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Non-preferred technologies are not visible from a recruiter point of view

I recently got multiple offerings for technologies which included the tech I marked as Tech I don't want to work with. At first I thought the recruiter didn't read my profile and vented a bit (shame ...
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Synonym wrecks badge progress

My profile page on Stack Overflow suggests I am close to being awarded a bronze badge in the tag make. However, there is no way I can achieve this goal, because the tag is (now) a synonym for ...
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Salary formatted incorrectly

The format of salary appears to be hardcoded. It's nice that you decided to display salaries in my local currency (and list jobs based on my current location), but the format should also be local (...
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Unable to reverse downvote after answer undeleted

I noticed something rather strange just now, specifically with this answer. Originally, the answerer (which doesn't show in the edit history, as it happened rather quickly after posting) had misread ...
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"Introduce Yourself" is not cookied - is it db driven - if so please remove?

When applying for a job via Stack Overflow jobs, I click the apply button. The section Introduce Yourself always has some default text to it as shown: I have tried clearing cookies and history ...
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"Excavator" badge's progress seems broken

Today I noticed that despite having several points in the Archaeologist badge (on Stack Overflow), I do not have the Excavator badge. To say more, Excavator was not even shown in the "Available" tab ...
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19 votes
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Stack Overflow says bounty ended, but it didn't yet

I got a notification that my bounty ended: And also an email: However, the bounty is still active: Why is Stack Overflow trying to mislead me to award the bounty before it ends?
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Why isn't the moderator diamond displayed in community wiki posts?

I found a recent (deleted) answer by Ry- ♦ (<10k screenshot below). The moderator diamond is not shown on the answer. Why is this? Is this a bug?
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15 votes
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Allow logged-out users to hide the left navigation bar

The instructions in the proposed FAQ How do I hide the left navigation sidebar? only work if the user is logged into an account. I propose that we allow another method to give users who don't have ...
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Reputation notifications not showing after my answer was deleted

Recently, a question that I had answered was closed and deleted (along with my answer) for being a duplicate, and I lost all the reputation (105 points) I'd gained from my answer. That's no problem, ...
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Developer Story: total duration for jobs that have just years seem incorrect

Steps to reproduce: add a new Position fill required fields for Dates pick (no month) 2015 to (no month) 2016 Expected: Position 2015 → 2016 (1 years) Actual: Position 2015 → 2016 (2 years) I ...
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12 votes
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When sharing a link to a question or answer, you can delete the highlighted text

After opening the Share popup, you can delete or otherwise edit the input field - should it be readonly?
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Latest User Messages section does not display "Something else..."-type mod messages

There's a bug in the "Latest User Messages" section of the mod users page /admin/users: Custom "Something else... (with edits)"-type messages does not show up in this list. A screenshot is not ...
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The link 'View job listings that include salary' always point to 10000USD

While playing numbers on salary calculator page, the button (View job) at the bottom redirects to the page which always applies 10000USD, no matter what salary has been calculated. I believe this is ...
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Can't dupe hammer question because I added a tag, but I could have done it _before_ the edit

Convert raw string (having escape characters) to unicode/utf8 string Convert "\x" escaped string into readable string in python When voting to close 1) as duplicate of 2), the system didn't ...
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Badges for other sites in profile show icon of current site

When looking at the Account section of my profile, it shows Stack Exchange sites I have accounts on, along with my rep for each and badges I have earned on each. The badge icons, though, are the same ...
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Post notice shows who voted to close a question... unless it was my question?

Because I have the cast close and reopen votes privilege, I can see who voted to close any question on the post notice. Well, I just had this question of mine closed (I even was one of the close-...
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Why does Developer Story not use the email address under Email Settings?

I changed my email recently under Email Settings. However, the PDF export of the Developer Story uses my old address. Is there a reason for this? Is there a different place where I need to change my ...
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7 votes
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Can't update profile because of a non-existent display name change

I am trying to change my display name from my profile. When I fill the About Me section and after clicking save changes it shows an error: This happens even if I don't change my display name. Why ...
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Why can't I see the review queue in the post timeline after an edit?

I have edited and voted to reopen the following question: How do browsers calculate width when child depends on parent, and parent's depends on child's but after more than 10 days I see ...
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Incorrect badge icon in notifications

I just got a badge on Meta SO, but got the notification while I was browsing Sci-Fi and Fantasy. The notification looked like this when viewing from that site: Last time I checked, meta SO badges ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Distance checkbox controls lose value after search companies link is clicked

Steps to reproduce... Click search companies Hover over location and click the allows remote / offers relocation / offers visa sponsorship checkboxes (or click all three of them) Pick any job Click ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Cookie settings dark on white theme and white on dark theme?

Is the following the correct behaviour or an error? Stack Overflow is dark themed, but the cookie settings is white on Meta StackOverflow it is white theme and dark cookie settings
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Aligning the new navbar

I might be slightly neurotic when it comes to pretty alignment in web design, posters, cutlery, town hall tiles, YOU NAME IT, but I thought that the new Stack Overflow navbar could use some small ...
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A Welcome Notification Bar gets displayed every time when opening chat

A Welcome Notification Bar gets displayed on the top every time I open chat, though I have opened it many times and I have 20 reputation also. It's quite annoying to see it again and again on the top. ...
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Home tab missing question count and expand/collapse controls in new nav

The home tab does not display the question count and the expand/collapse controls. This makes it very inconvenient to toggle between expanded and collapsed question previews. I have to switch to a ...
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Does SO Careers not know my location?

