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HTTPS (TLS, aka SSL) is newly supported on Stack Exchange. Use this tag for remaining bugs.

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HTTPS: It's time

Update: The network move has started, you can follow here: Network-wide HTTPS: It's time This is a heads up, and a request for help. HTTPS for our entire network is long overdue, but we've been ...
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HTTPS-only images

UPDATE This is now enabled network-wide, more info on mSE: Roadmap to HTTPS: serving and uploading HTTPS-images only As you might've heard, we're working really hard on rolling out HTTPS support ...
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Should we display a warning when users include images?

I've spent some time in the Triage and First Post review queues and I keep seeing users who include or link to screenshots of their code and/or exceptions and error messages. This is generally ...
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3k views redirects to insecure [duplicate]

Not sure if this is the right place to report this, but here are a couple of minor points: If I navigate to it redirects me to I would have ...
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Talent - Company page shows "Connection is Not Secure" error due to the http:// image

In the Stack Overflow Talent - Company page, if you didn't set any Cover Photo, by default it has this image as a cover photo. Due to the http:// image, the Company page shows aConnection is Not ...
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Mixed content ad

I'm seeing mixed content due to an ad. The offending host is while delivering a 1x1 pixel. I believe this is the offending ad. Tracking down these tracking pixels is a little tricky ...
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Is Stack Overflow secure even when not using HTTPS?

I noticed doesn't force the use of an HTTPS connection even when the user is logged in. I've found this question on on "Why is Stack Overflow not using ...
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Hot Network Questions are HTTP links when the site itself is served via HTTPS

Links to Hot Network Questions are always HTTP links, even when the site is accessed over HTTPS. This is inconsistent with question links in Linked and Related sections (when Stack Overflow is ...
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Ad causing mixed content in HTTPS

Since Stack Overflow is officially HTTPS, I was sad to see a mixed content warning from an ad. Can we fix the ad to use HTTPS too? The offending URL is a tracking pixel in a frame from this ad.
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Why are some pages randomly less secure than others?

I was just browsing Meta when I noticed the following (I was on this post in a different tab when I took the right screenshot), Now this is where the "randomness" comes in. I only get the left ...
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Use HTTPS for snippets because some features are HTTPS only

Many features of the browsers are starting to require HTTPS which means they don't work on Stack Overflow snippets. Please consider using HTTPS for Stack Overflow snippets. I recently tried to answer ...
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2 answers

Is there a way to force enable HTTPS for my account?

I noticed recently (middle of 2015) that Stack Overflow is available over HTTP and HTTPS, and HTTPS works perfectly (no mixed content warnings, etc). Is there a flag I can set for my account to ...
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A required TLS feature is missing. Error code: MOZILLA_PKIX_ERROR_REQUIRED_TLS_FEATURE_MISSING

Suddenly, today I am having issues connecting to from Firefox: An error occurred during a connection to A required TLS feature is missing. Error code: ...
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Top bar Home icon redirects me to http site

The main site link to home in the top bar is still set to, even though I manually load the https version. Are also affected all links to SO posts in Inbox, Achievements, and ...
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Why does Stack Overflow's help page say the SSL certificate is issued for

On the Stack Overflow help page you can see the certificate is issued to a different site. Both Stack Overflow and that site use freshdesk. Does the certificate from freshdesk need to be ...
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Certificate error for [closed]

When visiting the help center, a banner is displayed: The "Click here »" link points to, which when visited redirects to and presents a ...
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Should flair provide HTTPS links by default?

I have seen default to HTTPS links when using Imgur links, redirects to insecure and HTTPS to Imgur?, but none of them really capture my question,...
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The certificate for has expired

I wanted to change my email address and clicked the link in a newsletter I received, but the server had an expired certificate (roughly 20 hours ago). Shouldn't be a big issue to renew :)
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Some "http://" links in the election page

In the election page, a few of the links for the badges and MSE sites are still http://, these links can be updated to https:// Screenshot for reference:
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Why are child meta links flipped after transition to HTTPS?

As seen from this post, Stack Exchange network is transiting to the HTTPS protocol. In the list of things to be done, one item caught my attention: (Child metas) Move from meta.*.stackexchange....
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SE Network Login Test Page: "Messaging failed; skipped" - Am I missing something?

While looking for a generic inbox link, I stumbled onto the hidden links page, where a post by @ShadowWizard links to the Network Login Test Page. Here's my test result: SO & SE seem to be ...
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378 views causes mixed content error on main site

It looks like there is an asset loaded from that is breaking the HTTPS configuration, causing the site to be flagged with the mixed content warning (hence downgraded to insecure). ...
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2 answers

Certificate error when using from certain IP addresses

My company has several wireless networks with different public IP addresses. If I'm connected to one of them, I occasionally get a certificate error when connecting to The ...
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Are notifications of Stack Overflow HTTP-only? [closed]

The hyperlinks of comment and achievement notifications in the navigation bar are using HTTP even if I'm visiting Stack Overflow by HTTPS. Is this something that ought to be fixed or did I miss a ...
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How to make a working snippet with a library not available in HTTPS?

