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Indicates that the feature request will not be implemented, or that a bug will not be fixed at present time.

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Send [automotive] to the scrap yard

We have automotive with just 22 questions, 20 this year (odd - was there a cleanup last year?), which seems very vague compared to the actually useful but even quieter android-automotive, automotive-...
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What to do about [edg]?

The edg tag has only had 5 questions asked in 8 years. EDG refers to the Edison Design Group whose business model is selling their compiler front ends (in source form), for example to Microsoft who ...
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Merge tags [broadcastreceiver] and [android-broadcast] [duplicate]

There are two tags for android broadcast receiver. Can they be merged? broadcastreceiver has ~ 8k questions android-broadcast has ~ 1k questions So can android-broadcast tag be merged into ...
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Feature suggest: any one can down cast a question/answer that you up casted [duplicate]

I up cast an answer then found it is wrong, but I can't down cast it with 125 reputation. Obviously SO should allow you to down cast a question/answer that you just up casted.
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Rename [macos] to [mac-os] to avoid confusion

I should say that I'm not a subscriber to the macos tag and it's actually the first time I notice this tag. That being said, it looks very odd to me and could be easily mistaken for macros at first ...
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What's the use of the [python-chess] tag?

Is there anything that the rarely-used (only about 20 questions) python-chess tag achieves that python + chess can't? If not, should it be burninated?
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What is the tag [code-statistics] about?

I recently found the code-statistics tag here. The tag has no description what so-ever. Also, it is not clear how on Stack Overflow this tag is any different from the statistics tag. Is there any ...
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Differentiating between [suitescript] and [suitescript2.0]

As they are now, the two SuiteScript tags, suitescript and suitescript2.0, create some ambiguity, specifically because many questions asking about 2.0 are still tagged only with suitescript and not ...
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Should we have syntax highlighting for AutoHotkey questions?

This question with AutoHotkey (AHK) code has no code highlighting: Why does command not run after SetTimer? We can set some highlighting by using the Racket syntax highlighting, which is also not ...
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Can the Stack Exchange app become open source?

I still use this thing, mostly for notifications and quick replies to comments. There are a few long-standing bugs which I'm sure could be fixed very easily with community contributions. What are the ...
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Merge / synonymize [principles] and [design-principles] with [patterns]

Should we merge or synonymize principles, design-principles, and patterns? principles only has 61 questions and lacks a tag wiki: Use for questions related to programming principles; Principles ...
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.post-text :last-child should have the child combinator '>' in mobile.css

In mobile.css (the mobile version of Stack Overflow) there's a CSS rule: .post-text :last-child { margin-bottom: 0; } Currently this rule applies to every element in .post-text that is the last ...
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Tags runloop, run-loop, mainrunloop

runloop, run-loop, and mainrunloop appear to be exactly the same thing. Surely the latter two should be eliminated.
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Copy/paste from Microsoft Word triggers image upload

As you can see in the following screencast, I copy some text from a Microsoft Word document. When I paste it into the editor, it is as if I had clicked on the "image" button: Steps to reproduce ...
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2 answers

Merge downvote and flag button together [duplicate]

I have an idea: merging down-votes and flags together. It is basically what it sounds like. A downvote is a flag. The amount of downvotes your post has is the amount of flags it has. Just like flags, ...
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Should the 'positive question record' for Curious, Inquisitive, and Socratic be modified?

First off, I'm not here to just whine about my < 0.5 question record, but I believe there is a real proposition that many users could benefit from. To earn the Curious badge, you must have asked 5 ...
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Live election results

2019 Moderator Election ends tomorrow, I'm eagerly waiting to know who would be our next moderators ♦. Then the idea of real-time election results popped into my mind. Clearly, people have ...
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Let's get rid of these [unexpected-token]s

unexpected-token has 75 questions with no tag wiki and no clear meaning. Burnination criteria: Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? ...
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Time to burninate the [phonegap] tag

This is the description of the cordova tag: Apache Cordova (formerly PhoneGap) is a framework that It's clearly stated that Cordova was formerly PhoneGap. But still, I see many people use both of ...
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Burninate request for tag [angular-material-7] [closed]

This tag is very misleading because Angular Material is currently on version 2, not 7, and there is enough confusing about Angular versions out there already. I see that the user who created the tag ...
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Display amount of questions asked about [binary] in binary

I just noticed that the amount of questions asked in binary is 11,111, and I think it would be a nice Easter Egg if that number was displayed in binary rather than decimal. This could be implemented ...
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1 answer

Time for us to let go of [mergeddictionaries]

I recently saw a tag mergeddictionaries. 0 watchers, 53 questions, no wiki Is it ambiguous?: Yes, it should be Is there other ways to represent this tag?: Of course, with merge, and dictionary, yup ...
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Should we burninate the [unity5] tag?

I've noticed that we have a tag for unity3d and unity5 and they both have the same description. Below I've listed why this tag should no longer be on the website following the guidelines listed here: ...
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What to do with [worksheet-function] vs [excel-formula] tags?

