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Indicates that the feature request will not be implemented, or that a bug will not be fixed at present time.

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Off-topic pull requests to another site

I just came across this question that really seems off topic. But none of the migration sites were even close, like dba or tex. I'm now aware of why that is and the options. Only off-topic but ...
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'@user-name' must change when any user changes his\her username [duplicate]

All of us can reply to a comment made by any user using @user-name and notify them. But I've noticed that this does not change when any user changes his\her username. Example: User 'A' posted a ...
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Burninate [abbrevia] Tag

I was asking a question about abbreviations when I came across the tag abbrevia. This tag has: 1 question 1 answer 4 total votes (answers and questions) 5 tag-wiki views 0 followers 177 Question ...
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adding colors to posts

Sometimes questions don't contain code(which is not bad except if the code is necessary) but I found I have to write a wall of text which is ugly, I know there are headers,horizontal lines,code blocks,...
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Integrate cryptocurrency tipping

You may have heard of cryptocurrencies - online currencies (Bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, etc) that have recently been making headlines. As a cryptocurrency enthusiast, I would like to suggest ...
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Rename [soundcloud] to [soundcloud-api]

Following Reach out to SoundCloud about outsourcing their support to Stack Overflow and that recent questions are mostly off topic for Stack Overflow (since Dec 16, 4 out 8 questions are closed or ...
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Burninate [loadmask]?

Title says it all, 14 questions, 0 followers. Just be sure to hide the loadmask after burnination:; burninate(loadMask.tag); loadMask.hide();
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Empty choices in "Know someone who can answer?"

I am not sure if this is the right Stack Exchange site to post this, so please correct me if I am wrong. I have recently noticed that the question "Know someone who can answer?" in a question page at ...
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Stack Overflow logo cropped at 90% in chrome

The SO logo is being slightly cropped at 90% zoom in Chrome. Its fine above and below 90% zoom but specifically 90% zoom it is cropped. 75% Zoom 90% Zoom 100% Zoom
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How do I know if an user is dead or alive, when an user didn't accept my answer can a admin verify and accept it? [duplicate]

For instance, I am posting an answer for a question asked by an user. His last seen shows that 7months ago. I can come to a conclusion that he is not active in stack exchange any more. If he is alive ...
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Please let me mark something I've already flagged as Unsalvageable in the Triage queue [duplicate]

Trying out the new Triage queue, I came across a post I'd flagged a few minutes before. I tried to mark it "Unsalvageable". However, since the Unsalvageable choice brings up the "flag post" dialog, I ...
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Should users with high rep be able to accept answers to questions with no accepted answer? [duplicate]

I think users that have high enough reputation should unlock a privilege that allows them to accept an answer on a question that has a correct answer (to be determined by the person accepting it) but ...
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Offer a 'homework' tag [duplicate]

S.O. (and perhaps other sites) should offer a [homework] tag that means "I'm asking this question because I have it as a homework problem". With this, clueless newbies -- I mean seekers of ...
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A demonic reputation requires a demonic notification?

It just happens to me that my reputation become demonic, thus equals exactly 666! Any chance to make a notification for this rare situation?
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Please undelete my question as it is helping many leaners [closed]

Please undelete my question as it is helping many leaners .
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SVG update breaks scaling in Opera 12.16 on Linux

As requested in Feedback Requested: Stack Overflow design update: The SVG update completely breaks the Opera experience when zoom <> 100% I might not be the only one using Opera, but am I the ...
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New tag request: [stripe]

I have just asked this question: Stripe Cancel one payment in subscription? I tried to tag it with stripe however it's currently not an available tag and it suggested to ask in Meta about creating it. ...
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Should the BRE tag be a synonym of biztalk-rule-engine?

There are two tags that were being used for very similar purposes: bre and biztalk-rule-engine. When I first looked BRE was a generic tag about Business Rules Engine and it was being used both for one ...
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Browsing history

It would be nice (in my opinion) for the site to keep track of questions I browsed. Similar to how Reddit keeps track of recently read. I think this would help because many times I close a tab only ...
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I need more grace period before awarding a bounty

I have posted my first bounty and had two answers the last day. The bounty is off and I have only 24 hours to award an answer. The problem is I need more time to be able to test the proposed solution, ...
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Make [ios-safari] a synonym of [mobile-safari]

As far as I can tell, ios-safari (1 question) means the same thing as mobile-safari. As such, it would make sense to have ios-safari be a synonym of mobile-safari.
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Separate the CSS2.1 tag from CSS

First off, I'm tagging this as a discussion to gather other people's views on the matter. I imagine this question will be highly down-voted by users who ignore to read past this first paragraph, but ...
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2 answers

We should be able to vote for our posts

Just now, I made an excellent answer and I feel more than entitled to vote for it. Could we please allow users to vote for their own posts?
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Review audit: "Recommend Deletion" triggers too early

When reviewing LQPs or Close votes which are not obviously low quality at first sight, I sometimes click “Recommend Deletion” or “Close”, only to see what previous voters might have spotted. Clicking ...
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Trying to share a question with Facebook: Outcome quite unexpected

So I tried to share this innocent enough question with Facebook: Why is this program erroneously rejected by three C++ compilers? And this is what popped up: And indeed, the shared post directs me ...
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5 answers

