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Indicates that the feature request will not be implemented, or that a bug will not be fixed at present time.

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Merge tags [jigsaw] and [java-module]

Both of these refer to the Java Platform Module System -- technically the JPMS is a "component" of Project Jigsaw, but in practice the JPMS was Jigsaw's main deliverable, and questions tagged jigsaw ...
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Is [postfix-mta] on topic? Should it be narrowed down?

Related to Let's clean up [postfix-mta] . After looking through a few dozen questions in the course of the cleanup effort, I've had yet to see a single on-topic one, including new questions. As ...
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No question should be [untagged]

We currently have two questions, asked within the past year, tagged untagged. "Untagged" seems suspiciously like one of those dread Meta tags that we are not supposed to have on SO. In fact, it's the ...
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3 answers

Can "creative use" of the dupe hammer go too far? [duplicate]

Look at this creative (mis)use of Mjoelner here and here. The situation is : A question is answered and accepted Oct 22 '16 at 15:33 by "User Zero" with +100 upvotes. The answer is maintained and up ...
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Unable to close the bottom banner in the dev Stack Overflow page

In the Dev Stack Overflow page, unable to close the bottom banner. When click on the close (X) button it is not responding. I have verified in the recent Chrome and Firefox browsers. Screenshot for ...
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Super upvote button to reward very high-quality and helpful questions/answers

Sometimes I see a question/answer that is of much higher quality (or helped me a lot) than the average SO question/answer, and I'd like to reward the author with more than just 1 upvote (but it's not ...
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Mandatory Rubber duck programming

The problem being addressed I've wondered for a while why bad questions get posted and I suggested an earlier feature that much of the community seemed to deem impractical/impossible. The main reason ...
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2 answers

Add the ability for mods to give a "soft" warning

According to a recent mod comment, a mod warning is considered to be more serious than a review ban and there is no other way to communicate directly and privately with a user. Apparently, mod ...
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2 answers

Let's fork Google Prettify library! [closed]

Let's add our own bells and whistles to the library. Especially, I'd like to see code highlighting (anything will do), which is clearly needed and would be a great way to emphasise the important parts....
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What's the use of the [dlms] tag?

I just noticed the dlms tag. It has only 5 questions which have 7 answers altogether; and just one accepted answer. Needless to say, it hasn't been active for a while. Moreover, while the tag is ...
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3 answers

Should we burninate the [fix] tag?

The Phase #2 of the burnination process described here, is completed and it has been decided that the tag should NOT be removed from the system, but instead renamed to a more specific tag-name The ...
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1 answer

Allow users to revert votes on answers after edit on the question

I just want to get out of the way that this is not meant for a discussion on whether vote lock-in has its place or not. This question already exists. Now, my personal question is, Should the vote ...
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This tag has the wrong [sizing]

What is the purpose of the sizing tag? It has no usage guidance. I think it’s highly ambiguous and could be used to describe many different types of things. Should it be removed? Even the tag info ...
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2 answers

Why is there such a low tag limit?

So, I was looking at this perfectly logical Excel meta merge thread and I was struck by the fact that I agree with the idea of changing the tag I have sometimes had trouble classifying more ...
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Should we burninate [method-invocation]?

All modern languages support something like a function or a method which can get invoked, so I don't see what value method-invocation adds to a question. It has no tag wiki, 1 follower and 115 ...
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Should we burninate the sqlmigrations?

There is a small tag sqlmigrations that has had some activity on it, with one question asked in May at the latest. Its summary suggests that it should be merged into the ef-migrations tag, but looking ...
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1 answer

Display a summary of SO Teams in the main profile page

According to my previous question, Will the reputation in SO teams be merged to main profile? it is clear that SO Teams reputation is completely invisible to the public. I think that reputation ...
9 votes
2 answers

Items on my Developer Story are appearing out of order

My Developer Story is here. My current position (Software Engineer at DrugDev) is listed at the top. I expect the line to be a timeline showing things in a reverse chronological order. However, ...
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The [repo] tag and the [git-repo] tag are identical and should be merged

repo and git-repo are identical and should be merged. Related: there's another question asking to rename repo to repo-tool at tag rename request: [repo] -> [repo-tool] . Seems like it might be ...
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Provide option to save job offers on Stack Overflow advertisement sidebar

This feature is useful! Let's add it to the advertisement sidebar as well. The star UI could appear alongside the X when the mouse hovers over the ad.
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Merge [linux-kernel] into [linux]

Because Linux is the kernel. (A full operating system based on Linux is not normally called Linux; it's GNU/Linux) From the tag wiki (tag usage section), it seems linux is meant to be used for ...
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Question-ban timer, expiration of ban? [duplicate]

The page for the Question-Ban timer says If you're unable to improve your existing questions, you'll get the chance to ask a new one 6 months after your last question. If that question is ...
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1 answer

Bring back acceptance rate

I see some users no matter how much you help them,they still neither Upvote or Accept any answer and this got to stop!We need to know their acceptance rate
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git push origin --delete [branching-and-merging]

This tag branching-and-merging combines both git-branch and git-merge (or, more generally branch and merge). I think it's redundant having it, and I can't think of a scenario where this tag must be ...
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2 answers

Can we stop editing deleted posts being bumped to the home page?