Today I stumbled upon a question that was tagged with both excel-formula and worksheet-function. Reading the tag excerpts: excel-formula: This tag is for Microsoft Excel questions where the ...
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I want to consolidate all tags referencing [sikuli...] (currently 4) into one tag named [sikulix]

I am the developer of SikuliX, that by historical reasons has its Q&A board at Launchpad. During this year, I want to move to here and phase out Launchpad. Since Sikuli(X) exists since 2011, ...
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Create tag [amps]

I tried to ask a question and creating the [amps] tag with that question. That is referring to, namely the Atlassian ...
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Rename [google-wave] to [apache-wave]

Google launched their Google Wave service in 2009. The extensibility provided by the API was a major part of the offering, and many questions were asked about it under the google-wave tag. As a Google ...
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Discuss about [windows] tag

This is a retag-request. From the tag wiki of the windows tag, we see: GENERAL WINDOWS SUPPORT IS OFF-TOPIC. Support questions may be asked on Windows is an operating system ...
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2 answers

Let's punch a hole in this tag and let [rsync]

I can't think of any justification for rsync as a tag on a programming site. It's not like we have an ls or scp tag.
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Add tag "bug", to ask for software bugs

I propose to add the tag bug. For example, I had a question whether certain open source code has a bug.
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Should we make [kannada] a synonym of [indic]?

Today I discovered the following two tags: kannada: 15 questions Kannada is a Brahmic alphabet script used primarily in India. Use this tag for when you are dealing with applications of the ...
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Allow filter for number of full-time hours

It would be nice to be able to filter jobs based on the number of full-time hours they want you to work. Some European companies are moving toward 32 or 30 hours full-time. It would be nice to be able ...
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Is standalone [render-html] needed?

There is a tag render-html with no usage guidance or description. It only has 19 questions. The tag itself does not make sense when used independently. We should burninate it, or may be simple ...
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3 answers

`[description](url)` - prepend by default `https://` if not protocol specified

Using the inline link notation, [SO](, results in: SO The protocol must be specified, as per the answer by @codeer. I would like to request the syntax that does not require ...
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1 answer

Should we burninate the [pyth] tag?

The pyth tag contains 1 question only, so should we remove it from the site? It contains a tag wiki excerpt: Pyth is a esoteric procedural programming language which is designed to be compiled ...
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Strict five minute comment editing window not in line with reality - improvement suggestion [duplicate]

There is an arbitrary limit of five minutes on editing comments. If there has been no other activity on that particular Q&A then the abitrary limit can be a hindrance to the formulation of a good ...
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Jobs messages in my inbox link to SO Talent, which I cannot signup/login for

I have a variety of messages in my inbox labeled "jobs message". When I click on any of them, it takes me to This is undesirable in itself; I should not ...
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Introducing a "language-trick" tag?

Every now and then, I see a question that essentially asks for the language specific tricks. For example: Find the maximum value in a list of tuples in Python I think if we can allow tagging ...
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remove Facebook login

I am sure most of you know that Facebook has a negative impact on society. Even Facebook themselves admitted to this. People like Shaun Parker are tying to help us to move away from Facebook. One of ...
-18 votes
2 answers

Google Sheets topicality and burnination of [google-sheets]

There are a lot of questions about Google Sheets (essentially a hosted version Excel on the cloud, with less functionality). We even have a tag for it. google-sheets Many of these questions seem ...
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Should add feature to see Profile Visit dates and more

I think it would really be cool and helpful if Stack Overflow added a feature that allowed users to also see when the their profiles were visited and by whom. I think this would help with providing ...
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1 answer

Is Trogdor attending the Burninating [Man] Festival this year?

We have a man tag, which has the following description: A man page (short for manual page) is online software documentation, serving as content for the man system, for an entity typically ...
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On every snippet with Privacy Badger: Uncaught SecurityError: Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window'

It's been bothering me for some time. Every snippet I try to run will output an error: Uncaught SecurityError: Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window': The document is sandboxed and ...
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1 answer

Remove [tsql] without sequelae?

tsql, in the tag wiki, includes the warning: Questions about T-SQL should be tagged appropriately with either sql-server or sybase, and include the version as well. Well, that's ignored frequently. ...
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Rename [meetup] to [meetup-api]

The meetup excerpt is fairly clear Meetup is an online social networking portal that facilitates offline group meetings in various localities around the world. But I've seen at least one question ...
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5 answers

Increase the amount of reputation a new user starts with

I've been thinking. New users start with 1 reputation. This means downvotes have no effect on their reputation, at least until we get their first upvote. This network is gamified for a reason. There'...
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2 answers

Let's burninate the new iPhones [iphone-xr] [iphone-xs-max]

Unless there is a significant changes in the new iPhones related to programming, I don't think we need tags for each iPhone version. Only two question were using those tags: iPhone XR / XS / XS Max ...
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2 answers

Calculate Your Salary - Feeling Alone

It is a very good feature and I really appreciate the Stack Overflow team, this is how I felt the moment I saw the "Calculate Your Salary" feature. Unfortunately it was not for me because I live in ...
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2 answers

I believe that the tags [angular5] and [angular6] should not exist

The problem with those tags is that many times the questions do not have the tag [angular] in addition to it. I am interested in Angular and I want to know if it is more popular than ReactJS and ...
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Splitting the tag [firebase-cloud-firestore] from [google-cloud-firestore]

I realised there isn't a tag for Firebase Cloud Firestore which most of the questions related are under the tag of google-cloud-firestore. Although Firebase Cloud Firestore is under Firebase which is ...
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