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Indicates that the feature request or bug is something that is intended to be implemented or fixed, ideally in the near term.

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Triage needs to be fixed urgently, and users need to be notified upon receiving a review ban!

Prologue Since late 2019, I have been investigating why posts are ending up in the Help & Improvement (H&I) review queue when it should have been closed in Triage. Unfortunately, due to the ...
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Introduce an "Obsolete Answer" vote

Background There is a meta discussion going on, on How to deal with hugely upvoted, bad answers?. And as an answer, I wrote: You can downvote, comment, and provide a better answer, of course. But.....
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616 votes
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Don't clutter half the screen with things most people don't care for

TL;DR: Stack Exchange has a principle: the advertising is minimal, and shouldn't interfere with the contents of the sites. This works for all sites except Stack Overflow. Please fix this. Details ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Use location mentioned in profile for job adverts

I'd like this feature to be present so the job ads that come up in SO are actually relevant to me and not just wasting my screen space. It's great that SO jobs uses the IP address to provide jobs in ...
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Documentation should have an initial section [closed]

The new documentation feature should have an initial area to explain the topic. Take "Dependency Injection" as an example. There's "Constructor Injection", "Setter Injection", "Injection Containers", ...
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Earn reputation, example rep count is wrong [closed]

In the Documentation page, when click on the Earn Reputation section, there is some content about the reputation is displaying. There for the Example upvoted, the description is as All ...
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Stack Overflow Jobs widget showing jobs in different city

The Stack Overflow Jobs widget is showing jobs in a different city (Sydney) to the one I'm staying in (Melbourne). I've checked that my profile information lists that I'm in Melbourne and even that ...
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38 votes
2 answers

Captcha what Captcha

I'm assuming the captcha is initially triggered because I have an ad-blocker and presumably I'm also blocking the actual captcha box. I'm blocking: secure....
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21 votes
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Have a 'stats' page for new Documentation review queue [closed]

Every other review queue has a stats page, for example It's nice to use to keep track of recent reviews, how many people are actively reviewing, ...
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Jobs developer story shows incorrect company logo

How do I tell jobs to not use an old logo for the company I am at? It keeps trying to tell me to use this: But our company name and logo changed about a year ago. I also manage job postings on SO ...
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What happened to seeing the number of views a CV has been accessed?

It used to be, up until a couple of days ago, that on the 'edit cv' tab on the jobs section, if the user clicked on settings button, above the print and download buttons the number of times your CV ...
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1 answer

Way to change location for SO Careers ads (sidebar)?

I use a VPN sometimes, and so the sidebar ads I see for SO Careers job postings are all for jobs in and around the location where the VPN is hosted, rather than my actual current location. Is there ...
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2 answers

Improper HTTPS - Connection only partially encrypted [closed]

When I access Stack Overflow via HTTPS, my browser (Firefox) complains that not all elements (images) of the web page portal are loaded via HTTPS, leading to some insecurity. Can this be fixed please?
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The [connect] tag is being burninated

This tag is in phase 4 of the burnination process described here. The question and comments have been cleaned to allow for on-topic discussion about the burnination of this tag. Please keep it that ...
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Badge multiplier in the profile page is misaligned

The snapshot should be self-explanatory. The per-badge count (× 3) is misaligned. Is this a bug? Seen on Chrome 43+, on Windows 7. Additional: The profile page from which the snapshot is taken. ...
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32 votes
1 answer

Make side-by-side diffs wider [closed]

Currently it's very hard to review changes with big code blocks as columns in diffs are very narrow and viewing code requires constantly moving scrollbars back and forth. Inline mode helps sometimes, ...
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71 votes
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Exclude job offers that require me to be a citizen of another country

Sometimes I get job offers, just to see, it is not available for my country: Is it possible, to introduce some field, where a company can restrict the offer to specific country? As a German, I am ...
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66 votes
0 answers

Documentation review items should also include an "Improve" button [closed]

I've built a small habit around improving edits while reviewing if I feel like the revision or addition was 95% the way there. With the new Documentation review queues going up, this feature is ...
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2 answers

Reserve Careers CV slugs in Developer Story if there's a chance they've ever been used

Right now, if I create a CV on Careers (or via the "edit CV" link on my Stack Overflow profile), I can reserve a "slug" that'll let me link to my CV via a custom URL of the form https://stackoverflow....
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1 answer

What to do when applying for a job gives no response at all?

The quality of jobs offered on Stack Overflow - and offered directly by the company hiring - is very good. That's why I keep looking at the listings! However, there is one thing that seems not to ...
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39 votes
1 answer

Where or how is the automatic update of GitHub and others activities?

In the previous jobs site, there was an amazing feature which populated my CV with all my activity on Stack Overflow, friends, GitHub, etc. This worked on the previous jobs site; now how do I update ...
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Does Articles in the user profile Activity tab have some utility when you don't use teams?

I noticed today there's an Articles section in the Activity tab of the user profile. Apparently this is used for teams and it's only featured on Stack Overflow main that I've noticed. Does this ...
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Team administration [closed]

Are there any features in the backlog planned for managing a team? I noticed any member can edit the team and remove users for example. Will this be by design for ever or are roles planned for the ...
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