According to the Answer to this previous Question, Careers ads in the sidebar are personalized only as to location. However the sidebar ads I see are now for positions near Everett WA, pretty much ...
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I don't post code, but the editor requires me to format as code

Question in question: The Facebook app I create doesn't present in my profile setting. How to find User ID for Facebook App ID? While I'm not sure which part the checker thinks it as code, I ...
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Hard to keep track which notification was clicked on from dropdown select menu

This issue seems to have started with the introduction to the new "follow" option. Before if we got pinged (@username), we'd see the notification appear in the dropdown select on the top left, and if ...
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Ordering of events in the Developer Story

I have been working at a company since June 2015, and have a career milestone at this company which was the delivery of a new version of their platform in November of last year. In the Developer ...
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"Story View" field "Company or organization" does not render HTML link

I would like to report a possible bug in page SO "Story View". Steps to reproduce it: Open User Profile. Click tab "Story View". Add a Position. In field "Company or organization" enter a name which ...
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Required tag colors have changed

Notice the comparison between the first screenshot (from a question loaded a few days back) and the second screenshot (from a question loaded today). vs. I don't believe this was intentional ...
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Undeleted answer on deleted question shows as deleted

There seems to be a minor bug exhibiting itself when viewing a deleted question with an undeleted answer - the undeleted answer also shows as deleted. Question
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Problems with some links

I have a problem with some links There is an example: Thee third link does not matter if I just have it in the text or it done via the hyperlink button ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Flag-Options missing in Triage Queue

While reviewing Triage I had this case (now on hold) which is clearly Too Broad and therefore Unsalvagable. However, as you can see below, the flag-options were just missing from the menu. I ended up ...
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Stack Overflow API ignores Accept-Encoding header

I'd like to get plain simple JSON and tried to tell the server not to send gzip, like this: wget -d "" wget -d --header="Accept-Encoding:...
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When new answer is loaded on the page, accepted mark is not refreshed

Steps to reproduce: Ask a question Get and accept an answer Get one more answer and accept it in some other browser tab Return to the first tab and click panel for loading a new answer Both answers ...
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questions/tagged strips second tag in 2 tag query for logged OUT user will work just fine for me logged in. But if I log out, it will strip the ux tag on the page it serves.
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Where are my applications. Clarify using help pages

We have great documentation for how to use SO/SE sites but not a lot of docs on using the jobs portion. First request is we need some documentation on how this all works. Especially things like ...
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Reputation gained since last visit to reputation tab is wrong

Per this screenshot I have 15,003 reputation, and have gained 4k since some point in time. Hovering over it says this has been since 'your last visit to the reputation tab'. That's wrong, because I ...
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1 answer

Huge “apply now” banner at the top of job page is very annoying

Is anyone else finds this “apply now” banner at the top of job page very annoying? Not only it takes 10% vertical space on my MacBook Pro 13", but it appears with slow animation taking my attention ...
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2 votes
0 answers

SO mobile site showing scrollbars

Running: Android 10 OnePlus 5 Brave Browser I'm seeing these scrollbars when opening the site. The first one seems like more of an issue in Portrait mode: In landscape, the side bar just auto opens ...
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Spam mask does not appear when viewing answers from within review queue

I was in Close votes review queue and came across this review task. When clicking the answer tab I see: However, when I go to the actual answer I see the spam mask that I would have to click through ...
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Tags with hyphens don't autocomplete

I was creating this question and wanted the tag for OData-v4, however, the only tag listed as suggested tags was OData. Tags that have a hyphen seem to have problems appearing in the autocomplete ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Tag score tracker not displaying proper value

I noticed something that seems like it might be an issue with tag badges, where the tag points calculation does not seem to be working. It looks like it is mirroring the answer count, where it seems ...
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Automatically redirecting for multi tag link

I used to use this link: C++ or C++11 or OpenCV to find the newest questions in tags I am interested in. It is now (occasionally) redirects me directly to this: C++. Why does this happen? Edit: ...
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Bad syntax highlighting for single quotes in Lisp

The syntax highlighter doesn't work properly when single quote is used in Lisp family languages. It treats it like a surrounding quote, highlighting all the code until the next single quote as a ...
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Linked / Related question titles in the sidebar are misaligned

Since recently the vote counts boxes next to question titles in the sidebar have become wider and have a new background color. Since then, the titles of these questions are not well-aligned with the ...
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HTML tags in the body are not showing up

In this question on SO the author was asking a question with the following text: between > and </ of any tag. Those "greater then" and "less then" symbols are showing up only if you backtick ...
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Stack snippet Auto indentation not work anymore

I just noticed that the Auto indentation (Shift + tab) does not indent the code anymore in the stack snippet but instead reduce the indent level by one, example to make a fast test : <ul> &...
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