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Users without full edit privileges can suggest edits to posts and tag wikis.

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Let us bring an end to the "robo-reviewer" war: Phase 1 - 2

What follows is a two-phase (pre-access & post-access) "battle" plan to defend SO from future "robo-reviewers", Phase one (pre-access) Only allow users to access the suggested edits queue if, &...
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Create "too minor" review audits that consist of adding a bad tag

The Suggested Edits review queue suffers from robo-reviewers. One thing I see regularly is users serially adding one or a few tags to a lot of posts. The current review audit system does not catch ...
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Should I approve edits which remove commented out code?

This suggested edit has the comment "removed a commented out line. If copied into own project it was confusing!". The user has removed a single line of code which was commented out. I am not sure ...
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A user is continuously and rapidly proposing invalid edits (adding tags) that get robo-approved

I'm going through the edit queue and I have encountered the same situation 3 times already, out of 4 reviewed edits. User brainy is adding a single tag to the question with the exact same comment: ...
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How do I know why my edit was rolled back?

I recently answered a question on kendo bindings. In the process, I realized that there was a syntax error that was the root cause of the question. After fixing the syntax error, I caught another ...
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Is editing in resource links on an existing answer appropriate?

So, I've visited one of my answers here and noticed something strange in the revision history: It's something like this. Initial edit by me Spot on technical clarification by Quentin. Additional edit ...
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Are syntax corrections valid edits?

I just got the pleasure to attempt to review this suggested edit. It was a syntax correction, but was incorrect anyways (I think), so I was going to reject it. Well, it turns out other reviewers beat ...
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User making edits that aren't edits

We have a user who keeps making edits that actually change nothing. He's just cutting and pasting the code in an attempt to get the edit points. The user in question is omiel and here are some ...
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Serial editing in general: acceptable or not?

Other than in special cases, such as previously agreed retagging (burnination requests), is serial editing acceptable in general? First of all, I have a prejudice against serial editing at all. For ...
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Can we make rejecting suggested edits easier?

I've been following meta for a while and seen complaints about robo-reviewers accepting invalid edits a few times. After hitting 2k rep I've been on the unpleasant end of the "the edit was already ...
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Should we approve an edit which removes broken a URL?

I was reviewing a suggested edit. The editor had removed a broken(404) jsFiddle link. So I approved it. But it said it already had been rejected. How is it not improving the post?
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Handling floods of "too minor" suggested edits

I recently encountered a user who went on a spree of suggesting edits, removing the tags from titles while doing nothing else. There were roughly 131 edits over a 4 hour period. Many of them were ...
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Restrict reviews of tag wikis/excerpts to those who've spent time in that tag

This question got me thinking...three users were able to approve edits to a tag wiki that they don't have any sort of showing in. (I'm sure that third user had a momentary blip, and that his C++ tag ...
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Bad mass tag wiki updates [duplicate]

A certain user is making a large number of tag wiki edits, many of which are harmful or otherwise improper: Turning a correctly-formed sentence into two fragments with the comment "improved grammar" ...
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Should custom suggested edit reject reasons be presented in the inbox?

It takes time to write custom review messages. Usually this is a good clue that someone took time and did a good review. For instance, when I was newer I tried this edit, which was approved, but ...
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Fantastic edit by Community user. Did it really do this?

I was looking at an old answer and saw it had been edited by Community. The edit was pretty substantial and quite good. Was this really done by a bot? Am I not understanding what Community does? This ...
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Should my suggested edit have been approved or rejected?

Recently I suggested this edit based upon this comment left by the question's author. Essentially, the OP had listed out some numerical values but had inserted a space between the minus sign and the ...
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Editor submitting multiple time-wasting minor edits on old posts

Tonight the edit queue is full of proposed edits from one or more users who have excavated answers a year or more old and propose deletion of the answerers "Please google before asking" comment. Here ...
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At what point is a suggested edit too minor?

I got this suggested edit to review, but it went through before I could cast a vote. In my mind it's too minor to be an edit- it's just adding some italics to an already readable and easy to ...
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How To Approve An Edit To My Answer?

I have sufficient rep to be able to review and approve edits, but I don't know how to indicate approval. One of my answers was edited today. I particularly like the proposed modification, but for ...
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How should we handle edits adding unnecessary inline `code` formatting?

I've seen a few (more than a few, no links at the moment) suggested edits where the user simply wants to add code tags as they believe code is needed for every proper noun on Stack Overflow. The ...
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Suggested Edit Reviewers shooting down one tag edits

I just reviewed this suggested edit. I thought it was valid, and although I was tempted to deem it "too minor", I ended up approving it. I like to only mark edits as "too minor" if the user who ...
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Why was my edit rejected then the same thing approved

I suggested an edit to this question, which apparently was rejected. However, an identical edit was then made. Why was mine rejected?
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Abusive language in Suggested Edit

During review I found some bad words written in a suggested edit. I have rejected that edit as "invalid". I don't want to name the user who did this but how should I deal with this situation? Should ...
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Is there a way to edit a "mostly code" question?

I was trying to edit this question (improving the title and tweaking the first sentence), but when I tried to submit my edit, I was stopped by this pop-up: It looks like your post is mostly code; ...
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How to handle good edits to unsalvageable posts?