A basic question about the site mechanics. Inspired by some discussion here I decided to edit some deleted posts with an explanation as to why they were deleted, so >10K users could view this, if they ...
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-4 votes
2 answers

Can we repurpose the [jade] tag for the JADE community?

I recently registered on Stack Overflow in an effort to try and facilitate better discussion between developers in the JADE community. To clarify (as I know there's been confusion before), I'm ...
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Add anonymous comments for answer downvotes [duplicate]

Generally I don't have a problem with downvotes, but answer downvotes without explanation are pretty annoying. For example: 1) You post an answer that you spent time working on and that you think is ...
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Tag(s) for e-commerce/Magento/Amazon/etc. orders? and should [orders] -> [ecommerce-orders]?

There was discussion that the e-commerce related tag [orders] should be renamed [ecommerce-orders] since it is only used for e-commerce packages such as woocommerce, magento and bigcommerce. Also, ...
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1 answer

Make "Create Team" banner respect sticky setting

I went to the Stack Overflow for Teams page and I noticed that the banner at the top of the page is always sticky, even if you disabled stickiness for the top bar. This looks weird when stickiness is ...
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1 answer

Angular tag confusion and discussion?

angular5 tag should be merged with angular tag. angular5 tag is having approx 3k question associated with it.
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Burninate [javax] tag?

The javax tag has the wiki: Pointless catch-all tag. Do not use. For removal. It has 23 followers, and 199 questions. If its meaning should be javax package of java I do not see how such tag would ...
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Restricting ''

I noticed that isn't CC-BY-SA (as opposed to, so we can't re-insert content back into a post. So please restrict usage of the same ...
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Don't have topbar links open my global profile when the page isn't fully loaded

For the topbar links: If the page hasn't fully loaded yet, clicking on one of those icons acts as a link to either ?tab=inbox or ?tab=repuation of<user-id-number&...
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2 answers

Should tag "Linux" be renamed to "GNU/Linux" otherwise created or added to synonym?

Questions using Linux tag may deal with the operating system and not only the Linux kernel. The Free Software Foundation uses the name GNU/Linux to refer to the operating system family, as well ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Can we change the completion bar on Curious badge to show the actual score from the formula?

As per the page on Curious Badge The Curious badge has two criteria to be awarded: Ask a good question on 5 separate days Maintain a positive ...
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1 answer

Merge [thermal-printer] into [printer]

Why do we have thermal-printer? Should we merge this in to printer?
-72 votes
2 answers

Make downvote button on meta disappear

Massive downvotes are demoralizing. Can we make the downvote button on meta disappear so that people don't get afraid to ask more questions about the site? As community is not in favour of making ...
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1 answer

Should we make tag [] a synonym of [parse-server]?

Issue Questions related to Parse Server are today tagged with which is the deprecated URL of the retired Parse service (that leads into no-where now), before its release as Parse Server as ...
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1 answer

Could we stop adding comments to moderator elections to the comment queue on SO?

Steps to reproduce: go to Moderator Election site and add a comment to a candidate go to your comment section on Stack Overflow (that one is mine, I can't remember the trick to link Your user) and ...
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1 answer

Feature to remove privileges from 10k users and gold badge holders due to abuse

This feature request is to provide the option to remove 10k and gold badge privileges. I see this feature as not being less than a ban, it should only be considered when considering a ban as an option....
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-36 votes
2 answers

Add a badge for recovering from a post ban

Everyone knows that getting out of a question ban or answer ban is hard. We should reward those brave souls who do so with a badge for their accomplishment. Ideas for naming the badge: "rehab", "...
14 votes
1 answer

Allow us to edit the image in tour page

The stackoverflow image on the tour page on the channels is not editable. It would be nice to be able to edit it.
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2 answers

Upvote answers where new users don't accept them themselves

There is this common problem that we face when answering new users' questions: they don't upvote/accept answers, even if they comment on them that "it worked". (Which is why this was raised as a "...
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2 answers

Feature request: vote again on the same answer/question in time

When a question/answer is extremely helpful I think it would be a good idea to be able to vote on it again after some time. Say something like 6 months or so, if you come across the same question (...
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1 answer

Support backtick code in titles [duplicate]

Can we have back tick code in titles that render in the questions list and the post page? It would be nice to have the fixed width font for actual code snips in a title.
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1 answer

Merge [serial-voting] with [tactical-downvoting]

Should we merge serial-voting with tactical-downvoting? Serial voting has the following excerpt: Serial voting is the act of serially (repeatedly) up or downvoting another user's posts over a (...
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1 answer

Editor toolbar layout broken in IE 10

This happened in maybe the last week or so and the toolbar is now vertical which makes it really annoying to use. I'm stuck with IE 10 so hopefully whatever CSS changes that have been made can be ...
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2 answers

Synonymize [tkinter] with [tk]

tkinter is Python bindings to tk. Since: a question about it will have to include python, it will probably also include tk to cover more audience since anything Tkinter has a direct equivalent in ...
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1 answer

Add a "Not constructive" to the report method [duplicate]

This is mainly for the Mods. I've noticed that the "report" on comments does not let you say "Not constructive". You have to report it to a moderator and hope they understand what you are trying to ...
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-63 votes
1 answer

Trade badges for points

I looked for this topic and got no results, so I am asking the obvious: Could users trade points for badges? For instance: 100 points for a bronze badge, 250 for a silver badge, 500 for a gold ...
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