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For questions and issues concerning the former Jobs tab on the main Stack Overflow site.

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Reactions to this job

Is there any good reason for having these "Reactions to this job" feature? Does the company that posted the job see who reacted and how to their job posting?
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Prevent receiving job messages in languages you cannot understand [duplicate]

I've received a job message from a company in a language I cannot understand. I live in Luxembourg, which puts me on the border of Belgium, France and Germany. I however cannot speak German (Nor do I ...
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Can I hide Developer Story entries in the CV View?

I am happy to show many of my personal projects in my Developer Story, but when I export the CV, I would really prefer that only the "professional" ones are listed. How can I hide or reorder events ...
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Search for Tags in SO jobs that I said I prefer not to work with in my Developer story

I couldn't find the question about it, if it's duplicate please let me know. I added C# tag to my Developer story as a tech I prefer not to work with before. Today I wanted to search in jobs for a ...
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Dismissing a company is not working properly

I mistakenly clicked the dismiss icon on a jobs ad and noticed that it didn't work as intended, the dismiss icon disappeared and the title became: Oops! Something went wrong. Don't worry, our best ...
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Are the last three job reaction icons needed? [duplicate]

I just came noticed the new 'Reactions to this job' feature and I'm questioning some of the reaction choices available. I can understand the first three, but I'm not sure how the unicorn and the ...
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"Job recommendations" makes position jump

On my profile I'm shown "job recommendations" as my job search status is shown as active. Nothing wrong with that as such, but it won't load until 2 seconds after the page, making everything below it ...
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Is there a dedicated home page for SO Jobs?

Based on the ad for a job on the SO homepage, I was browsing through some of the job offerings available. At one point, I had browsed too deep and wanted to start fresh. So out of habit, I click on ...
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Add reasoning on what the job reactions mean

What do the following job reactions mean? The first three are obvious. What does it mean if I give a job a unicorn? What about crying hysterically. And doesn't :( mean thumbs down? This is very ...
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What's the intended flow for people to answer to a job offer message? [closed]

I didn't really know how to phrase this in one title, so here is my problem: I am quite confuse on what to do when I get a message from someone who offers a job. On the SO website, in my messages I ...
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Cannot choose correct company in Developer Story

There’s “tarent solutions GmbH” in Jobs, but in my Developer Story, I can only select “tarent AG”. For some reason, these two datasets are divergent. (That being said, they’re going to merge within ...
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Are recruiters able to directly download my CV from jobs?

I just got spammed by a recruiter (LinkedIn request, phone call, and WhatsApp message). I missed the call but listened to the voicemail - "I got your CV from Stack Overflow". I feel like I did upload ...
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Stack Overflow silently signed me out as I applied for a job

I spent considerable time working on a job application on Stack Overflow jobs. I appeared to be signed in the whole time as I could see my icon and was doing other Stack Overflow things. I uploaded ...
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Job messages gone after merge

I accidentally made a new account recently when I applied for a job. I merged the accounts now, but the Messages from the new account dissapeared. Is there a way to restore them?
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Error in Job preferences: "Sorry, something went wrong"

When I press Save in my profile section Job preferences, it appears the error message Sorry, something went wrong near the top of the page.
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Where did SO get my old phone number from?

I've never looked into the Jobs or the Developer Story aspect of the site properly, so, today, I was taking a look around and I found that SO had an old number of mine stored. The issue here is that I ...
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What does it mean when a salary range starts with C?

C$65k - 75k ^ Is this a bug or it represents something?
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What does the "Allow employers to see your resume in searches" option in Job application form do?

I'm not sure what value does the option "Allow employers to see your resume in searches" brings to the user. Can someone please explain the purpose?
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Why are some job ads colored differently?

As you can see from the screenshot above, some jobs in the jobs listing have a yellow (Corn Silk) colored background while others do not. I tried to find any logic into why some jobs are colored ...
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Careers stackoverflow emails [duplicate]

Email from careers is misleading. Here is the snapshot. Problem here is contrast in the email description and from email address. From email says and the email body ...
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All jobs show “Oops! Something Bad Happened!”

Currently, clicking on any job shows the error “Oops! Something Bad Happened!. For example, click on any job on this list. Removing the a parameter from the beginning (e.g. a=Q8RdrxsU1i0) makes the ...
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What can be done about job posters seeking to get free development work?

Over the past couple of years, I've seen the same job posted numerous times with the same description. The position is described as remote with competitive salary and benefits along with the perks of ...
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Should employers be able to post "future opportunity" jobs when they have no open positions?

I ran across a job is listed on StackOverflow Jobs. At first glance it has skills requirements, benefits information etc and appears to be an actual job listing. I applied to this job and received the ...
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Offer popover information for tags in jobs section

Explanation: Currently there is no pop over information when hovering over tags in the jobs section. Sometimes there are interesting technologies that I haven't heard about and some kind of ...
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Is it possible to enable CORS on the RSS feed?

I'd like users to be able to search Stack Overflow Jobs from my site using the RSS feed as an API so I can put the jobs in a different format, but CORS does not appear to be enabled. I could use my ...
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Can I receive job alert email weekly, instead of daily?

