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Users without full edit privileges can suggest edits to posts and tag wikis.

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Edit conflicts should categorize as "cancelled" instead of "rejected"

The Situation For those of us with <2k reputation, it can be tough to see your diligently submitted edit get rejected for this reason: "This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit." The thing ...
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Increase suggested edit approval votes to three if there is a disapproval vote

I've noticed in the course of my reviews, that a lot of trivial edits are making it through the approve queue because of the new "only 2 votes required" rule that was put into place. I'd like to ...
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Generate new types of audits for the Suggested Edits queue

The Suggested Edits queue still suffers from people who are too happy to approve things. The current batch of sloppy reviewers have learnt to Reject the current audits in the SE queue, but often don't ...
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61 votes
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What were the 3 characters added in this edit?

I rejected a tag wiki edit since it accomplished what appeared to be literally nothing. Though it said 3 characters were added. First guess was spaces or something. I would have expected the change ...
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Can edits we approve be displayed to us?

It's not uncommon to see someone ask a question where the code is poorly formatted, and I'd like to fix it before trying to diagnose the problem. Usually when I see that, I just edit it so that it's ...
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"Red dots" on "review queues popup" when all <3K queues are empty (stuck at zero)

The red dot on the Review queues popup is showing for Suggested Edits and Triage when the queues are empty. UPDATE (by rene): As a matter of fact all review queues (except Close and Reopen) are ...
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54 votes
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Tell users when their edits are rejected

The edit queue is up for discussion again. I have a different feature request: Tell new editors when their edit suggestions are rejected. When I first started editing on Stack Overflow, I was ...
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Offer more help to authors of bad edits

I recently made the switch from just answering to also trying to improve other's questions and answers. Apparently, I didn't get the hang of it yet, as half of my edits have been rejected (and some ...
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Please don't obstruct my "improving edit" view

I usually review suggested edits on my desktop computer with a standard 1080p monitor. Nevertheless, when I click to improve a suggested edit, if I scroll down a little, this big white banner loaded ...
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Limit the number of pending suggested edits

Recently, I have noticed several users below the 2000 rep threshold going on an retagging spree in the suggested edit queue. Can we limit the number of pending suggested edits to 5 or 10 to ...
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A "Needs Community Edit" Option for Reviewing First Posts When Reviewer is Unable to Edit

When reviewing first posts, there are often new questions that are poorly formatted and can be fixed without much effort. However, for reviewers who haven't reached 2000 reputation, it's very ...
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44 votes
1 answer

Rejected flag about user making useless formatting edits

I flagged an editor who keeps adding random bold/italics/quotation/code formatting to posts, most of the time out of the blue. There seems to be a clear consensus among the community and moderators ...
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Do low-rep editors check back edit reviews?

When reviewing edits one can choose to single-handedly approve or reject a suggestion. This is done by making another edit on top of it. When I use this feature I try to be thorough in my edit ...
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This post has been edited 2 times since you began. Your edit can only be saved if it is more thorough than the currently saved edit

From the review queue I often (more than 100 times so far) "accept and edit" or "reject and edit". But today, for the first time, I've seen a strange orange banner. And on top of that, I've seen it ...
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1 answer

Edit rejected as too minor - on my own post?

Firstly, yes I was logged in, this is completely reproducible, and it's nothing to do with not being logged in. If you edit your own post, and while you're making the edit another user suggests the ...
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Split "this edit is incorrect or an attempt to reply to or comment on the existing post" into two different bullets

The edit review reason stated as "This edit is incorrect or an attempt to reply to or comment on the existing post." is pretty ambiguous. How are incorrectness and commenting related? It seems to me ...
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35 votes
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OP edited an answer to ask for clarification instead of editing his question

I came across this question the other day: How to call a C# static method from Jquery The OP asked a question and got a number of answers, but they didn't seem to solve his problem. Instead of ...
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How to deal with incorrect tag removals

Some users try to remove swift from SwiftUI questions, claiming that 'It is SwiftUI, not Swift'. However, SwiftUI is just a Swift framework (not a separate language) and if you write an app in SwiftUI ...
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Very poor formatting approved... again

This edit in this question: Can we use Restler on Google App Engine I was going to edit this myself, but it was accepted in the meantime, with three accepts vs one reject. The original suggester of ...
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Tell users that they can no longer review the edit as soon as they select a review option if the edit is no longer reviewable

I was reviewing a suggested edit (the specific edit is irrelevant to the question), and selected Reject and Edit. After doing so, I was surprised to see the suggested edit in the editor, instead of ...
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33 votes
0 answers

Reward slow/careful edit reviews

It is clear that a lot of careful reviewers have stopped doing edit reviews. I often see statements on meta like: I barely get a vote because by the time at which I decided whether or not I can ...
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33 votes
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Rollback button in suggested edits queue

This edit was already approved - please visit the post and correct the edit. Why? Can't I have a rollback button on the page? Preferably putting the edit into a mod queue to consider review-banning ...
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Bug when last suggested edit of allowed amount is a test question

Question in review queue: I received this question in the suggested edit review queue today - I rejected it and listed it as spam/vandalism (...
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There should be hotkeys for switching between rendered view and markdown while reviewing suggested edits

I now have the privilege to be able to review suggested edits. On the page I now have two buttons to choose whether I want to see the post as: Rendered output Markdown Which is very helpful. The ...
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Update the locked question description

Note: this question is a follow up to one I posted previously. Identified Problem On a locked question, the accompanying text is as follows: This question's answers are a collaborative effort: if ...
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30 votes
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Ban users from editing when their approved/rejected ratio is low

From what I have been able to find on how suggested edits work, users get a 7 day ban from editing privileges when their rejected edits the last 7 days considerably outweigh their approved edits: ...
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What can we do about incorrect tag wiki edits that get approved?

