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For questions and issues concerning the former Jobs tab on the main Stack Overflow site.

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Sunsetting Jobs & Developer Story

TL;DR – On March 31, 2022, we will discontinue Stack Overflow Jobs and Developer Story. This includes all job listings, saved searches, applications, messages, recommended job matches, job ads, ...
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Careers Unificintegration: Jobs on Stack Overflow

TL;DR: We're rolling out Jobs on Stack Overflow. Big thanks to the folks who tested early and reported bugs here on Meta Stack Overflow with the jobs tag - keep up the good work! <3 In 2009 Stack ...
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Stack Overflow - Serving Programmers Even Better [closed]

In 2008, we set out to solve a problem that plagued every programmer in the world: the lack of an information resource that was free, vetted and maintained by programmers, where the best information ...
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SO careers should stop accepting business from predatory employers [closed]

There is strong evidence that Crossover is an employer most of us would not touch with a pole. It's the pointy-haired boss, on steroids and with nuclear weapons. Read the stuff (e.g. on Quora), ...
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Allow users to hide individual job listings

I've been checking out the Careers Unificintegration and so far it seems quite nice. One problem, however, is that there is no way to remove jobs that have been previously evaluated to be a poor fit. ...
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On Jobs, how do I sort by most recent matches?

It appears that I have two options to filters jobs: Matches and Most Recent. If I select "Most Recent", it sort mostly by the newest first. The very first posting is not the most recent, but it is ...
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Why is "looking for a job" so obsessed with London?

I live in a reasonably rural part of North Wales. I like living where I live it's nice and quiet and I get to climb mountains The one place I would hate to live is London. Many people love the place, ...
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Provide option to filter jobs by natural languages

I got an email notification about this job, opened it and I was like what? I don't know German (location and Google says so). While I'm open to jobs in foreign countries matching my skills, I not ...
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Is editing job descriptions broken?

I'm trying to update my jobs descriptions as I updated my resume, but when I try to edit, even though I change the text in the Responsibilities field, it doesn't update when I click Save. In fact the ...
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Didn't get the job (or did I?!?!) but in limbo - what are you guys doing to proactively move employers to provide feedback?

Much needed feature request, especially for the job seekers. Scenario: you've applied for a job via the jobs link on SO. You wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and continue waiting. You search for ...
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The 'Crossover' job ads have a funny smell

There's something about Crossover which comes across as scammy, or proto-scammy. I've read around a bit and the answers out there on the interwebs don't reassure me much. My question is: does the ...
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Use location mentioned in profile for job adverts

I'd like this feature to be present so the job ads that come up in SO are actually relevant to me and not just wasting my screen space. It's great that SO jobs uses the IP address to provide jobs in ...
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Add reasoning on what the job reactions mean

What do the following job reactions mean? The first three are obvious. What does it mean if I give a job a unicorn? What about crying hysterically. And doesn't :( mean thumbs down? This is very ...
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Job: offer the ability to suppress companies and recruiters

For various reasons, I may not want to see ads from a particular company. Examples are I've worked there before and they have a no-rehire policy I work there now I already interviewed there. ...
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Why am I seeing a German job advert?

Today I saw a German job advertisement on the Stack Overflow home page. I happen to speak German and live reasonably close to Germany (only 200km or so), but have no indications on my computer that I ...
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Announcing the New Salary Calculator [closed]

A little over a year ago, we launched How We Pay, an interactive tool that shows how much you'd earn if you worked at Stack Overflow. We believe that developers should have as much information as ...
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"We really like this job for you" annoying emails

I just received an unsolicited email from Stack Overflow Careers that listed a job offer and indicated I would have liked it. However the compensation package is half of what I had set up in my job ...
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Can I scrape Stack Overflow job postings?

Am I allowed to scrape Stack Overflow job postings? I love Stack Overflow and don't want to do anything that will get me in trouble.
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PDF Export lacks essential customizations [closed]

With the Developer Story seemingly out of private beta, I think it's worth posting a newer version of this question. The original post regarding the developer story contained this: Will I still be ...
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Where is the option to remove "looking for a job?"

It is bold blue or bold yellowish and it wasn't there not so long ago, at least for me. So is it possible to have a setting somewhere to explicitly say: Don't show "looking for a job?". I'm not ...
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How do I control what parts of my "Developer Story" get exported to PDF? [duplicate]

The "traditional" CV functionality had a very useful feature where you could actually fine-tune which items you wanted to include when exporting to PDF (and I think it also let you control the order ...
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Is there a way to block an employer request after the fact? [duplicate]

I can respect that this is a rare edge case, but right now I've found myself in a scenario that has me wanting to reject future communications with a potential employer going forward. This is after I'...
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My Job Matches don't make sense

I'm confused by what I'm seeing as my highest matches on Jobs. Previous answers explain these results are from personalized predictions based on personalized prediction data and tags in my CV. Yet, my ...
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How to control what job offers are shown on the banners?

