can be improved, you can edit them. Use ...

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