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For questions and issues concerning the former Jobs tab on the main Stack Overflow site.

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Support Internships on Stack Overflow Jobs

I really like what SO is doing so far with Careers, but there is almost nothing for students. I know a lot of of students are looking for internships or just student jobs. Since most students are ...
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Use Stack Overflow profile email address for Stack Overflow Careers generated resume instead of OpenID [closed]

On Stack Overflow Careers, the create pdf and create markdown buttons can be used to generate a resume from your Careers profile. However, except for the option of turning it on or off, there appears ...
41 votes
2 answers

Text overflow on Careers if the company name is an URL

If the company name is an URL (or is a very long word), you can see some overflow on the right box: Nothing dramatic, but hey, it's a CSS bug anyway :p
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"Jobs near you" uses wrong location [duplicate]

The "Jobs near you" section in the right-hand column seems to use the location that is provided by my Internet provider and not the location that I have set manually in my profile. Although I guess ...
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Why aren't the "Looking for a job" ads customizable?

The "Looking for a job" panel can be removed, but it can't be customized and many users have reported that the job ads include even tags they've explicitly marked as "disliked" on Careers. I also get ...
257 votes
9 answers

Ethical Jobs in Careers

I've noticed an advertisement in Stack Overflow Careers for a company that makes installers that steal the user's browser home page and installs unwanted toolbars and adware without informing the user....
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6 answers

How can I see the jobs I applied to in Stack Overflow Careers?

I got a call for an interview for a position and I wanted to review the job requirements etc. How do I see the history of companies I applied to?
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3 answers

"Serial upvoting reversed" makes reputation suspect for employers

Recently, I mentioned my Stack Overflow reputation points to a potential employer, although I didn't send them the link to my profile yet. Apparently, two days ago, someone (I have no idea who or ...
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No top bar or menu on the mobile site

The mobile site of Careers does not have a black top bar or a menu. You need to go to the full site to access your messages, your profile, etc. When opening the messages page and switching back to ...
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Could redirect to

I just tried to go to and got a 404. Maybe it could redirect to
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Careers block position

On questions page Looking for a job? block appears above Favorite Tags: And it causes inconvenience for me, because it takes some time for careers block to appear. And before jobs block appears, I ...
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Do all Careers employers need to offer work from home opportunities?

I saw the advertisement below and I'm wondering whether all companies who join Careers must offer work from home opportunities. That might be a good reason to join Careers. It's rather unusual in ...
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7 answers

Where is the option to remove "looking for a job?"

It is bold blue or bold yellowish and it wasn't there not so long ago, at least for me. So is it possible to have a setting somewhere to explicitly say: Don't show "looking for a job?". I'm not ...
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How does Stack Overflow Careers evaluate GitHub profiles?

When one registers for Stack Overflow Careers, one of the options it gives is to apply through one's GitHub profile. It will then inform the user whether the GitHub profile fits the bill for accepting ...
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Does SO Careers not know my location?

According to the Answer to this previous Question, Careers ads in the sidebar are personalized only as to location. However the sidebar ads I see are now for positions near Everett WA, pretty much ...
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2 answers

Is there a way to report a job banner if I'm sure it's a fraud?

Please note that the question is not "how do I know for sure that it's a fraud". I only want to know where to report it. If you're too curious of the details, I'm easily contactable. If you're too ...
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1 answer

Careers Link Bug

When I click on a link to a specific posting on the "Jobs near you" box, such as:
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Non-breaking space entities showing up in company names on the jobs sidebar

In the Stack Overflow careers sidebar, I noticed some &nbsp non-breaking space HTML entities in the company name.
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Logging in Without MyOpenID

I have a notification on stackoverflow that someone contacted me about work, with the title careers message. When I click on this notification, I am taken to a page on, and ...
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SO Careers Box Not Styled

Today, the Stack Overflow Careers box is not being styled correctly when it appears (no special heading font, no background, etc): The "Jobs Near You" box looks file when it appears:
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Do bounties lower the top n% score on

My inner narcissist forces me to regularly check my profile on There's this little badge stating top 10% for c#. Given the sheer number of people here on SO this probably ...
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How is the color for the "Looking for a job?" ad chosen? [duplicate]

Is there any difference in "Looking for a job?" ad and how the color is being chosen? Image procured from the question Is the color code for job ad based on any logic? Because sometimes they ...
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How to control what job offers are shown on the banners?

I've set C#, JS and such as my tags of interests. Java isn't there, no Ruby-on-whatever neither. Nevertheless, most of (and some days all of) the ads are about the non-tagged technologies. How can I ...

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