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This tag is used to query the community on the specifics of a particular question asked on Stack Overflow or its Meta.

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2 answers

My question was closed because it "needs to be more focused", but it seems like a question many programmers would want to know the answer to [closed]

In anyway. Here is what I would say to you. Recently, I had a very good question that you deemed "Not focused enough." I don't remember my question exactly since I have no access to it. It ...
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-28 votes
1 answer

How can I demonstrate to voters that a question is less trivial than it seems?

I came across this question: How should I calculate the average speed by road segment for multiple segments? Which has attracted a straightforward "RTFM" answer... And that answer is wrong. However, ...
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-28 votes
1 answer

Question getting closed for being a duplicate when it's not?

I had this question getting closed for being a duplicate. I don't consider it a duplicate at all. I wasn't asking what the N stands for in SQL but why is the Like operator not returning what I ...
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-28 votes
2 answers

Why downvote , what is wrong in the question?

Create DML(insert script) using JSON representation of table data in java for Oracle database
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-28 votes
1 answer

Question that is extraordinarily clear has been marked as needing details or clarity

The following is a link to the question I think should be reopened, or closed for a more applicable reason. The comments I received started with a ...
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-28 votes
1 answer

What is wrong with my question about Firefox opening two tabs for a link?

I would like to understand what is wrong with this question: with _blank opens two tabs in Firefox I have provided the code I have provided a jsfiddle I have provided an animated GIF ...
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-28 votes
2 answers

Question deleted but not off-topic?

From my point of view this question should not have been deleted. It is a programming related question. Maybe a very easy one, but I think many could benefit from the answer given. Sure it should ...
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-29 votes
1 answer

Why was this particular question closed? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Not what others asked in SO before. It's new This is my second question. I asked my first question here. But that question was closed quoting that my ...
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-29 votes
1 answer

Why isn't my question about Nvidia driver dependency issues accepted by Stack Overflow guidelines?

I'm having trouble understanding why my question does not meet guidelines ("This question does not appear to be about programming within the scope defined in ..."). I asked for help on ...
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-29 votes
1 answer

Why does this user keep removing my attempt to re-ask a question?

I have asked a question on Stack Overflow but this user keeps closing it, saying that it is a duplicate of another [closed] question My questions: How can I force an old-style Alt-Tab dialog ...
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-29 votes
1 answer

How can I remove an answered question which is receiving a lot of downvotes?

I have recently posted two questions: one on SO and one on Meta. One of the users started to abuse me and I received a lot of downvotes. I deleted my meta question, but it was undeleted and still ...
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-30 votes
1 answer

Question sabotage?

My question keeps getting closed, again and again: Firebase Notifications targeting Android phone fail to show in system tray I believe it's a pretty valid question and other community members couldn'...
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-30 votes
1 answer

This question needs to be reopened

The question How to use IFS_READ & IFS_WRITE services? needs to be reopened. It is looking for an example of how to use a specific API provided by DB2 for IBM i. The original close reason (asking ...
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-30 votes
2 answers

Why is this question not moderated, even though it doesn't follow site guidelines? [duplicate]

I’ve found a question that has many upvotes but it doesn’t fit Stack Overflow guidelines, so why hasn’t it been moderated? How do you disable browser autocomplete on web form field / input tags? The ...
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-31 votes
2 answers

Downvote hell and meta issues [closed]

MSVC Align variable data on executable file output (< 10K screenshot) According to the townspeople, this is "unclear what is being asked". I believe the truth actually is "I dont know the answer ...
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-31 votes
1 answer

Why is my question about extending Java classes that implement an interface unclear?

I recently asked the following question on Stack Overflow: Extend three classes that implements an interface in Java It was closed by three different people as being unclear, but the people who had ...
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-31 votes
1 answer

Wrong flag as software recommendation? [duplicate]

My question was flagged with the following text: "Questions asking us to recommend or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site resource are off-topic for Stack Overflow as ...
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-32 votes
2 answers

Why was my question closed and downvoted?

I posted a seemingly legitimate question and got aggressively downvoted right away: Code blocks based on the amount of indentation. What is the reason and purpose? And how does the close reason "...
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-33 votes
2 answers

Forced to lie in order to get my email server configuration question answered: is there any better approach?

I asked a question: "Can you send an email to an address, have it be accepted by the mail server, and then the mail server silently deletes it?" on Stack Overflow and it was downvoted and ...
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-33 votes
3 answers

Delete more book lists!

