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Should staff be commenting on non-answers to their own questions instead of deleting them?

I just noticed this: Hey Tim, sorry to nitpick, but answers are for solutions to the original problem. If you have an additional question, they're better left as a comment (50 rep) or an entirely new ...
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1 answer

How to find a staff member profile

I tried to complete my Winter/Summer Bash, but then a question came up... Yes, I did visit some top moderators user data profiles, but nothing happened... Behind the Curtain View the profile of a ...
-8 votes
1 answer

Why are Stack Exchange Staff listed as Moderators? [duplicate]

If you view all users in Stack Overflow, you can sort by moderators and can see the lot of them. However, none of those listed are Stack Exchange staff. But, very clearly, we can see that when staff ...
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How can I get in touch with the Stack Overflow sales team for Talent?

I need to get in touch with the sales team for help with accessing the Talent product. The web form is a dead end. Can someone give me contact of a sales rep to whom I can reach out directly and/or ...
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Why are Stack Overflow employees forced to participate in Meta and why couldn't that practice be stopped instead of removing Hot Meta Topics?

In Sara Chipps' answer explaining why Hot Meta Topics has been removed she explains the following: I’d like to add some context to the “why” we are doing it. Tim, kindly, wanted to shield me from ire,...