Since Stack Overflow is in HTTPS, I suppose a lot of snippets are not working anymore and returning a "Mixed Content" error. I have this issue with one of my answers: Skipping null values with Morris....
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Link to chat from Site Switcher is not HTTPS

On the Site Switcher drop down The link to chat is not https. Inspecting the element gives me <div class="related-links"> <a href="" class="js-gps-track" ...
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Is Stack Overflow updating times on questions, comments, answers more slowly (and not spotting new comments, answers as quickly)?

Are you seeing Stack Overflow show updates to the times on questions, answers and comments — and collecting/displaying new answers and comments and other updates to questions — much more slowly than ...
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Why doesn't Stack Overflow default to SSL? [duplicate]

Why doesn't redirect to Is there a reason SSL is not enforced?
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Tag images are hard-coded to use http

Steps to reproduce Go to (note the s in https) View source (view-source:, doesn't get converted to ...
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Bad SSL link on Stack Overflow blog pointing to Stack Overflow Enterprise site

Looks like someone needs a new SSL Cert! Repro is: Go to Stack Overflow Blog. Click on this link in the page footer: Get Stack Overflow Enterprise Expected: fascinating marketing content about ...
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Default to HTTPS links when using imgur links

I use the HTTPS Everywhere extension, and Chrome shows the security warning below: If you open the browser console you'll see that the culprit are imgur links. What is the state of HTTPS support? A ...
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Should protocol-relative URLs be disallowed in profile "About me"?

Unexpected error message when opening “About me” for editing: All image URLs must start with https:// This is triggered by the existing protocol-relative URLs in the “About me” text for my user ...
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Wikipedia links not https, is there a special reason they shouldn't?

While editing this answer to a generic question, I was adding Wikipedia links, I noticed that the other existing (also Wikipedia) links where all HTTP, though mine were HTTPS. Shouldn't they have ...
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Not Secure error in Stack Overflow for Teams Help Center page [closed]

In the Stack Overflow Teams -> Following and watching tags page, due to few http:// images the page received the Connection is Not Secure error. The http:// images are:
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Periodic SSL cert errors

Once or twice a day I get this error, it persists for 5 minutes or so and eventually resolves itself: The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your ...
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Support https searches in opensearch.xml

I was trying to add search providers to Microsoft Edge. I know StackOverflow supports OpenSearch so I tried to add it. However, I get an error message saying the search template is not using a secure ...
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Make share URLs of questions and answers use HTTPS by default or based on loading protocol

I like to visit sites via HTTPS if possible and use HTTPS Everywhere to enforce. I was pretty surprised to see that links that I copied from the "share" box didn't use HTTPS but only HTTP. This could ...
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Improper HTTPS - Connection only partially encrypted [closed]

When I access Stack Overflow via HTTPS, my browser (Firefox) complains that not all elements (images) of the web page portal are loaded via HTTPS, leading to some insecurity. Can this be fixed please?
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198 views links are not HTTPS

I find two HTTPS-related issues. I hope these can be improved: Links to Amazon are automatically converted to a rewritten URL:<id>, like this. This ...
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HTTPS Pages Not Loading [closed]

Pages requested over HTTPS (,, etc) are not loading for me. In both Safari (logged in to SO) and Firefox (not), the browser just ...
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Developer story company logo is not served over HTTPS

My developer story is insecure! The cause is the HP logo, which is linked using HTTP:….jpg The logo is coming from the built-in company picker, and the UI does not ...
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User profile link on help center page uses http instead of https

I suppose all links to the Stack Exchange Network should be in HTTPS. Obviously this one in the MCVE help page was forgotten. Click to see full image Looks like this user specifically likes HTTP :)
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Link to meta is http in the main site's ask questions page

In the main site Ask Question, in the How to Ask side bar, the link to meta site is http:// only. The tip in the side bar is: If your question is about this website, ask it on meta instead. This ...
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Why am I getting: " connection is untrusted "alerts?

When trying to reach domain I'm getting warnings both in Chrome: and Firefox: Why am I getting these alerts? How do you know if the issue, whatever it may be, is on their end ...
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Why do I get untrusted certificate error for Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I face this error only in Google Chrome (version 33.0.1750.146 m), not in Firefox on the same system. Because of the problem I couldn't sign in to my account and I don't face this error with other ...
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Mixed content due to ads

There is mixed (https and http) content appearing occasionally to me. It seems to appear at the same time, but maybe not always as it couldn't catch it again a couple of days ago when I first noticed ...
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HTTPs by default [duplicate]

I am not sure how I missed this before, but when navigating to SO or other SE sites, it does not use HTTPs by default. Has this always been the case? Why does the site not redirect to HTTPs ...
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Links in job matches email are not https yet

Three links in the email sent with new jobs matches are still not https: Stack Overflow logo, links to "See more jobs", links to
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CDN js+css sometimes fails to load over https

Lately I've been continuously experiencing malfunctions of the site when browsing with HTTPS. The urls and
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496 views is not working [closed]

Any idea why is stackoverflow not working? Normal mode: Incognito mode + certificate:
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