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Use this tag for questions about a specific review audit that is the subject of the question. Do not use this tag for general questions about review audits.

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Why was this answer spam or offensive?

I was just going through the Low Quality Posts queue and failed a test with the following answer: Spam/Offensive Answer Screenshot: Reading the answer and following the link within the answer, it ...
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Why was this audit answer low quality?

The question was "What is the difference between data mining and text mining?" and the answer I was reviewing looked like this: Data Mining refers to scraping or mining data from large ...
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In "Low Quality Posts" is it required to cross-check external links with profile pages to identify Improper Self Promotion?

In the "Low Quality Answers" queue, how much cross-checking effort is required to verify that an external link in an otherwise-valid answer isn't improper self-promotion? In the "Low ...
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Curious about a failed audit

I just failed a review audit on this question. It was closed for "lack of focus", but it didn't look that bad to me.1 Is this just a difference of opinion or did I miss some significant ...
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Is this answer is a good review audit?

I encountered this audit for this answer a few days ago. The answer is pretty short. There isn't any explanation of what the issue is, and why the answer can fix it. Just a "try set this". ...
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Dispute this review audit

I do disagree with this review being bad (after the edit): It's very detailed, with all the steps, some screenshots and the latest comment goes into ...
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How did this edit get approved?

How did this edit get approved? I noticed this post and made an edit, but couldn't save it then because it showed this error: Another edit is awaiting approval for this post. Further edits cannot be ...
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Review audit fail: Is a short answer always a bad answer?

I think that there are some questions in which the best possible answer is a concise one. So when I came to this review, after hesitating a bit (I often skip these traps), I decided to accept it ...
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This question should not be a review audit

I found this question which I don't think is very suitable as a review audit. I might add that I did pass the audit, so I'm not mad because of a failure. ;) But there are two things with it that often ...
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Is this a bad review audit? If so, what do I do?

I recently reviewed a Low Quality Post that turned out to be an audit. The answer didn't say anything useful (it was basically just a rant about how the company is ridiculous, etc.). I failed the ...
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Bad audit? (Question without error message)

I did not fail this one, but I think it's a bit unsuitable for an audit. GCC disagrees with Clang and MSVC when concept that's always true is used to implement a concept The following code fails ...
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Why is this an audit?

I just failed the following audit: Screenshot for <10k users: (Original question) It looks like a question of a person who wants to add a ...
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Review audits need to be picked better [duplicate]

I just failed an audit, because I voted to close a very short-looking question. This question is c++, but I filtered it with discord.js. As usual, it showed the discord.js tag along with the other ...
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How can I dispute a wrong audit? [duplicate]

I had to review an answer to the following question: VSCode - Python - List Index Limit Max 300 - Debugger I have a list contains several hundred entries. I think the total size of the list is 3.5MB. ...
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Why was this Android question closed as "primarily opinion-based"?

The question Is it possible to use android module library in react-native project and also work for IOS was "closed as primarily opinion-based": i already created android library in Android and i ...
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Please remove this incorrect first-post audit [duplicate]

This first post audit tasks the reviewer to flag or downvote the only correct answer to the question. Since the tag 'gem' is given, the currently accepted answer is incomplete (see also the asker's ...
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Dispute harsh review audit

I understand this is a duplicate question with questionable quality, but I think using this as a test is fairly unfair. The following things tripped me up: Use of formatting (headings and bullet ...
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Why has this answer promoting a product been deleted?

Why has this been removed? It's a valid answer and the links are valid too. He may be promoting a product, but the answer is still valid. Low Quality Answer Test
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