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For questions regarding the Stack Overflow by email subscription system that provides notification of newly asked questions.

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How can I get email notifications about new questions on Stack Overflow for Teams? [closed]

How can I get notified by email about the new questions asked on Stack Overflow for Teams?
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How can I unsubscribe from a topic?

I don't want to get any more notifications about What is the JavaScript version of sleep()?. Yes, last year I was very interested in it. But interests change. 1 new item in your Stack Exchange inbox ...
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Re-email the lost issues of 'The Overflow'

I look forward to my weekly dose of 'The Overflow' which I get via email because I subscribed a while back. However, for the last two weeks I did not get the newsletter email. It seems my email ...
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Missing notifications for watched tags

I am watching two tags, but I am not receiving any notifications when new questions include one of these tags. I looked at the options contained in "Edit Email Settings", but I don't see any ...
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The unsubscribe page for "The Overflow" is broken

I clicked the "Unsubscribe from emails like this" link at the bottom of this month's The Overflow email. It took me to an email settings page with a bunch of toggles. The toggle for The Overflow had ...
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Receive email if a bounty is in my subscribed tags

Is there an option to receive emails about bounties that have been offered on tags that I am watching? (If not, is there any reason against such a feature?)
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Bring back easy tag subscriptions (email updates)

In the past, subscribing to email updates for new questions based on tags was easy via a 'subscribe' link on the See here for instructions. This link is now gone, and people are asking if it has ...
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Is subscribing to a tag by email deprecated?

An old answer here shows the "subscribe" option shown on this image as the way in which to subscribe to email notifications for a tag: The email option is no longer present. Is there another way to ...
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Email subscriptions for tags not being delivered

I've seen other questions like this: Subscription Email based on tags suddenly stopped Feed email notification misfiring? Having trouble receiving filter subscription mails But they seem to be ...
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Don't want email about new post in a subscribed tag when I'm the one that posted it in the first place

I'm "subscribed" to the ruamel.yaml tag, so that I get notified when a new question is posted. That works fine. I am even under the impression that if I visited a question, that would trigger an email ...
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Why am I not getting emails for my questions subscriptions any more?

Suddenly I don't get any emails regarding questions for the tags and topics I'm subscribed to. I did check my profile and subscriptions under: https://...?tab=subscription, and I see that everything ...
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Subscribe to questions with [tag] and not [another tag] [duplicate]

I subscribed to typescript by email, but got a lot of questions about angular, because almost every question about angular has typescript. So, I'm forced to scroll over dozens of not interesting ...
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Subscribing to a tag sends the confirmation email to a wrong email address

I have attempted to subscribe to tags on both Stack Overflow and Meta today using the hover display. When clicking subscribe the confirmation email is going to a .edu email address that I have never ...
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Merged accounts, wrong email keeps being used

I had 2 account merged, one using old email @foocompany, one using new email @gmail. I deleted all mention of old @foocompany email from my profile settings that I could find. Still, when I subscribe ...
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Show number of users subscribed to each tag

This would be useful, because it helps ensure I get eyeballs on my question and discourages creation of niche or duplicate tags. Whether to choose time or clock or clock-synchronization is a question ...
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New questions feed using the wrong tag [duplicate]

I am subscribed to the sympy tag. I get daily emails with new questions with that tag. Today, I got this email: As you can see, none of these are tagged sympy, although they are all tagged plotly (...
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