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For questions about the Stacks Editor, currently used for Teams and the new Ask Question wizard, and proposed to be used for editing posts across Stack Exchange, which has both Markdown and Rich Text capabilities.

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Punctuation characters being escaped in code

For the past couple of days, it seems that when users paste code into their questions, but don't put it into a proper code block, many punctuation characters are being automatically escaped with ...
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Is the new editor's inline code tool supposed to break up code blocks?

Earlier today, I encountered a question with several lines of code that had been entered as individual, inline code blocks instead of a single, fenced code block. I assumed the OP was unfamiliar with ...
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Disabling new editor in our Teams site

How can I get rid of this new editor? Is that a paid feature? An editor that can't handle basic rearrangement of text is just in the way, and there are so many ways it can go wrong. Markdown + preview ...
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Disable the Stacks editor in the new Ask Wizard

Please, I kindly ask you to disable the flawed Stacks editor for new users. Most new users don't know how to manually solve the issues caused by this editor which leads to garbage posts and broken ...
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