Final (binding) Votes to Close and Delete should trigger a revision to be saved

As a moderator, I sometimes have to delete bad answers. Sometimes, those answers are edited after I've deleted them, and it turns into an episode of "The Big Bad Moderator". This doesn't just happen ...
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Give warning before we edit comments older than 5 minutes

If the comment is been posted more than 5 minutes before and we try to edit it, we come to know that the comments may only be edited for 5 minutes (only after once we finish editing). How about giving ...
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Synonimize [speech-recognition] and [speech-to-text]

speech-recognition and speech-to-text look like synonyms to me. The tag wiki of speech-recognition says: Speech recognition is the technology that is used to convert spoken words to text. And the ...
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Why doesn't Stack Exchange support 2-factor authentication (2FA)?

Why doesn't Stack Exchange support 2-factor authentication (2FA)? If I put this in as a feature-request, will the powers that be consider it?
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2 answers

Private SO Posts

I'm in the process of writing an application-specific design question. While I was writing, I realized that I didn't really want to ask this question on SO: it would be difficult for SO community ...
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Why does S.O. on chrome need too much CPU?

Every now and then I hear my laptop's CPU fan running very high, endlessly. I poke around (with 'top' for example) to find what process is consuming too much. Often it turns out to be Chrome, and ...
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Can the up and down vote buttons on Meta have the appropriate message attached to them? [duplicate]

There are a number of questions asking about downvoting on Meta and what it means. Folk are frequently concerned about their valid, well thought out questions being downvoted as if they are "not ...
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Regex should use lang-regex

Similar to my query about Visual C++, regex should default to lang-regex instead of lang-default.
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A question's score should not be allowed to drop below 0 [duplicate]

If a user did research, read documentation, followed instructions, and looked up similar questions that had been upvoted, the question can be closed or marked as off-topic, but should not be downvoted ...
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We have a [flappy-bird-clone] tag? Really?

flappy-bird-clone I think this tag should be burninated, as I can't see it being useful to anyone, but maybe I'm wrong on this?
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Delete [virtual-file] tag

I just came over a question with the virtual-file tag. It only have 13 questions as of now and I feel there aren't a strong enough link between these questions to justify the tags continued existece. ...
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10K users should be able to see deleted questions and answers on the poster's profile

Users with 10K rep can see deleted questions and answers if they already have a link, but they are not visible any other way. In particular, a user with many deleted questions or answers shows no ...
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The rep penalty from down-voted answers should stay after deletion [closed]

If you post a poor or badly thought out answer you can redact it and that's fair enough. If you've left that answer there for long enough to attract down-votes and then delete the answer, the down ...
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Can we have a "very minor edit" attribute that indicates this edit is approved, but not rep earning?

I've read a lot of the discussion on Meta about how we no longer have "too minor" as a rejection reason for edits. It's because we think the cost (of reviewing them etc) is worth the gain (more ...
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2 answers

Show Your Deleted Questions in Your Activity History (Only Visible to You) [duplicate]

While working on an alternate question here, I would have loved to see my old question (which had since been deleted by the community). I know it's available to moderators, would it be possible to ...
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Stack Overflow doesn't display correctly when using Tor Browser

I use Tor browser for nearly all of my internet browsing, including Stack Overflow. This wasn't a problem for me until about a week or two ago, when Stack Overflow produced two different errors when ...
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3 answers

In light of how rare the "Reversal" badge is

I think it should be called "Reversal!" With only 187 of these things in circulation, I think it could use the emphasis that it's an amazing occurrence.
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2 answers

Animated GIF as avatar

Why are animated GIF images not displayed properly (not moving) if used as one's avatar? Is there a reason for imposing such restriction on user icons?
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Do we need [programmatically-created]?

programmatically-created seems to refer to UI. Only around 100 questions. I don't think it adds anything to questions.
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3 answers

Should this be a tag synonym? [big-o] and [big-omega]

I noticed big-omega has 6 uses and a stub description that is a synonym for big-o which has a full fleshed out description. I don't have any privileges regarding tags yet, so I thought I'd mention it ...
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1 answer

Make [file-handling] and [file-io] synonyms

file-io (13,000+) and file-handling (500+ Questions) both involve operating on files: open close read write create delete They got to point to the same tag, but I don't know which should be the ...
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2 answers

Should moderators be able to vote on moderations? [closed]

Stack Overflow is a wonderful resource but it seems the moderators get a little over-zealous sometimes. Questions are occasionally mis-moderated. For instance, This question was closed as off-topic ...
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2 answers

Burn or add wiki for the [nop] tag

I was just about to ask my first question about a tool called nop-commerce (for which there is a tag nopcommerce). I also noticed that there was a nop tag with very few questions. I took a quick look ...
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1 answer

Community♦ should not poke "unanswered" questions with status-tags

It looks like Community♦ pokes unanswered questions (no upvoted or accepted answers) indiscriminately. While getting them some more attention might be worthwhile often, that's certainly not the case ...
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Add a code for tables to markdown

Sometimes, I would like to show a table in a post—for example, when I have a question about SQL. Here is an idea: create the ability to make tables, so we can specify name and fields. For example: ...
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