Not based on any post or edit in particular. A lot of bad posts have lesser issues that can be corrected with editing, such as grammar, poorly worded titles, poor tagging and lack of code formatting. ...
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The editing reputation limit?

The help center seems to suggest there is a limit on reputation earned from accepted suggested edits: suggested edit is accepted: +2 (up to +1000 total per user) Do you simply stop gaining ...
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What constitutes "Too Minor" when it comes to tag editing? [duplicate]

The last couple of days, I've seen a lot of questions roll through the Suggested Edits queue where the only change made was adding/removing a tag. Most of the times, the suggested edit is adding a tag ...
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Should question titles generally be questions?

I know we're not going to enforce this in general, but there's currently a lot of noise in the review queue from user Anand Solanki, whose edit history consists almost entirely of editing question ...
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Rejected edit which contains related link

What is the rationale behind the decision to reject an edit which adds a link that is related to the question and the (edited) answer ? A few minutes ago I edited an answer with a link to a github ...
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A review ban I don't understand

I got this message: You have made too many incorrect reviews. For an example of a task you should have reviewed differently, see: Now I ...
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Automatic identification of copied wiki content

Usually, a copied wiki is pretty easy to spot. Sabre was edited recently and the text just screamed "copied" to me. It took 10 seconds to copy/paste into google and find the source. The wiki edit was ...
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No +2 reputation for edit after 2K reputation [duplicate]

Recently, I got 2K reputations and I noticed I can review edits. Another thing, I noticed is that, I was not getting +2 reputations for each successful(approved) edits in SO posts. I made an edit to ...
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What's so wrong with thanking people? [duplicate]

So I've just been going through the suggested edit queue and it was just full of one guy removing the "thanks" from the bottom of all the posts. Is this really necessary? What are your views on this? ...
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Reverting edited question to original

I made an edit to a question but after I submitted it, I discovered that although the user intended to say method instead of variable, the answers and comments were correct regarding the question as ...
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73 votes
5 answers

Changing all instances of "" to "" in edits

A user (arserbin3) has gone and edited a bunch of posts to replace all "xxx" with "example" — edit comment is along the lines of "remove porn links". Here is one of the edits: https://stackoverflow....
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Suggested Edit Reviews

I am trying to help the community by editing posts and reviewing suggested edits on StackOverflow. Today I have encountered an edit but forgot to copy the link for it. I tried to reject the edit ...
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"Super editors" in Suggested Edits review?

Are there some "Super editors" on Stack Overflow who are able to do more reviews? I searched on Meta Stack Exchange and Meta Stack Overflow, however I didn't find an answer to this. Am ...
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Can we get a better diff for retags?

At the moment, when someone adds one tag to a question, like this: c++ casting pointers to this: c++ casting pointers c++-faq The edit history/suggested edit sometimes shows a diff like you added ...
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For gosh sakes, please let me finish my edit reviews! [duplicate]

It never fails that every time I start doing suggested edit reviews that there are 1-2 of the 7 or so reviews where something was really wrong and I was rejecting the edit, but before I could reject ...
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Edit review audits should contain "obviously" invalid code edits

There is a problem with the edit review audits that they only address obvious vandalism - even a simple Bayesian filter could catch whatever audits there are and hit reject on them, and beyond that ...
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55 votes
4 answers

Is there a rationale for rejecting this code edit from a new user?

I was reviewing suggested edits when I came across this edit. The original answer had a complete function, along with the code snippet (note that this is just a partial code, not the whole function): ...
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Editing a Question to Include a Comment Left by Asker

When a user immediately follows a question with a comment that is important to the understanding and answering of that question, should the comment be moved to the body of the question itself? ...
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Add an "Undo" button or "Are you sure you want to approve" to Suggested Edits (2k+ rep users)

Today I saw a very bad edit and was determined to reject it, but mistakenly pressed the "Approve" button. I know it requers 3 different people to accept and edit, but if there was another one like me ...
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1 answer

Where can I report suggested edit reviewers who approved a harmful edit?

With harmful edits I don't mean minor edits, but edits like this one where there's an issue in the code, and the edit fixes said code. This can cause editors to continue fixing code in questions or ...
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Improve diff view in suggested edits review queue

The problem When reviewing suggested edits, I sometimes come across rather large diffs, where a big bunch of lines of code is shown as "replaced" even though only whitespace and possibly markup has ...
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The tag wiki suggested edit review mechanism encourages low quality wiki content

Related: Mass updating of tag wikis with content copied Related as hell, in fact, as someone else is doing the same thing, submitting tag wikis that are unhelpful, barely attributed, useless copy-...
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Is this edit correct or does it change too much of the question?

I recently answered this question, which was originally poorly worded and difficult to understand. After the OP outlined their goals in the comments, I managed to provide an answer which they later ...
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Require one high-rep approval for Suggested Edits

I've noticed a consistent trend in the Suggested Edits queue wherein I'll see a proposed edit that looks fairly bad, click through to look at the context, and come back to vote against only to see ...
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Should we approve minor suggested edits, but with no rep gain for the editor?

After browsing the site for a while, the only reason I have seen to reject correct but too minor suggested edits is to discourage the not-very-helpful editors. The edits are still helpful, but not ...
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