I was going back over my review history and found that I had voted contrary to the majority on this edit to the objective-c tag wiki excerpt. Now anybody who has developed iOS apps in any language ...
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Blacklisted URLs still work in tag wikis

Even though links to were blacklisted in may it was still possible for someone to add such an link for the "Head First Java" book to the Java tag wiki. If you look at the revisions of ...
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Can the "edits improved" stat be added to the more info box on a review?

At the moment the "more" info box displays the following stats: But the number of edits a user has improved isn't displayed. Could this stat also be shown? Since the more box is for displaying the ...
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Why was an edit removing all bold text formatting rejected?

I recently suggested an edit that removes the bold formatting that was applied to all the text of an answer and fixes some minor typos and language errors. It was approved by one user and rejected by ...
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26 votes
0 answers

Colorblind mode for reviewing suggested edits

Roughly 8% of men and 0.5% of women are colorblind, the vast majority of which fall into the red-green category, including myself. When reviewing suggested edits, the colors used to differentiate what'...
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Are there other cases where users were incorrectly blamed not to have done an edit to an answer?

I'm unhappy with following situation: This question from 2010 about Python has a good answer from June 2013 implicitly using Python 2. On October 2013 in a comment it was mentioned what to do when ...
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Guidelines on reviewing de-spamination tag wiki edits

Tonight I came across this tag wiki edit for Mimosa. At the time I write this, the edit was approved, but also disputed by two edit-reviewers as vandalism, possibly because the edit removes most of ...
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In the Suggested edits review queue, make it more obvious when code is edited

Today, in the review queue, I stumbled upon this Suggested edit, which looks like this on my browser: Looked simple enough to me: the editor removed a duplicated "is", that's clearly an ...
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1 answer

Explicitly note that tag wiki excerpts edits shouldn't include any URL

This post is a follow-up to Tell people that tag excerpts do not support formatting. We now have this note when editing (since Jun 14 '17): (plain text only, no Markdown formatting) Yet, I often ...
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Make Suggested Edits queue filterable for posts vs tag wikis

As a reviewer for the Suggested Edits queue, I am confronted with two very distinct types of review: The suggested edits on Posts: Posts account for the most visible data of Stack Overflow (the core ...
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Edited links are too hard to see in the Suggested Edits review queue

There is no way to visually distinguish edited regular text from edited links in the Suggested Edits review queue: both appear as dark-grey-on-green. Here's a screenshot illustrating the issue: In ...
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Partial Edits and Review Queue Workload

In thinking about Partial edits in the review queues for First Posts or Late Answers where a post can be improved for "spit and polish" issues like: code formatting placing images in line ...
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Suggested edit - unanimously accepted but not applied

Now, this is strange. I edited this question and the suggested edit has been unanimously approved, yet (even if I do a force reload with Ctrl+F5) the question does not show my edit. In other words ...
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Make it easier to view the markdown of the current revision while a suggested edit is pending

I was reviewing a suggested edit on a post, and I noticed some funny wording that the suggested edit did not remove. Something like "here is the embed code", but there was no code visible. So I looked ...
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"Edit queue is full" alert not working while reviewing?

I was reviewing some first posts right now and I felt there was some edit needed. Just some indentations, grammatical corrections and replacing links with images. I might leave some corrections as ...
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Increase the character limit for custom suggested edit rejections

Today, while I was at work, somebody suggested a bad edit to one of my posts. It wasn't immediately obviously bad, and so I took a minute to look at it. At the end of that minute, I wanted to write ...
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Question list says "Votes" instead of "Score", but it displays score, not votes

I think it is pretty self-explanatory how it is right now, but it seems somewhat weird to see '-1 votes'. Might someone new to SE think that this is a total vote counter and think the '-1' is a bug? ...
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Are edits from the Help and Improvement queue supposed to override pending suggested edits?

This concerns: My edit was pending for >45 minutes, then it was rejected ("This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit") after a 2k+ user ...
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Is it acceptable to edit an answer if the answerer doesnt know how to implement an acceptable suggestion in a comment?

Suppose billybob posts an answer to a question, and it's 90% the way there in terms of forming a good complete answer but the he leaves some trailing caveat like "This won't work in scenario Y, so add ...
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What are these "This item is not reviewable." audits?

I've been going through the Suggested Edits queue and frequently when I see a review which is immediately clear as an audit, such as this one. I'm unable to review it. The only option that is ...
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18 votes
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Automatic identification of copied wiki content

Usually, a copied wiki is pretty easy to spot. Sabre was edited recently and the text just screamed "copied" to me. It took 10 seconds to copy/paste into google and find the source. The wiki edit was ...
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CSS bug on blockquotes in Review Suggested Edits

Reference: While doing my duty by reviewing suggested edits I came across this: I first thought the edit added an unwanted newline, so I ...
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Make Rollbacks more intuitive for <2k

zcoop98 answered 'How do you rollback?' a few minutes ago with an answer that shows how <2k rep users can suggest an edit. To quote that answer: Using the "Rev" dropdown, simply select ...
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Edit on answer got rolled back. Did I do something wrong?

So I was looking at a few old edits of mine and found that one of my edits got rolled back. Here are the revisions of this answer. I also noticed that the creator of the answer voted for rejection on ...
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