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For questions and issues concerning the former Jobs tab on the main Stack Overflow site.

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Search for specific job listings with a given technology returns fewer results than search for companies using that tech?

I've been searching recently for PHP jobs So, I went to /jobs, and searched for php, all I got is like.. around... 10 jobs with the remote flag set, or around 30 if the remote flag is unset However, ...
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Does our Answers and Badges earned take counts for hiring

How does most of the companies look at the candidates' profile for shortlisting. It may be anything like on LinkedIn, Online Job portals and soon... Does Stack Overflow really bridge the career gap ...
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Create the "Blockchain" tag for the "Industries" select option

The blockchain industry has attracted more and more attention from the modern community. However, we can't find similar keywords from the Industries select option which is in the Match preferences of ...
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How to enable dark mode on Stack Overflow Jobs section? [duplicate]

I have enabled Dark Mode which looks pretty nice (I still need to get accustomed to it), but when going to the jobs section the dark mode is not enabled there. It really hurts my soul going from ...
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Time to replace The Joel Test?

Job posting in StackOverflow (although I have not seen it in recently postings) have the Joel Test grade attached to them. It is 12-software development practices a company should be using. The number ...
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Calculate Your Salary - Feeling Alone

It is a very good feature and I really appreciate the Stack Overflow team, this is how I felt the moment I saw the "Calculate Your Salary" feature. Unfortunately it was not for me because I live in ...
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Stackoverflow Careers: How many applications Company receives and how many employees actually get hired on average [closed]

My question is : If I apply to XYZ company, how many other candidates apply for same job ? And how many vacancies are there for that job. My confusion is : If there only one position for employee(...
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Why is this ad showing euros?

The following add is showing the salary range in euros, is this a bug? Note that I have my location set to the UK and I am in the UK so I would not expect to see this. Also the location for the job ...
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Opt-out of "Application was sent" emails from Jobs

Right now it's impossible to opt-out from email "Success! Your application was sent" (this email from "Developers Jobs" section on SO when applying vacancy). Is it possible to have such opportunity ...
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A Resume Review and Ranking System

Many employers are looking for a compatible match in their applicants. Some companies (mostly startups), don't have anyone to tell them what criteria to use when looking for hires and ends up making ...
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Are employers permitted to ask if a candidate smokes? [closed]

I just encountered an employer on Stack Overflow that explicitly asks if a candidate smokes via their website. Although I am not a smoker, I find this to be a gross violation of a candidate's privacy. ...
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Is this job posting within SO policy?

Advertised on a Q&A. The company name itself seems kind of a gray area. (For context, according to Wikipedia, this company is adult website providing live webcam performances by individual ...
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Make suggestions in tech selector more neutral [closed]

I am wondering if we can change the suggestions in the input boxes to not point at specific programming languages somehow. Right now, it reads like a value judgement to me. I read this as HTML and C# ...
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What does 'Equal Opportunity Employer' mean? [closed]

I saw some job postings in Stack Overflow Jobs on which the company claims to be an 'Equal Opportunity Employer', but they ask for US or Europe citizenship for the position. Thus, not all candidates ...
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Why are we not allowed to edit Job ads?

I will occasionally run into questions or answers in Stack Overflow where Java is written as if it was an acronym, all with uppercase letters. Obviously this is not the case, and I simply edit such ...
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Jobs in Stack Overflow

I am a professional programmer. But, I am new to Stack Overflow. That's why I don't have much more reputation. But, currently I am in need of a job. Even, my education qualifications isn't good (i.e. ...
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Does SO upvote answers when you apply to jobs?

I have a feeling my answers get upvoted when I apply to jobs presented to me by Stack Overflow. I imagine SO is incentivized to up-vote my answers so my profile looks more appealing to potential ...
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Add skills tests to Stack Overflow Careers

Stack Overflow Careers would be much better with a skills test section. This would demonstrate a person's programming ability. I know quite a few successful companies that do this. Most notably are ...
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Why are non-English company pages allowed? [duplicate]

I was just looking into the jobs section, and I stuck with this page. It is non-English. Non-English posts are off-topic on Stack Overflow. Then why is Stack Overflow allowing creation of ...
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Encourage companies to promote their diversity policy and reduce terms that imply discrimination

Can SE Careers provide features to help employers attract from the widest pool possible and do more to prevent inadvertent discrimination? Highlight to advertisers that they are using implied terms ...
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Don't send developer jobs emails at night

I occasionally receive emails from Stack Overflow with jobs that I may like. These are great ways to hear about more opportunities, and they are useful. But now and then the email arrives during ...
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The Future of our Jobs Ad slots

Over the course of the next few weeks, you may see some changes to the content in the right-sidebar on Stack Overflow, and I am here to let you know what to expect. For background, as you probably ...
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Sunsetting Jobs & Developer Story

TL;DR – On March 31, 2022, we will discontinue Stack Overflow Jobs and Developer Story. This includes all job listings, saved searches, applications, messages, recommended job matches, job ads, ...
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