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How can I propose a new Stack Exchange community?

I have just searched for a Business Analysts community in the Stack Exchange network but I could not find anything suitable. What is the procedure for submitting a request for new community on the ...
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What is the Stack Overflow business model?

I'm not sure how Stack Exchange makes money from Stack Overflow. Could someone explain how they do that?
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Is StackTheOverflow a real StackExchange site? [duplicate]

Today I was googling for the answer to a programming question and as usual there were a list of StackOverflow answers that came up. However, this time there was also a link to a question on www....
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Is Stack Overflow an appropriate website to ask about system design questions?

I’m planning to practice some system design questions asked during tech interviews, and I’d like to get reviews/opinions on how I’d design some systems from the Stack Overflow or Stack Exchange ...
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New profile view on Stack Overflow [closed]

We recently have a new profile view on Stack Overflow. I have two questions about this. Will it be introduced on more Stack Exchange communities in the near future? I do not know if it is a suitable ...
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Is there some SO user account level where downvoting don't costs reps?

I am SO user from couple of years. Initially, when I was downvoting some answer, as far as I remember, 2 reps were getting deducted from my account. Now, when I downvote some answer, it costs me 1 rep....
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How to get my stackexchange participation by topic

Is there a way to get the stats of my stackexchange participation (answers and questions) by topic? It could be displayed as a pie chart like this one: And these stats could be used by ...
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How many Stack Exchange sites are there in total?

I've hovered over the Stack Exchange icon in the top-left corner of the screen from Stack Overflow and this is what I saw: I've also hovered over the Stack Exchange icon in the top-left corner of the ...
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How to flag off-topic post belonging to non-listed StackExchange site [duplicate]

During review I found a post that belongs to Android Enthusiasts. Wanted to flag off-topic/belongs to other site, but could not, because of SE limitations. After digging meta for duplicates and ...
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How can I flag a question which belongs to [duplicate]

From time to time, I see questions which clearly belong to E.g. "How to install foo on Ubuntu baa". When trying to flag as off topic -> belong to another page of network I don't have ...
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Diagram of Stack Exchange database

I want to know how these famous sites normalize their databases. Can any one share the pictorial representation of Stack Exchange or Overflow?
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How do I use my Stack Overflow account for the rest of Stack Exchange?

When I go to another Stack Exchange site (e.g., Travel.SE) and put in my Stack Overflow email/password, it says no such account. However, I somehow have Mathematics listed under "my communities&...
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Stack Exchange network profile doesn't show top answers

You can see my Stack Overflow account I have an answer accepted with a score of 6. I also have a question with a score of 25. Both the answer and the question has more than 5 votes however my Stack ...
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people pointing to other SE sites as more appropriate

I try to craft good question on StackOverflow, giving examples and partially working code bot more often then not, people are religiously pointing me to other SE sites: " is my solution, but ...
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What does "newreg" mean in the URL?

I just got an answer from a new (1 rep) user which linked me to another question with a newreg argument in the URL. What does that mean? If I google that I find many hits on the Stack Exchange ...
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Android questions more active on Stack Overflow than on Android.SE

Shouldn't Android related questions be posted on Isn't that what the site is about? Because Android questions are way more active on Stack Overflow than on ...
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Merging accounts -- one account has a StackExchange OpenID attached to it

I have two accounts on SO (this one, and an old one that's more or less abandoned on SO itself) due to what basically amounts to a historical accident. HOWEVER: I have logins on 4 SE member sites ...
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Stack Exchange very slow

It seems that Stack Exchange is running very slow. Especially on, where I am having trouble reading questions and posting answers. Are there any issues? Stack Status doens't report ...
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Another Stack Overflow clone, but with a twist [duplicate]

I was looking at the new comments/votes on my Meta question about a similar site, and @Omar commented with yet another site that's blatantly scraping content from Stack Overflow, but with a twist. ...
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