I have configured a couple of saved searches, and enabled the job alerts email. At the moment I'm receiving a daily email, which seems too much for me. Is there a way to reduce the frequency of the ...
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Clicking "Send message" button when replying to job messages opens file browser

When responding to a message in my inbox and click "send message", it opens the attach file dialog. My workaround was to set the style of the attach file button to display:none. I'm using Firefox 65....
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Is there a way to suggest an edit on a job request page?

I recently came across a job page, and it has a mildly amusing typo. I'm wondering if there is a way to suggest an edit to fix the typo to the company offering the job. Here is the link: https://...
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How to contact a Jobs employer to ask a question?

I have some questions concerning a Job posting, but I can't seem to find a way to contact the employer (or recruiter?) to have those answered. The only option I see is [Apply Now], I don't want to ...
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Stack Overflow Jobs Update - February 2019

Here’s a roundup of what’s happened on Jobs lately, plus some insights into what’s coming up. Improvements to Company Pages After shipping a large design update to company pages last August, Kirti ...
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"Where you'd like to work" on Job Preferences page is very restrictive

"Where you'd like to work" on the Job Preferences page is very restrictive; I can only fill in specific cities, but not countries or "anywhere". I think many people willing to relocate aren't ...
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I keep receiving emails about a job message I archived

I recently received an invitation to apply for a job through SO and followed the instructions to apply outside SO. I archived the message, but I keep receiving emails about it, including the below ...
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Company size bug in job listing

Currently all job postings, under the "About this job" section, show company sizes that range from a number to 0. Examples: Company size: 11-0 people Company size: 501-0 people Company size: 1k-0 ...
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Please don't auto-subscribe me to job alerts

I got an email today: I haven't had one of those emails since I last unsubscribed from them a Long Time Ago. Today, apparently I'm subscribed to them again, despite not having done anything to that ...
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Can I control the place in the jobs ads in the sidebar? [duplicate]

I have set my job preferences through my profile->Edit Profile & Settings-> Job Preferences to not include my current location, but only a specific single location. It has effect when I visit ...
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Issue while applying filter combination in SO Jobs

So I was checking out the SO Jobs and in tech filter I picked C# tag and in location I picked Australia, and what I got is an Alert Box and 500 in chrome's debug console. However the same ...
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Opt out from job search notifications for results not provided by SO Jobs directly?

I had a saved job search on Jobs, which almost never brought any results up because sadly Stack Overflow Jobs has not made any impact so far in the country I live. I left the search up because I ...
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Setting current location for job matching without showing in public profile

I really don't like showing my current location publicly. On the other hand, if I want job matching, I need to fill out the current location info in the Developer Story tab, but once I fill it in, it ...
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Why mix infoJobs with SO jobs

Today, I received a message telling me that Stack Overflow is partnering with InfoJobs to bring more opportunities. Here is the blog article: Stack Overflow & InfoJobs: Bringing Opportunities to ...
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Feedback: Expired job postings

When a job listing has expired, it would be far better to be informed of that when I click the Apply button than when I click Submit after filling in the form and writing a cover letter.
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4 answers

Does a SO user with low score stand any chance of landing a job through SO Jobs?

I am a SO user with a 1038 score. I am an experienced fullstack developer. Over the years, I have applied for several jobs through SO but I have NEVER received any response from any of the employers. ...
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What is code screening?

I saw the term "code screening" in a job ad on the site — what does it mean?
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Where to find jobs favourites on the Stack Overflow mobile site?

I am looking at job opportunities published on Stack Overflow Jobs and saving them to favourites. Where do I find the favourites list of saved jobs on the mobile version of Stack Overflow? I see the ...
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Include job listing details with application confirmation email

Please include a copy of job posting within the e-mail "Success! Your application was sent". I've applied 2 weeks ago. The company deleted their job description and now I can't see it from my outgoing ...
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Would it be possible to dismiss job ads from SO?

I fully understand paid ads are a great income source for SO however seeing the same ads over and over again makes me less likely to pay attention to other ads displaying on the site. I'd like to ...
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Clickbait titles in job advertisements

Advertisements on Stack Overflow are usually the only place I know of where they are non-intrusive and still more or less relevant. I encountered this job ad for a few days where a particular company ...
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My company has ads on SO - do they find me if I am open for job offers?

My company recently started to post job offers (multiple) on SO to which I am naturally a fit. HR told me they even try to get more "active" and invite people to job breakfeasts based on suggestions ...
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2 answers

User experience on getting to job applications/messages needs work and there are a few bugs in design of the jobs applications page

Question: Can the user experience on finding the job applications/messages be made more clear? Also, would it be possible to fix some of the design bugs: Footer doesn't take full width on the jobs ...
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2 answers

Am I able to see the total number of applicants for a Stack Overflow job?

Similar to LinkedIn, is it possible to know how many applicants have applied for a job on the Stack Overflow jobs site?
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Remote jobs and timezone search

I noticed a welcome development on the job site as companies can list the timezone for remote jobs. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to add this as a search filter preference so you only see ...

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