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Where do I send bug reports to Stack Overflow about the Stack Overflow app?

I just signed up to a new account because my old one is connected with Google who have dropped support for my favourite email client, and it’s simply easier to live without Google now. On signing up ...
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Is this app a legitimate Stack Overflow app?

This is around 2 or 3 months ago. I came across a mobile app in PlayStore(with id com.sanson.stackexchange) for Stack Overflow which had a large number of bad reviews and most of them were claiming ...
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Are the Stack Overflow native apps supported by Stack Overflow?

While we have a couple questions which obliquely answer this question, I believe it would be nice to have a canonical Meta Stack Overflow Q&A to which to point users when asked for support for the ...
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Can the Stack Exchange app become open source?

I still use this thing, mostly for notifications and quick replies to comments. There are a few long-standing bugs which I'm sure could be fixed very easily with community contributions. What are the ...
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Android App shows only half the code [duplicate]

I am using the Android application on LG V20 phone and for some reason only partial code appears in the app. The rest of it appears blank. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like. This makes it ...
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Stack Overflow app not loading content [closed]

The app on iOS simply shows “Request failed. Tap to retry”. I have never seen this before and it’s been happening for a couple of hours. I’ve tried closing the app, but that didn’t resolve it.
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Having trouble logging in to the iOS app with my account

I am trying to sign into my Stack Overflow account on my phone, but it keeps telling me 'user does not exist'. I have double, triple, and quadruple checked my log in credentials, but the problem ...
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Copying from comments to answer using SO app

I was trying to copy a comment in order to add it to an answer but I couldn’t get this to work. I can use the copy button from the comments context menu, but when I try to paste it into an answer I ...
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Unable to login to the SO iOS app with Google [duplicate]

My SO account is linked to my Google account. I’ve purchased a new phone and I’m unable to login to the SO iOS app. Keep receiving an error. I am able to login through Safari. Any work around for this?...
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What happened to the Stack Overflow app for Android?

The Stack Overflow app for Android doesn't exist anymore. Google does still index it, but the page returns a 404. The iOS version seems to still exist, so not sure what happened there. What's the ...
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Stack Overflow App Black Theme [closed]

Can we have a black theme for the Stack Overflow Application?
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React to real-time notifications about question status changes

While typing out a non-trivial answer in the Stack Overflow Android app, the question was deleted, but the app did not notify me until I tried to submit my answer several minutes later. Waste of time, ...
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Stack Overflow for Teams - Mobile [closed]

Did not find any info on this, please correct if I missed I have the mobile apps for Stack Overflow/Stack Exchange and I cannot see any of my team info on either of these apps. Is there a way to ...
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Stack Overflow app shows translated human-friendly dates

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 configured in French. Inside the Stack Overflow app, it appears that human-friendly dates are actually translated in French. This gives funny half-translated text like ...
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How can a down-vote count exceed a viewed count for a particular question? [duplicate]

Recently I posted a question. I received some basic comments but no answer. Later I found answer on my own and so posted it. As soon as I posted answer of my own question, I got 6 downvotes in a row ...
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Is there a version of the Stack Overflow app for the iOS simulator?

I am writing a test framework which targets Web, Android and iOS testing. I would love to use Stack Overflow as a quick proof of concept demo for it, i.e. showcase that I can run the same (read-...
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How to fix login bug in Stack Overflow app on iPhones?

I have a normal account and usually log in with Email and Password using the Chrome browser. The login on my browser works perfect, but now I installed the Stack Overflow iPhone app on my iPhone 5s. ...
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Stack Exchange app crashing on Android

The Stack Exchange app is crashing on startup if I'm logged in, and has become completely useless except in the case of opening a link to anywhere other than the front page so that it is bypassed ...
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Why does the Stack Overflow mobile site recommend the Stack Exchange app?

When I do my research I start from Google and then I come to Stack Overflow to view questions and answer. Before I installed the Stack Overflow Android App, I used the mobile browser (Chrome) to visit ...
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Can I contribute to the Stack Overflow iPhoneX app on GitHub?

Is there a GitHub repo to contribute? Using the Stack Overflow iOS app is really convenient, whether for making a question or help with an answer on the go.
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Why on-screen keyboard disappears and typed comment text is deleted on orientation change in Stack Overflow Android application?

I've noticed that when using the Stack Overflow application on my mobile phone with Android 6.0.1 (Xiaomi Redmi 3s Pro), when I'm commenting on someone's post and change device orientation, text ...
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Completing a user's name when pinging on the Stack Overflow app

I sometimes ask or answer a question using the Stack Overflow app and sometimes there is a comment I want to reply to (IE I want to ping). In my browser I can ping with @ and you get something like ...
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Consider the Stack Exchange app as a valid app to view Stack Overflow posts

I often view posts on my iPhone through the Google app or the browser because I prefer searching the web and don't like to be limited by Stack Overflow search results. There is this great ...
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The Android app crashes when you want to check your achievements

Recently I started to use the Stack Overflow Android application and I noticed the app crashes when I want to check my achievements. Phone: Samsung Galaxy S8+ Android: 7.0 Security patch: October ...
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White screen after edit/post comment in iOS SO/SE app