I've set C#, JS and such as my tags of interests. Java isn't there, no Ruby-on-whatever neither. Nevertheless, most of (and some days all of) the ads are about the non-tagged technologies. How can I ...
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How do you export Stack Overflow Developer Story data? [duplicate]

Developer Story is sunsetting on Apr 1, 2022. I'd like to know all the ways to export my data. I realize there's the PDF export, but you lose certain data, like the Pluralsight assessments, for ...
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Stack Overflow Jobs pricing

I've searched high and low and cannot find a price list for posting a job on Stack Overflow. Is there a webpage - ideally one that can be viewed without logging in - that lists the cost of posting a ...
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Do employers via Stack Overflow Jobs take your site reputation score into account?

I've eyed Stack Overflow Jobs many times as a freelancer, and I just always wondered if your account reputation score/badges were at all linked to the application process. I did search for an answer ...
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Stack Overflow Jobs - Remote but "Country X only please"

This question/request is very similar to another question I found, but the key aspect differs. As such, this is not a duplicate of Can the Jobs/Careers team explain to employers the purpose of the &...
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"Job recommendations" in the "Activity" tab--how to remove?

I'm not sure if this is a new thing, or if I accidentally changed something in my configuration, but I now have "Job recommendations" showing up in my "Activity" tab. I have them "hidden", but there ...
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Allow users to mark jobs "not interested", "applied", et cetera

Currently, there are only two ways to see your status regarding a job: Whether you put it in your favorites (the star). And a little sign to indicate that you applied on Stack Overflow (an ...
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SO showed me a job ad for the company I work for

Just noticed that Stack Overflow displayed an job ad to me, in the right sidebar, for the company I work for. I am even listed as an employee of the company (my profile appears in the "Who you'll work ...
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Move "Hidden" job recommendations to bottom of activity page

I've "Hidden" job recommendations on the activity page in hopes that it wouldn't take screen real-estate away from the information I want to see. After the job recommendations are hidden, they ...
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Confirm and/or undo job application

I accidentally sent a job application that I was working on and was devastated to learn that there is no "safety mechanism" in place to prevent this kind of thing from happening. I will now have to ...
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How do small companies post jobs on Stack Overflow?

My company would love to post open jobs on Stack Overflow. We're currently about 750 people. When I try to open an account on Stack Overflow Talent, I get a canned response saying: "...
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I may / may not be interested based on something, but I don't have the opportunity to ask

When you do get an opportunity through the SO jobs you are sent a message from the employer. After reading it you are put in a rather odd position to state whether I'm Interested or I'm Not ...
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Don't automatically create a recent search in Jobs

Please don't automatically save recent searches in Jobs. With the limited number of previous searches that are saved (4), if I want to search for a specific company one day, or if I click on links in ...
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How do I flag/report/complain about a message I got on Stack Overflow Jobs?

I received a message on Stack Overflow Jobs which violates the rules (and is rather inept, too). How do I report the violation? I don't see any “flag” or “report” option on the message page or the ...
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Job messages not displayed

When I open my personal message box on Stack Overflow I get a blank list, even if I have many messages. As you can see in the screenshot below, in the dropdown there are two job messages but I cannot ...
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Stack Overflow Jobs widget showing jobs in different city

The Stack Overflow Jobs widget is showing jobs in a different city (Sydney) to the one I'm staying in (Melbourne). I've checked that my profile information lists that I'm in Melbourne and even that ...
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What would be the point of sending users over to LinkedIn?

I have noticed a pattern that is a concern for me and I have reported several of these patterns. When looking at jobs I have noticed a pattern that concerns me for jobs being posted in the Austin, ...
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Does SO Careers not know my location?

According to the Answer to this previous Question, Careers ads in the sidebar are personalized only as to location. However the sidebar ads I see are now for positions near Everett WA, pretty much ...
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How to stop receiving multiple Jobs Emails with identical content

I like receiving emails with listing jobs that match my criteria. Even though the matches are not really what I'd call accurate, I can easily scan them for things I might like. However, over the last ...
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Why is this job link broken?

I frequently see an iOS job at Coolblue listed in the little jobs ad thingy. The link takes me to:
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Job view scrolling bug with the floating "apply now" bar

I was looking at the job at this page. Once I've started to scroll the page down it starts to blink as crazy. I've recorded a video. A ...
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Ethical Jobs in Careers

I've noticed an advertisement in Stack Overflow Careers for a company that makes installers that steal the user's browser home page and installs unwanted toolbars and adware without informing the user....
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How can I remove Crossover from my emailed "occasional jobs"?

It is possible to remove companies such as Crossover from the standard searches. However, I'm also getting emails You're receiving this email because you are opted in to Stack Overflow emails ...
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How can I hide all jobs from a certain company?

I'm not interested in working for company X, but the job list is littered with their offers. How can I hide them selectively?
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We need to warn "people you'll work with" that their pics, names, and location are used on public ads

I've been noticing this much more recently. We are running advertisements with people's profile pics for the job ads, like this one: The other day I saw someone I knew on here in one of these ads. ...
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Should SO Jobs advertisement have appropriate comment format?

Shouldn't "A career site that's by developers, for developers." be in a comment block, or on multiple single-line comments? The C++-style or C-style comments should suffice: // A career site that's ...
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Could SE pixel dust be applied to the Careers area?

I made an almost-complete version of my Careers personal statement, hit a navigation button... and then found to my dismay that without warning my personal statement that I'd been trying to improve ...

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