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HTTPS (TLS, aka SSL) is newly supported on Stack Exchange. Use this tag for remaining bugs.

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Logging on after going to redirects to http site [duplicate]

If I go to, then log in using Google, I am redirected to after I enter my Google credentials. Shouldn't SE sites respect my initial choice, and ...
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Consider redirecting to https by default? [duplicate]

Not really a question, but more of a nudge to consider having https everywhere on the site. I know much has been said on the difficulty of implementing https everywhere on the StackExchange network, ...
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Are notifications of Stack Overflow HTTP-only? [closed]

The hyperlinks of comment and achievement notifications in the navigation bar are using HTTP even if I'm visiting Stack Overflow by HTTPS. Is this something that ought to be fixed or did I miss a ...
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Getting logged out on switch to http

I get logged out (somewhat randomly or I haven't figured out all the cases) due to the switch from https to http. These are all caused by internal links (such as notifications). Which, I believe is ...
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Why does Stack Overflow not redirect to HTTPS if I am logged in? [duplicate]

I often open Stack Overflow from result of search engine. Unfortunately the search engine, let name it G**g**, set the link to http instead of https. I expect Stack Overflow to redirect to HTTPS ...
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Should flair provide HTTPS links by default?

I have seen default to HTTPS links when using Imgur links, redirects to insecure and HTTPS to Imgur?, but none of them really capture my question,...
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Autoload Stack Overflow on https [duplicate]

Why doesn't Stack Overflow loads on https automatically? I have to manually enter https every time I want to load https.
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Is Stack Overflow updating times on questions, comments, answers more slowly (and not spotting new comments, answers as quickly)?

Are you seeing Stack Overflow show updates to the times on questions, answers and comments — and collecting/displaying new answers and comments and other updates to questions — much more slowly than ...
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SSL error if I click on "Looking for a job" link on the sidebar career section [closed]

As the title says, clicking on "Looking for a job" link will result in SSL error, discussing further with @Chris Jester‐Young, it turns out that URL have :80 for https://
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Support https searches in opensearch.xml

I was trying to add search providers to Microsoft Edge. I know StackOverflow supports OpenSearch so I tried to add it. However, I get an error message saying the search template is not using a secure ...
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Is there a way to force enable HTTPS for my account?

I noticed recently (middle of 2015) that Stack Overflow is available over HTTP and HTTPS, and HTTPS works perfectly (no mixed content warnings, etc). Is there a flag I can set for my account to ...
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When are we going to get HTTPS only? [duplicate]

Serious question. I've been waiting for HTTPS for a long time. Nearly 24 months. Are there plans to move to HTTPS only for Stack Overflow?
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HTTPs by default [duplicate]

I am not sure how I missed this before, but when navigating to SO or other SE sites, it does not use HTTPs by default. Has this always been the case? Why does the site not redirect to HTTPs ...
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Make share URLs of questions and answers use HTTPS by default or based on loading protocol

I like to visit sites via HTTPS if possible and use HTTPS Everywhere to enforce. I was pretty surprised to see that links that I copied from the "share" box didn't use HTTPS but only HTTP. This could ...
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Default to HTTPS links when using imgur links

I use the HTTPS Everywhere extension, and Chrome shows the security warning below: If you open the browser console you'll see that the culprit are imgur links. What is the state of HTTPS support? A ...
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Why do I get untrusted certificate error for Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I face this error only in Google Chrome (version 33.0.1750.146 m), not in Firefox on the same system. Because of the problem I couldn't sign in to my account and I don't face this error with other ...
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CDN js+css sometimes fails to load over https

Lately I've been continuously experiencing malfunctions of the site when browsing with HTTPS. The urls and
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3k views redirects to insecure [duplicate]

Not sure if this is the right place to report this, but here are a couple of minor points: If I navigate to it redirects me to I would have ...
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Improper HTTPS - Connection only partially encrypted [closed]

When I access Stack Overflow via HTTPS, my browser (Firefox) complains that not all elements (images) of the web page portal are loaded via HTTPS, leading to some insecurity. Can this be fixed please?
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Multiple SSL errors after upgrading to OS X 10.9.4 in Chrome and Safari

After I upgraded to OS X 10.9.4 I could no longer access Stackoverflow or Github and a number of other sites due to SSL errors. This is happening on Chrome 36.0.1985.125 and Safari 7.0.5 In Firefox ...
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Why are some pages randomly less secure than others?

I was just browsing Meta when I noticed the following (I was on this post in a different tab when I took the right screenshot), Now this is where the "randomness" comes in. I only get the left ...
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Tag images are hard-coded to use http

Steps to reproduce Go to (note the s in https) View source (view-source:, doesn't get converted to ...
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HTTPS Pages Not Loading [closed]

Pages requested over HTTPS (,, etc) are not loading for me. In both Safari (logged in to SO) and Firefox (not), the browser just ...
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Why doesn't Stack Overflow default to SSL? [duplicate]

Why doesn't redirect to Is there a reason SSL is not enforced?
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Why am I getting: " connection is untrusted "alerts?

When trying to reach domain I'm getting warnings both in Chrome: and Firefox: Why am I getting these alerts? How do you know if the issue, whatever it may be, is on their end ...
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