Ever since I upgraded to iOS 11.2 beta, both my Stack Overflow application and the Stack Exchange application shared the same problem. Every time I post a comment or edit an existing comment, it will ...
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Show user favourite tags for quick access on Stack Overflow mobile app

I find it annoying to type every time I go to the app for favorite tags. If we have favorite tags then only questions related to them should be shown on home activity and they should be one click away....
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Screen rotation discards comment drafts and creates a prompt for question drafts

I've been using the SO App for Android regularly since installing it a couple weeks ago, but I've noticed a few glitchy things. I'll stick with the one that's frustrated me the most: Turning my device ...
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I am solely registered via Facebook and I am trying to login to the Stack Overflow app but the option to login to Facebook does not appear:

I am migrating this issue from the Stack Exchange Meta website Unable to login to Stack Overflow app with Facebook login since this is an issue with the Stack Overflow Android application specifically....
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The "Flag" action in mobile app returns strange text ("option_id")

When I flag a comment for example in the Stack Overflow app (version 1.0.4), I'm getting the text "option_id" as the result, as the screenshot below shows: Is this normal, or it should be replaced ...
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What can be done about duplicate notifications in the Stack Overflow & Stack Exchange iOS apps?

I have both the Stack Exchange iOS app (used for all stack sites other than Stack Overflow) and the Stack Overflow app. I get duplicate push notifications from both apps. When clicking on SO ...
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Mobile search on a tag is not updating [closed]

When I search for new active questions under a specific tag in the mobile app, it's showing the most recent question is 2 days old. That same search on a web browser shows dozens of questions just ...
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Mobile app and site show different info for Tags [duplicate]

When viewing my profile in the mobile app it shows different values for my top tags than the website. For instance, the mobile app show c# as having 81 votes while the website shows 59 votes. Not ...
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Suggesting an edit using the SO app

I saw a question I wanted to edit today on he Stack Overflow. When I clicked edit it said You do not have permission to edit this post Wondering what is going on here. I have edited many posts on ...
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Opt out of mobile app nags and Instant App

I asked the question: "Why is there a mobile app?". The consensus seems to be that there are pros and cons to using a mobile app depending on use case. It's certainly not a clear win for everyone or ...
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Why is there a mobile app?

In most cases I prefer to use my browser over specific mobile apps. This is because browsers have lots of useful features that are missing in mobile apps: No install, no cluttering of device app list ...
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Horizontal scroll in Stack Overflow App on Android

I am experiencing poor UX using the Stack Overflow Android application. Horizontal scrolling collides with vertical exactly on code snippets. I have recorded a video that demonstrates this strange ...
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Why does the Stack Overflow app come with a history function?

In the Stack Overflow app, there is an option where we can see our browsing history. But on the desktop Stack Overflow site, we can only see all actions, which does not contain browsing history. So ...
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Getting notifications from the wrong app

I have installed both the Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow Android app on my mobile phone. I'm active only on Stack Overflow and since I installed the new app I was receiving notifications on the ...
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Editing comment in SO Android App resulted in escaped format

When you edit a comment in the new Stack Overflow Android app, it converts non-alphanumeric characters into a special format upon opening the editing UI, but doesn't convert them back:
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Stack Overflow app should warn me when I accidentally click the Back button while typing an answer

I have installed the Stack Overflow app. When I click on a question and begin writing an answer, and click on the Back button by mistake, it doesn't ask me to save my changes, or give me any warning ...
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Stack Overflow app is completely blank

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question, but I really need to ask - what's wrong with the Stack Overflow app? I'm using Nexus 5X with Android 7.1.2. App version - Current (1.0.1) ...
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Change the Android app notification bar color

While using the Stack Overflow Android app, it is hard to see the notification and status bar icons. By default the icons in the notification bar are white and the app's background color is not much ...
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Butterknife listed twice in open source libraries credits

I think that last one should say jmustache as the header instead of butter knife.
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Badges links in achievements are broken

If you just earned a new badge and got the notification while using the Stack Overflow app it will go to a page with the following relevant message. Question not found. It might be deleted See ...
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Wrong formatting in comments in the new Android app

Links and code snippets have bad formatting in the new Stack Overflow Android app. Here a screenshot showing the issue: While everithing is fine with the old StackExchange app: This is the post of ...
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What version of the app am I using?

I was looking for a place to see the version of the app I have, so I can give it as part of bug reports, however, there is none. I appreciate this is v 1.0, but even so, how would I know? The Stack ...
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Sort order doesn't persist between application restarts

I like to see my questions sorted by newest. However, whatever I last chose isn't remembered when I get out and reopen the app - it always goes back to sort by active. The app should remember the ...
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When changing sort order - focus jumps to search field

The default sort order for questions is active, whenever I change it the something else (usually newest), the focus goes to the search field, causing the keyboard to slide up and obstruct half the ...
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Links in the mobile web browser may jump to the Stack Overflow app

I have the Stack Overflow app (and the Stack Exchange app) installed on an iPhone. When I view a SE page of one of my communities other than Stack Overflow in the mobile web browser (Safari), and ...
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Achievements widget doesn't synchronise in new app

If I click in achievements using the new Stack Overflow app and then go to the mobile version I keep seeing the achievements while using the SE app I wouldn't see.
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