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Questions specifically about the Stack Overflow for Teams product are OFF-TOPIC here on Meta Stack Overflow, EXCEPT for general questions about the relationship between Teams and the public site. Instead, use the dedicated web portal to open a support ticket:

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Opt out of SO for Teams email without opting out of other features and announcements

I have no use for Stack Overflow for Teams and do not want to get email announcements related to it. As far as I can tell, the only way to unsubscribe from them is to unsubscribe from "Features and ...
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Coupling Teams to SO creates potential data leaks

SE decided to strongly couple Teams to Stack Overflow accounts. You need an SO account to participate in a private Team, and there is no way around this. I find this decision quite odd, but while ...
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'Your Teams are moving' dialog box ji-ji-ji-jitters when I scroll

Firefox 106.0.1 Chrome 106.0.5249.119
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How to add people to Team without linking their Stack Overflow account

Recently I've been experimenting with creating Stack Overflow Teams for fun and interesting things like asynchronous book clubs. However, I've found that people I invite often already have ...
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After the split between Stack Overflow for Teams and the main Stack Overflow site, can Teams users still participate on Meta without 5 reputation?

Since June 2018, it's been possible for users who are a member of a Stack Overflow for Teams site to freely participate here on Meta Stack Overflow even if they don't have the participate in meta ...
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How can I connect my public SO account with my SO for teams of my company?

Our company just opted in for SO for teams. I would like to connect my personal account with that account, just like the SE network, or something similar. Is that possible? I couldn't find that answer ...
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