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Stack Overflow now has its own app on iOS and Android [closed]

TL;DR: Today we launched a new mobile app specifically for Stack Overflow. It lets you view, post, vote, and comment on Stack Overflow questions and answers. Download links are included in this post. ...
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What happened to the Stack Overflow app for Android?

The Stack Overflow app for Android doesn't exist anymore. Google does still index it, but the page returns a 404. The iOS version seems to still exist, so not sure what happened there. What's the ...
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White screen after edit/post comment in iOS SO/SE app

Ever since I upgraded to iOS 11.2 beta, both my Stack Overflow application and the Stack Exchange application shared the same problem. Every time I post a comment or edit an existing comment, it will ...
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Filter questions by tag on new SO app for Android

Please note this is referring to using the search on the new Stack Overflow mobile app for Android. Currently you can filter by how active they are, how many votes they have or the newest questions, ...
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Why is there a mobile app?

In most cases I prefer to use my browser over specific mobile apps. This is because browsers have lots of useful features that are missing in mobile apps: No install, no cluttering of device app list ...
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Can we have Meta support with the new Stack Overflow app?

Any link I click to that would normally take me to Meta causes me to open the post in the Stack Exchange app instead. I'd like a fluid and cohesive experience with the new app, and Meta is central to ...
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Change the Android app notification bar color

While using the Stack Overflow Android app, it is hard to see the notification and status bar icons. By default the icons in the notification bar are white and the app's background color is not much ...
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Can the Stack Exchange app become open source?

I still use this thing, mostly for notifications and quick replies to comments. There are a few long-standing bugs which I'm sure could be fixed very easily with community contributions. What are the ...
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Consider the Stack Exchange app as a valid app to view Stack Overflow posts

I often view posts on my iPhone through the Google app or the browser because I prefer searching the web and don't like to be limited by Stack Overflow search results. There is this great ...
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Screen rotation discards comment drafts and creates a prompt for question drafts

I've been using the SO App for Android regularly since installing it a couple weeks ago, but I've noticed a few glitchy things. I'll stick with the one that's frustrated me the most: Turning my device ...
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Is this app a legitimate Stack Overflow app?

This is around 2 or 3 months ago. I came across a mobile app in PlayStore(with id com.sanson.stackexchange) for Stack Overflow which had a large number of bad reviews and most of them were claiming ...
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There's no about/version information or license information on the Stack Overflow App

Unless I missed it, which I don't think I did, there's no 'About' or anything in the Stack Overflow iOS app. There's also no CC-BY-SA reference. (The CC-BY-SA is not present in the Stack Exchange iOS ...
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Stack Overflow app on Android: can I accept an answer?

Is there a way to accept an answer to one of my own questions in the new Android app?
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Stack Overflow app not loading content [closed]

The app on iOS simply shows “Request failed. Tap to retry”. I have never seen this before and it’s been happening for a couple of hours. I’ve tried closing the app, but that didn’t resolve it.
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Editing comment in SO Android App resulted in escaped format

When you edit a comment in the new Stack Overflow Android app, it converts non-alphanumeric characters into a special format upon opening the editing UI, but doesn't convert them back:
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Are the Stack Overflow native apps supported by Stack Overflow?

While we have a couple questions which obliquely answer this question, I believe it would be nice to have a canonical Meta Stack Overflow Q&A to which to point users when asked for support for the ...
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