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Questions or bug reports about the Stack Overflow app for iOS and Android

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Can we have Meta support with the new Stack Overflow app?

Any link I click to that would normally take me to Meta causes me to open the post in the Stack Exchange app instead. I'd like a fluid and cohesive experience with the new app, and Meta is central to ...
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Stack Overflow app shows translated human-friendly dates

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 configured in French. Inside the Stack Overflow app, it appears that human-friendly dates are actually translated in French. This gives funny half-translated text like ...
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Consider the Stack Exchange app as a valid app to view Stack Overflow posts

I often view posts on my iPhone through the Google app or the browser because I prefer searching the web and don't like to be limited by Stack Overflow search results. There is this great ...
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White screen after edit/post comment in iOS SO/SE app

Ever since I upgraded to iOS 11.2 beta, both my Stack Overflow application and the Stack Exchange application shared the same problem. Every time I post a comment or edit an existing comment, it will ...
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Is there a version of the Stack Overflow app for the iOS simulator?

I am writing a test framework which targets Web, Android and iOS testing. I would love to use Stack Overflow as a quick proof of concept demo for it, i.e. showcase that I can run the same (read-...
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Why on-screen keyboard disappears and typed comment text is deleted on orientation change in Stack Overflow Android application?

I've noticed that when using the Stack Overflow application on my mobile phone with Android 6.0.1 (Xiaomi Redmi 3s Pro), when I'm commenting on someone's post and change device orientation, text ...
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Change the Android app notification bar color

While using the Stack Overflow Android app, it is hard to see the notification and status bar icons. By default the icons in the notification bar are white and the app's background color is not much ...
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Filter questions by tag on new SO app for Android

Please note this is referring to using the search on the new Stack Overflow mobile app for Android. Currently you can filter by how active they are, how many votes they have or the newest questions, ...
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React to real-time notifications about question status changes

While typing out a non-trivial answer in the Stack Overflow Android app, the question was deleted, but the app did not notify me until I tried to submit my answer several minutes later. Waste of time, ...
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What can be done about duplicate notifications in the Stack Overflow & Stack Exchange iOS apps?

I have both the Stack Exchange iOS app (used for all stack sites other than Stack Overflow) and the Stack Overflow app. I get duplicate push notifications from both apps. When clicking on SO ...
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Editing comment in SO Android App resulted in escaped format

When you edit a comment in the new Stack Overflow Android app, it converts non-alphanumeric characters into a special format upon opening the editing UI, but doesn't convert them back:
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Code highlighting of string continues after \"

The newly released Stack Overflow App contains a bug resulting in a wrong coloring after the ending of a string. I looked up my answer on Stack Overflow, inside the Stack Exchange App, the mobile and ...
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Can I contribute to the Stack Overflow iPhoneX app on GitHub?

Is there a GitHub repo to contribute? Using the Stack Overflow iOS app is really convenient, whether for making a question or help with an answer on the go.
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Posts doesn't have green color for accepted

I was browsing the new Stack Overflow APP Android (beta), and found out that in profile the posts which are accepted doesn't have the background green color. See below screenshot
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The "Flag" action in mobile app returns strange text ("option_id")

When I flag a comment for example in the Stack Overflow app (version 1.0.4), I'm getting the text "option_id" as the result, as the screenshot below shows: Is this normal, or it should be replaced ...
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Suggesting an edit using the SO app

I saw a question I wanted to edit today on he Stack Overflow. When I clicked edit it said You do not have permission to edit this post Wondering what is going on here. I have edited many posts on ...
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Horizontal scroll in Stack Overflow App on Android

I am experiencing poor UX using the Stack Overflow Android application. Horizontal scrolling collides with vertical exactly on code snippets. I have recorded a video that demonstrates this strange ...
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Getting notifications from the wrong app

I have installed both the Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow Android app on my mobile phone. I'm active only on Stack Overflow and since I installed the new app I was receiving notifications on the ...
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Flag Reminder for SO app

I noticed when I was on the app, I don't have any indication of how many flags are remaining when flagging. So, I was wondering if that is something that is coming soon or you guys just forgot to add ...
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Copying from comments to answer using SO app

I was trying to copy a comment in order to add it to an answer but I couldn’t get this to work. I can use the copy button from the comments context menu, but when I try to paste it into an answer I ...
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Badges links in achievements are broken

If you just earned a new badge and got the notification while using the Stack Overflow app it will go to a page with the following relevant message. Question not found. It might be deleted See ...
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Editor/ Reviewer Info in answers - Android app

The flag button in answers of the new Android app is going off screen. The entire answer section seems to be entirely to the right. Update as asked overflow works but the reviewer's pic seems cut and ...
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