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Incomplete flagging options for question belonging on a different site [duplicate]

I just run into an issue when I was flagging a question. Solidity Transaction Issue This question was asked on Stack Overflow, but belongs on the Ethereum. In the Community Specific flag section, all ...
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Please scrap the highly-problematic "how are we doing" survey

Today I've noticed a blue bar suggesting I take a "how are we doing? site satisfaction" survey. I ask that the bar be taken down and the survey scrapped. Why? Well, several reasons. The ...
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How can I propose a new Stack Exchange community?

I have just searched for a Business Analysts community in the Stack Exchange network but I could not find anything suitable. What is the procedure for submitting a request for new community on the ...
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What will happen to Stack Overflow now that it has been sold to Prosus for $1.8 Billion?

What will happen to Stack Overflow now that it has been sold to Prosus for $1.8 Billion? Source: Software Developer Community Stack Overflow Sold to Tech Giant Prosus for $1.8 Billion Prosus’s ...
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What does "writing the script of the future" actually mean?

I've been trying to understand Stack Overflow's new mission statement: Helping write the script of the future by serving developers and technical workers. I honestly don't know how to ...
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What is "quota_max" and "quota_remaining" in API?

I am trying to fetch user info using following API.{id}?order=desc&sort=reputation&site=stackoverflow It returns data like : I want to know what is "...
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CircuitLab is not available in Teams

I am subscribed to electronics.stackexchange and CircuitLab is very handy to embed schematics and simulation in your answers. I have subscribed to 'Teams' in order to discuss schematics, but ...
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Help Stack Overflow Generate Revenue [closed]

Please, take a moment to imagine what your professional lives would be like without Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow is a commercial operation that needs to make some money in order to stay alive and ...
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How to create an offline copy of Stack Overflow

Our country's Internet is going to be national! So accessing websites like Stack Overflow, Google, YouTube, etc. is going to be blocked. I am a programmer and my life depends on these websites (...
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Is Stack Exchange actually considering Collaboration Bounties (or other similar measures)?

The recent satisfaction survey asked if people would like to see rewards for collaborative behavior, such as badges, collaboration bounties, and some new form of currency. However, unless I've missed ...
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2 answers

"46.8+ Billion Times a developer got help" - how is this calculated?

"46.8+ Billion Times a developer got help" is mentioned on the about page. How is this figure calculated?
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10k+ Customer companies for all products - what does this mean?

What does this number really mean, and is there a better way to explain it here: Link is here:
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The number of years a election candidate has been active should also be weighed with candidate score

First of all congratulations to the winners of 2020 Moderator Election. I think there is a minor flaw in the way we select moderators in StackExchange sites and I am not singling out stackoverflow ...
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Why is "reputation_change" missing on some dates for some users?

I am trying to understand the reputation log returned by Stack Exchange API /users/{ids}/reputation. Most reputation logs have reputation_change, which is the value of reputation change on that date, ...
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4 answers

Why has Stack Overflow been publicly silent about race issues?

With a diverse audience and a corporate culture that makes claims such as “Diverse teams build better products,” why has Stack Overflow not publicly shown support for the Black Lives Matter movement? ...
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The SO Work Here General Application Form doesn't work

The General Application Form to work at Stack Overflow (the "Work Here" link, located in the page footer) doesn't work properly. It asks that I attach a CV and a cover letter, but when the ...
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2 answers

Who or what is Monica and why so much notice from SE users?

I see more and more users putting profile names related to "Monica". Is there an official post of what is all this movement around "Monica"?
259 votes
8 answers

What could Stack Exchange Inc do to make moderators who've recently resigned want to stay?

To the moderators who've recently decided (or been forced) to resign their positions... What could Stack Exchange Inc do to change your mind? Clearly you don't expect the company is capable or ...
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Goodbye for now

TL;DR: I will not be participating on this or any other Stack Exchange for at least the next several months, if I return at all. I'm sure y'all can do just fine without me. The past few months have ...
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Configuration For: Log Into Stack Exchange => Logged Into Stack Overflow

I have an account on Stack Overflow and one on Stack Exchange. I use the same email and password on each. It's tedious logging in twice every time. How do I log into both at once?
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2 answers

If I find a repository that I cannot get to run with the readme.txt instructions, what is appropiate Stack Exchange community to post my question in? [duplicate]

I found a very cool repository: I was not able to get it to run from source. I was wondering if Stack Overflow is the appropriate place to ask for general help on ...
47 votes
3 answers

Change the SO homepage: Make it clear this is a programmer Q&A site

An un-logged-in user visiting This is what they see: I have all sorts of reservations about this page, but many of them are a matter of taste, or are debatable (maybe) - this post ...
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5 answers

What is the mission of Meta, as a community?

In this question, statements of Stack Overflow's mission by Joel Spolsky and Prashanth Chandrasekar are quoted: For many years now our founder Joel and others have said our mission is: "...
722 votes
45 answers

An account of my meeting with the Stack Overflow management team

Recently, Prashanth Chandrasekar introduced himself on Stack Overflow Meta and engaged with us. I, Aaron Hall, a moderator, wrote up my synthesis of where I think we currently stand, and I offered to ...
158 votes
56 answers

CEO's 2020 Kickoff Blog: Where do you see Stack Overflow going?

