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Indicates that the feature request will not be implemented, or that a bug will not be fixed at present time.

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Edit question from Triage review

When reviewing in the Triage queue, I often see malformatted questions. Most of the time it's easy to improve by simply putting the code in the correct environment. However, editing the question is ...
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Why don't we get rid of reputation points? [duplicate]

This site sells itself as being strictly about questions and answers. I'm willing to grant that it makes sense to vote answers up or down depending on how good they are. I think voting questions up ...
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1 answer

Burninate [jdownloader]?

The tag jdownloader is very similar to one recently burninated - very few questions, the Info page reads out like an advertisement, etc. An user advised to burninate it in the comments of the linked ...
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We need [less] no more

Right now the less is (mis)used for three different things: The all popular CSS preprocessor LESS. The opposite of more and command line tool less A gem called less-rails. This should not be ...
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Should [digital-logic] and [boolean-logic] tags be synonyms?

I recently started following the digital-logic tag when I noticed that questions seem have a lot of cross over with boolean-logic. Formally, I don't think I would not argue that they are synonymous. I ...
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3 answers

Why do emph-, code-, bold-, etc-marks count toward comment-length?

Why do the code marks (``), the cursive marks (_) and so on count toward the length of to comment on stackoverflow? It made me have to delete them all in order to fit the max-length of a comment. It'...
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3 answers

What about a "visible only to responder/poster" option in stackoverflow?

My suggestion is, since a discussion between the question poster and the responder about the details(happens a lot when the responder doesn't fully understand what the poster wants) such as Who ...
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What's the [force-download] tag for?

I'm not entirely sure what the force-download tag is actually useful for. I guess that it is for "forcing" something to download, but this is used for all kinds of things, and kind of useless. Should ...
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-22 votes
2 answers

Burninate [class]

I think class is too broad to be useful. The metric I always use is: How can one be an expert in [tag]? You can't be. You can be an expert in Object Oriented programming, maybe... I just don't see ...
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Append "[Answered]" to question's TITLE tag--for search engines

Proposal: When an answer is accepted by the OP, the question's webpage will get "[Answered]" appended to its title tag. Why: Many who come to Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange-family sites, get here ...
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New activity page broken?

Yesterday the page looked OK but today this is what I get: As you can see the Impact pane no longer fits along the 1st two panes and in the Reputation pane things are in a mess, too.. I should say ...
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Burninate [element]

element: In metadata, the term data element is an atomic unit of data that has precise meaning or precise semantics. … that's not very specific. For, DOM elements dom works. For elements in a ...
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Do we need the [quake] and [quake2] tags?

The quake and quake2 tags refer to the game(-engine)s created by id Software. Should these tags exist on Stack Overflow? Arguments for Games such as Nexiuz or Xonotic use modified versions of the ...
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1 answer

New tag request: [noobie]

I'm a noobie and I have a request for a noobie tag. a noobie can't create a tag and who can don't need it. when I try to to make that tag it says i have not enoug reputation
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0 answers

Remove a post from the "Related questions" if it is already linked and can be seen in the "Linked questions"

I've visited this post and saw this in the sidebar in the right: The same question appears in the "Linked questions" and "Related questions". This shouldn't happen because I don't see any reason why ...
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-35 votes
2 answers

I want to downvote twice

There are some questions or answers that are so stupid, thoughtless, or inane, that I want to downvote them twice, even if the second downvote costs 10 points. Has such a thing ever been proposed?
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82 votes
1 answer

Rephrase Triage help text for "Should be improved" and "Unsalvageable "

This specific proposal has been declined. There is a related (but separate) request The current help text for the "Should be improved" help text in triage suggests using this option for ...
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1 answer

Can a moderator flag be considered from the time when it was asked?

Almost a statement on something I read here not long ago on discussion of the Triage queue and the new "help and improvement" queue. But I only recently just submitted a "flag" for "not an answer" on ...
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Merge/Synonym request: [caliburn] and [caliburn.micro]

They both refer to the same framework, since the official name for the framework is Caliburn.Micro I propose to file/retag/synonymize(sp?) it all under the caliburn.micro tag. The wiki for caliburn ...
1 vote
2 answers

Burninate the [naming-conventions] tag

Short and sweet: Burninate the naming-conventions tag Maybe it's just a honey-pot for off-topic questions, but I can't see any reason for this tag to stick around, nor can I see any reason how ...
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1 answer

Retag [precompiler] and burninate

The questions on precompiler appear to be intended to be tagged preprocessor instead. The precompiler tag has no tag wiki/summary and is only tagged on 39 questions. I say retag them to preprocessor ...
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26 votes
2 answers

How to see my visited question pages (URL) history?

