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Indicates that the report contains merit to consider, but the decision on its approval or decline requires more investigation.

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Why does the "Question Has Been Closed" banner no longer display until page reload?

On SO when helping with a question, if you were working on an answer when the question was closed by others, an orange banner would appear at the top of the browser window telling you the question was ...
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20 votes
1 answer

Why is Stack Overflow Jobs inaccessible to small startups?

I'm running a small startup (three technical founders, no employees), focusing on building a single cell genomics platform used by scientists in cancer and heart disease research. We are entirely ...
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734 votes
29 answers

It's time to reward the duplicate finders

Stack Overflow sees many questions asked repeatedly, despite the large quantity of existing content. This is not always due to lack of effort - familiarity with the relevant keywords to use in the ...
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Can we opt out of the banner announcing Stack Overflow Podcasts?

Every once in a while, we get a banner on top that announces Stack Overflow podcasts: We should be able to opt out of seeing it. If that's not possible, it should at least go away automatically.
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70 votes
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Update the version of Babel Standalone (and others) used by Stack Snippets

Please update the version of Babel Standalone used by Stack Snippets (and update the available versions of other scripts in the drop-down lists; ideally, update that list automatically). It's ...
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18 votes
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The chat desktop notification guide for Chrome is in need of an update

The Chrome guide to enabling chat desktop notifications is no longer accurate as Chrome's UI has changed. Here is my suggested update: Instructions Click on the lock icon in the omnibar. Set ...
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27 votes
0 answers

Make titles on help page consistent

If you go to this page (, it shows multiple headings: "Asking" "Our model" "Reputation & Moderation" "Answering" "...
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41 votes
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It's not possible to use SO's search to find questions containing a non-ASCII string, like the mojibake "’"

Earlier today I answered this question about a mojibake issue where a single UTF-8 character was incorrectly being decoded into the Unicode string "’". Before I answered it, I thought there might be ...
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25 votes
0 answers

The bounty label is highlighted in mobile devices even if still not awarded

I set up a bounty in a question with a lot of research effort coming from another user last week. Today I've used my mobile browser to see it and award it to the single given answer (the question was ...
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25 votes
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You can't resubscribe after accidentally unsubscribing from emails

I was going through some unwanted emails in my inbox and I had one from Stack Overflow about the 2019 Survey, and there was an email right above the SO email in my inbox which was the one I wanted to ...
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146 votes
2 answers

Underline in [`code`](links)

Apparently links are now underlined. While I'm personally not a big fan of this, this seems to be a design decision. However, code in links is underlined as well. This makes it rather hard to read. ...
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35 votes
0 answers

Trying to edit a locked post results in an incorrect tooltip: "Suggested edit queue is full"

I have editing privileges, so I think the tooltip should say "Locked posts cannot be edited" or something like that.
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17 votes
0 answers

Why are we reviewing edits of deleted posts?

I just reviewed the following question: Strangely, there were only options to reject or accept, but not the buttons for "Improve Edit" and "...
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34 votes
1 answer

Indicate within questions that I already voted to close/reopen

I vote to close/migrate off-topic questions frequently, and I revisit questions often due to reply to comments, update my ancient answers, etc. I can't always remember if I previously voted to close a ...
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116 votes
1 answer

Stop using our delete votes in the LQPRQ when 20k-rep users recommend deletion

EDIT: Now that the testing has been completed on changing the number of reviews required to delete a post I think this is even more needed. We only need 4 reviews to delete a post so using 3 20K ...
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127 votes
2 answers

Please implement clause 7b of the CC-by-SA license

Inspired by recent events, I'm more than a little distraught at what happened, and I'd like to see some provision to be made to allow an SO user to disassociate themselves from a post. Quoting the ...
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