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This tag is used to query the community about specifics of a particular user on Stack Overflow or its Meta. Use this tag to mention behavior or multiple posts from specific user.

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6 answers

What should we do when one person tries to delete every duplicate?

There's a subject I'm pretty good with. I like to share my knowledge with others through answers. Unfortunately, there's another user active in the tag who makes participation extremely frustrating. ...
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8 votes
1 answer

How to handle multiple old accepted/up-voted Low Quality Answers from same user?

If I notice many Low Quality Answers from one single user, what is recommended practice for me to handle those if: all answers are from one single user all answers are old (2011-12-13) some of the ...
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117 votes
3 answers

To whom do I go when I'm being stalked by a specific user?

I believe that a user is attempting to stalk my activities on Stack Overflow. They had attempted a large downvoting effort, which was reversed, so instead, they are resorted to downvoting me once a ...
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107 votes
4 answers

Who's the person with more answers than Jon Skeet? When will they catch him in rep terms?

Someone is working hard to usurp SO's first millionaire. They've already exceeded Mr. Skeet for number of questions answered, so who is it, and when (if ever) will they catch up in terms of rep?
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101 votes
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If Jon Skeet never used Stack Overflow again, how long until he gets less than 200 rep in a day? [closed]

It seems clear he is capped at 200 rep based on votes on old answers, and so without posting any new content he would still get at least 200 rep every day for some time. However it also seems that as ...
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48 votes
3 answers

What can I do about a user consistently spreading misinformation?

Consider these (excerpts from) comments: The windows methods are more efficient than FileStream in opening and copying files. Window copy does not open the file. Wrong: CopyFile does open the ...
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Hundreds of questions, thousands of upvotes, only 500 rep

A user with 500 rep had quite a few badges (86 gold). I found that somewhat unusual. I checked his profile, and he has a plethora of well received content from over the years: questions with over 100 ...
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297 votes
7 answers

Congratulations to EdChum for 100,000 close reviews!

The Close Votes review stats page shows that EdChum performed 100,000 close vote reviews. Getting content properly rated is very important to me because this helps me use the site and I would like to ...
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