Is there a way I can see my visited SOF questions (URL) history? I visited some useful questions (and answers of course) last week, I had cleared the browser cache and history. Now, I'm not able to ...
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1 answer

Adding Embedded Code Block Tag, for ASP.NET Web Forms

I don't have the minimal reputation to add a tag, so I would like to request embedded-code-block be added as a tag (after discussion and review). Other current considerations include: embedded-code ...
4 votes
1 answer

No top bar or menu on the mobile site

The mobile site of Careers does not have a black top bar or a menu. You need to go to the full site to access your messages, your profile, etc. When opening the messages page and switching back to ...
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5 votes
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Please burninate [printing]

printing is too broad. Its 11.4k questions span HTML/CSS, PHP, C#, C++, and more. Even its wiki says: Printing is a process for reproducing text and image, typically with ink on paper using a ...
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C# Syntax Highlighting broken? [closed]

In my post here, the C# highlighting is incorrect: Randomly, the DXGI namespace isn't highlighted (maybe because all uppercase) bool and get are not recognized as keywords. set is recognized as a ...
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-8 votes
2 answers

Allow (some) Markdown in question titles

Markdown in question titles should be rendered, not ignored. E.g., Items disapear when `sort!`'ing a list in Guile should render as "Items disapear when sort!'ing a list in Guile" ([1])
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-21 votes
1 answer

How do I stop answering questions [closed]

I recently signed up to SO so I could answer questions and participate. It now appears that I am hooked, I had plans for working on personal projects today and as it turns out I have spent the whole ...
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List of similar questions appears blank when voting to close as duplicate

I haven't been able to figure out why, but something is causing the list of similar questions to appear blank, when voting to close a question as a duplicate. Example Why is (...) useful in R? The ...
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1 answer

Why do we have the [math] tag?

Why do we have the math tag when Stack Overflow is about programming? Questions with the math tag almost always get closed for being off-topic. Why do we still have the math tag? What purpose does ...
-66 votes
2 answers

Upvotes and downvotes on questions should be disabled completely [duplicate]

There are many discussions regarding the intricacies of the upvoting and downvoting process. To put an end to such discussions and concentrate more on the actual questions I propose to disable up- ...
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1 answer

Render difference between preview and resulting post

If I edit or create a post I get a preview (take for instance this post). But that preview is differently rendered from the post when actually posted. First comes the edit preview and then the real ...
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Floating Div Bug found while in edit mode [duplicate]

I found a bug while editing a post. There is a floating div to the right of the page. During "edit" mode this floating div becomes "fixed" after you scroll down so much on the page. The problem is ...
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Synonymize [c++15] and [c++14]

The c++15 tag appears only in this question. From the answer to that question, it's clear that the tag isn't needed for other questions. I don't know whether it should just be deleted from the ...
3 votes
1 answer

When you are writing a comment, returns are taken into account but don't count towards length

If you are writing a comment a return is taken into account for the length necessary to make a comment, but if you try to make a comment of 15 returns, it complains about length. Basically, its just ...
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1 answer

Can [] be merged into []?

Seems to me these tags are serving the same purpose and many people are just double tagging questions with it.
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9 votes
3 answers

I don't like sounding like a tattle-tale

The new message for custom close reasons reads thus: I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because (insert reason here) I never much cared for comments that were, in effect, glorified ...
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-8 votes
1 answer

Is [actionbarsherlock] still needed?

Since everything you need to make an app support older versions is now included inside the support libraries, do we still need actionbarsherlock (and actionbarsherlock-map)??
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1 answer

Change 'Unsalvageable' to 'Recommend Closure' in Review Triage

In the Triage review queue we can filter questions into three categories: Looks OK: For questions that are well laid-out, and can be answered as-is. Should be improved: For questions that have small ...
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3 votes
1 answer

no image users' user cards appear in wrong position

When hovering over a user that doesn't have a display pic, like Alex Walker and Matthew Haugen it puts the user's display card in the top left corner of your browser. This happens on /review page as ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Do we need community promotion ads?

Other sites have this feature and it seems quite popular. Some examples: physics, math, unix, security. I think, it would be a wonderful way to promote other SE sites, to further extend the SE ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Can we have an ADHD Stack Overflow version? [closed]

First off, hide the hot network questions. I should be learning how to fix a JavaScript error, not why Darth Vader didn't talk with R2-D2 for a long time. It turns out he actually didn't have the ...
38 votes
1 answer

Cancel Comment button?

If I remember correctly, there used to be a button for cancelling the comment. It seems like it's gone after the new site update. It might just be something that I imagined (but I do have a feeling ...
2 votes
1 answer

Please add [ie-mobile] and [pocket-ie] as synonyms of [internet-explorer]

I recently suggested two synonyms for internet-explorer: ie-mobile and pocket-ie. The latter two tags are wiki-less, little used (50 tagged questions, combined), and somewhat defunct. However, it ...
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1 answer

Scaling in Opera 12 Windows [duplicate]

The pictures are not scaled correct after change zoom in Opera 12.17.
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2 answers

Should one be able to contact a down voter (without knowing the down voter's identity of course)?

I've come across an incident, more than once, where I posted a rather bad question and got down-voted for it, and I would say deservedly as well. However, I then took it upon myself to thoroughly edit ...
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154 votes
4 answers

New page layout too wide for 1024px

The facelifted page is 1030px wide (1000 px plus 2x 15px horizontal padding). The old page was 980px wide (no padding). This means: For a negligible net width increase of 20px it needlessly forces a ...
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-11 votes
2 answers

Please revert back to previous design until all the obvious bugs in the current design has been fixed

Please revert back to the previous design until all obvious bugs in the current design has been fixed. Some examples:
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-42 votes
1 answer

Add search-exempt "do-my-work-for-me" tag with immediate bounty

It's very simple. Sometimes as developers we want to get some trivial task done, but it requires learning a bunch of stuff to accomplish the task someone else could probably do in about 10 seconds. If ...
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1 answer

Off-topic pull requests to another site

I just came across this question that really seems off topic. But none of the migration sites were even close, like dba or tex. I'm now aware of why that is and the options. Only off-topic but ...
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