The list of books every programmer should read has now been thankfully deleted with community support. But there's still a couple floating out there; I found these two very quickly but there may be ...
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-33 votes
2 answers

Can we undelete and reopen this question that was quickly downvoted, closed and deleted? [closed]

New user gets his question closed and deleted VERY quickly after fixing the typo that provoked the downvotes.
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-33 votes
1 answer

Question closed within a few minutes [duplicate]

I've just posted this question. Within minutes, it was closed, no explanation given, with just a link to another question. I'm not sure this is a good policy. There's no explanation of why someone ...
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-33 votes
1 answer

Please help to undelete my question that was auto-deleted by a bot so I can do anything about it

I asked this question in the beginning of 2023: With no comments & replies for a few ...
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-33 votes
1 answer

Can this be re-opened? [closed]

This question IntelliJ scratch file needs a jar file is pretty clear, I think. The users who closed it - it would appear - have no interaction with IntelliJ IDEA, so they just don't understand what ...
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-34 votes
3 answers

Why was my programming question closed as off-topic despite receiving some upvotes? [closed]

Correct me if I'm wrong, but an up-vote means someone found a question useful, right? So if a question receives 4 or 5 up-votes, why on Earth would it be closed as off-topic? Especially if it's a ...
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-34 votes
2 answers

How can an incorrectly closed question be restored, and the closing voters notified? [closed]

In 2021 a question asked by a new user was closed by several members with sufficient reputation, but without sufficient experience in the subject matter.
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-34 votes
1 answer

Why has this question been given minus votes? [duplicate]

I have asked the question and according to me it is a valid question, because I have not found any way to inactivate a user ...
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-35 votes
2 answers

Why was my question about restarting SQL server closed and downvoted?

Despite demonstrated efforts to solve the problem on one's own, demonstrated effort to independently search for a resolution as well as evidence of no current posts/questions on SO, one can still be ...
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-36 votes
1 answer

Why am I banned for a failed test, when there was no test?

This looks like a bug. The post is "on hold" for some reason. I can't see why. I said it "Looks OK", just like several others did. However, I was banned for a week on this puppy. What the heck is up ...
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-36 votes
2 answers

How do I appeal a question that was closed for a seemingly contrived reason?

My latest question has been closed. I find the reason contrived. Edit the question to include desired behavior, a specific problem or error, and the shortest code necessary to reproduce the problem. ...
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-38 votes
1 answer

Why is this question massively down-voted? [duplicate]

What is the purpose of variable sz in this routine? I think, this is one kind of abuse of people's rights. The following routine subtract the mean value from the image making it sharper. ...
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-38 votes
2 answers

Is this question really opinion-based?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Should Redux Saga be learned in 2023? Sure asking if someone is worth learning or not is opinion-based, but is it really opinion-based asking if ...
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-38 votes
1 answer

I need answer to the question and seems a valid one, still its closed, How will I get answer from SO? [duplicate]

I asked the following question: What are custom events and synthetic events? I don't mind if its downvoted or else, but at least an answer should be given. This is a confusing topic, and if I get ...
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-38 votes
2 answers

Why is this question off topic?

Why was this questions considered off topic and what needs to be done to make it on-topic for Stack Overflow?
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-39 votes
1 answer

Abuse of delete privilege - is there a mechanism to prevent self-interested moderators from using this as censorship to their own benefit? [closed]

I posted a question about problems with downvoting - it was well researched with great examples and included references. It got deleted:
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-41 votes
1 answer

Open a post that is closed for no reason (image for <10k users) This one is closed for unfocused. "This question needs to be more focused. It is ...
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-41 votes
0 answers

Why make Stack Overflow for public? [closed]

If Stack Overflow is here to help people overcome obstacles and learn the ways of programming, why throw out questions that is genuinely asked with intentions of being answered and helped? I asked a ...
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-42 votes
4 answers

Broad and opinion-based question closed without an answer despite many similar questions getting answers

I asked [a obviously broad, opinion-based, etc., question. Now, my only concern is, it has been closed before being answered! There are a lot of questions on SO that are "obviously broad, opinion-...
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-44 votes
1 answer

What's wrong with my question? [closed]

What is wrong with my original question, I try to be direct and professional, and I get anonymous ...
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-46 votes
2 answers

Is this an example of a hostile moderation?

After a long time, I have added a question on Stack Overflow thinking of receiving some help. I spent quite some time trying to make my question shorter and to the point. I added relevant link and ...
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-47 votes
1 answer

Why is it OK for someone to downvote my question without attempting to be helpful? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How do I keep Android Studio from stopping my app when I close Android Studio? Going into Stack Overflow, I thought this was a site designed to help ...
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-49 votes
2 answers

How to approach a moderator who has closed my question because they think it is a matter of opinion, when I can show that it's about facts [duplicate]

I've just posted the question at . In it, I'm asking for software that: (1)...
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-52 votes
2 answers

Why can't I be working on my knight moves? [duplicate]

My self-answered question D3: Simulation of a knight's moves on an infinite chess board (screenshot for <10k users) was closed as unclear. I feel this was done just because the questions are ...
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-57 votes
3 answers

Can SO get users to supply actual answers before negatively marking a question? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How to use RegEx to capture multiple landing pages URLs? I come to this site to find answers by asking questions. But all I've found so far, is that SO ...
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-57 votes
3 answers

Please undelete this highly-upvoted PHP question [closed]

Please look at PHP tutorial that is security-, accuracy- and maintainability-conscious?. The question has a lot of info for everyone and that is helpful. The question itself looks to me like a ...
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-57 votes
1 answer

Please undelete my question as it is helping many leaners [closed]

Please undelete my question as it is helping many leaners .
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-61 votes
1 answer

Abusive admins are deleting requests to reopen the question together with supplemental reasons to reopen it [closed]

The following question asking about a regex to truncate an alphanumeric string to two decimal places and remove non numeric characters was closed citing that the answer was provided in another ...
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