Hello members of the Meta community - I wanted to share the blog post I wrote to kick off 2020 and reflect on my first 90 days at the company. It’s intended for a wide audience, the tens of millions ...
49 votes
4 answers

The Community vs Meta Community

I am a "normalish" user of Stack Overflow. I come here mostly to get answers to my questions and I love it. (I occasionally post answers, but usually find that my expertise is not specialized or ...
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Thoughts on The Loop #2

I think The Loop #2 is going into a pretty decent direction. According to the survey, the most common complaints about SO are (unsurprisingly): Unwelcoming community Design Artifact quality Now, the ...
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Maybe [SO] should consider improving SO's UX a little bit

Stack Overflow's user interface is still a confusing mess. Users don't know where to ask questions. It has turned the experienced members of the community into garbage collectors. From How to install ...
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Why is the main page of not about the site itself? [duplicate]

If I go to, not logged in, I expect to see a "Explore our questions" title and a listing of questions - just like on all (?) other Stack Exchange sites. Instead, what I see is ...
45 votes
5 answers

Create a separate, independent Advanced SO focusing on being a knowledge library (but still part of the network)

I thought I was forever done writing lunatic feature requests on Meta, but... Preface As recent events have shown, there is a rift and a serious loss of trust between a significant part of the ...
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Reputation across other sites [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Jenkins build actions There were lots of communities,Can we merge the reputation across other communities with stack over flow.
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1 answer

What is the Stack Overflow business model?

I'm not sure how Stack Exchange makes money from Stack Overflow. Could someone explain how they do that?
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1 answer

SE All Sites Page: How is a question is selected?

I am just exploring the SE sites. When I click on one of them it shows statistics about questions/answers with one question with a link. For Stack Overflow, this is the question: How is a question ...
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Developer Story "Synchronize with your profile" checkbox does not respect profiles where inheritance was disabled

I'm talking about this checkbox that appears above certain fields in the Developer Story while editing: I foolishly thought this was somehow going to use values entered in my SO profile as the value ...
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Part of job application page not translated

I was just casually browsing through the site when I encountered the page with job listings SE the company currently has. I saw that one offering was based out of Germany. I curiously clicked that, ...
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1 answer

No more than two pages on the Stack Exchange homepage

On the Stack Exchange home page,, one can see that one cannot go to page 3, assuming 50 rows are shown in a single page. Is this function deliberate or a bug?
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1 answer

Why are Stack Overflow employees forced to participate in Meta and why couldn't that practice be stopped instead of removing Hot Meta Topics?

In Sara Chipps' answer explaining why Hot Meta Topics has been removed she explains the following: I’d like to add some context to the “why” we are doing it. Tim, kindly, wanted to shield me from ire,...
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To include proper information for reproducing any bug on Meta Stack Overflow

People face different UI issues and bugs on different platforms to target them and fix them, we discuss it here on meta so it can be later fixed. The actual problem is Users do not include enough ...
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1 answer

Is there a unified login?

I'm a Stack Overflow member. When I go to other Stack Exchange sites, there's a button to "Join this community." However, that leads you to a full sign-up screen. You can sign up using your Facebook ...
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1 answer

Should links to Stack Exchange be considered as spam?

I've just passed a test in the Triage. It was easy. The question had all the characteristics of a bad question, and probably the test in the body of the question was added just to fill it. I was ...
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Downvotes on SE Meta start showing up in Recent Achievements [duplicate]

At the risk of asking a silly question, because maybe I just overlooked this all this time: I am surprised to see a downvote on my SE Meta question pop up in my recent achievements. I don't posts on ...
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Fix Management About Us Section

In Dave Fullerton's section change "the" to "them": He's also tasked with helping the grow and evolve while keeping it rooted in our mission to serve all the world's developers. David joined ...
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1 answer

Which Stack Exchange site is appropriate for my question about CPUs and operating systems?

My question is about how an OS kernel reports the CPU load usage using a command such as top in Linux/Unix, or using a function such as os.getloadavg() in Python. I specifically want to know if the OS ...
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Tag conflict in Stack Overflow Meta [duplicate]

When posting a question to Stack Overflow Meta, in which I was looking for site recommendation about a question (), I could not simply add the tags stack-exchange and site-recommendation. A notice ...
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0 answers

Where do I find the history Stack Exchange data dump on archive?

I am now following a Hadoop course on "MapReduce Design Patterns", which needs to import Stack Overflow's data. I find the latest dump is here, And as ...
51 votes
2 answers

What is SE's (the company) mission statement for their websites, and in particular SO?

I was recently told by a user that management and the contributing core differ in goals for SO. I already believed this to some extent, but it is all just gut feeling. I have been around for a couple ...
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1 answer

Can I find a user's user_id with only their username for a Stack Exchange profile?

Is there a way to get the user_id of either a global SE account (as is present in the network profile URL) or the account user_id associated with a local community with only a username? It seems from ...
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1 answer

Where on Stack Exchange can I ask questions relating to Facebook?

I have a question relating to features of Facebook - namely how to rename a group that was set up via a Facebook page. Is there any part of the Stack Exchange that covers these types of questions?
103 votes
4 answers

Why is it important for corporate SO to maintain a fast new user growth rate?

Following the plethora of posts on the "be extra nice" initiative, I started wondering. If the goal is Create a repository of high quality Q&A to cover programming issues It seems like the ...
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2 answers

New profile view on Stack Overflow [closed]

We recently have a new profile view on Stack Overflow. I have two questions about this. Will it be introduced on more Stack Exchange communities in the near future? I do not know if it is a suitable ...