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Questions related to Stack Exchange, Inc. (the company itself), doing business as Stack Overflow. For general questions about the SE network, consider posting on

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Moderation Strike update: Data dumps, choosing representatives, GPT data, and where we’re holding

Note: As part of the strike organization, this is a mirror of a post on the network-wide Meta, MSE. Make sure to check out the answers and discussion there, too! Introduction Since our strike ...
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Consider the Stack Exchange app as a valid app to view Stack Overflow posts

I often view posts on my iPhone through the Google app or the browser because I prefer searching the web and don't like to be limited by Stack Overflow search results. There is this great ...
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Stack Exchange network profile doesn't show top answers

You can see my Stack Overflow account I have an answer accepted with a score of 6. I also have a question with a score of 25. Both the answer and the question has more than 5 votes however my Stack ...
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Thoughts on The Loop #2

I think The Loop #2 is going into a pretty decent direction. According to the survey, the most common complaints about SO are (unsurprisingly): Unwelcoming community Design Artifact quality Now, the ...
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with GitHub no longer available on Stack Exchange

I was logged into Database Administrators ( using the "Sign in with GitHub" feature. Today when I loaded the site, my account was logged out and the GitHub login method was no longer ...
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How to create an offline copy of Stack Overflow

Our country's Internet is going to be national! So accessing websites like Stack Overflow, Google, YouTube, etc. is going to be blocked. I am a programmer and my life depends on these websites (...
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Maybe [SO] should consider improving SO's UX a little bit

Stack Overflow's user interface is still a confusing mess. Users don't know where to ask questions. It has turned the experienced members of the community into garbage collectors. From How to install ...
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Code highlighting of string continues after \"

The newly released Stack Overflow App contains a bug resulting in a wrong coloring after the ending of a string. I looked up my answer on Stack Overflow, inside the Stack Exchange App, the mobile and ...
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The inconsistent icon (logo) for blog posts

Just noticed the change (inconsistent) between successive "refresh". Is the logo actually being changed (logical) or I'm seeing some issue there? Screenshot 1: Screenshot 2:
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The SO Work Here General Application Form doesn't work

The General Application Form to work at Stack Overflow (the "Work Here" link, located in the page footer) doesn't work properly. It asks that I attach a CV and a cover letter, but when the ...
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Part of job application page not translated

I was just casually browsing through the site when I encountered the page with job listings SE the company currently has. I saw that one offering was based out of Germany. I curiously clicked that, ...
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Developer Story "Synchronize with your profile" checkbox does not respect profiles where inheritance was disabled

I'm talking about this checkbox that appears above certain fields in the Developer Story while editing: I foolishly thought this was somehow going to use values entered in my SO profile as the value ...
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Where do I find the history Stack Exchange data dump on archive?

I am now following a Hadoop course on "MapReduce Design Patterns", which needs to import Stack Overflow's data. I find the latest dump is here, And as ...
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Why does the tag's tool tip remain open once the mouse has crossed over it?

Whenever my mouse moves over a tag its tool tip opens and doesn't close itself until I go over that tool tip again. Here is a screen shot of the tag information staying on the screen: . I'm using ...
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What does "newreg" mean in the URL?

I just got an answer from a new (1 rep) user which linked me to another question with a newreg argument in the URL. What does that mean? If I google that I find many hits on the Stack Exchange ...
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Correct location for questions covering multiple fields

If a question clearly covers both programming and another field like thermal physics, electrical engineering, linguistics, mathematics, etc. may it then be posted on Stack Overflow? According to the ...
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Why is "reputation_change" missing on some dates for some users?

I am trying to understand the reputation log returned by Stack Exchange API /users/{ids}/reputation. Most reputation logs have reputation_change, which is the value of reputation change on that date, ...
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Configuration For: Log Into Stack Exchange => Logged Into Stack Overflow

I have an account on Stack Overflow and one on Stack Exchange. I use the same email and password on each. It's tedious logging in twice every time. How do I log into both at once?
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Fix Management About Us Section

In Dave Fullerton's section change "the" to "them": He's also tasked with helping the grow and evolve while keeping it rooted in our mission to serve all the world's developers. David joined ...
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Search for all my posts across sites

How can I search all my posts across different Stack Exchange sites? E.g. I have posted in Stack Overflow and Emacs.SE community, but when I search in Stack Overflow, I can not see posts in Emacs. I ...
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