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Use this tag for questions about a specific review audit that is the subject of the question. Do not use this tag for general questions about review audits.

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Should this zero-score, not NAA, deleted answer be used as a Low quality answers audit?

I came across a Low quality answers audit yesterday on this answer to Biopython: Local alignment between DNA sequences doesn't find optimal alignment yesterday - screenshot for users with < 10k ...
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1 answer

Should this (partial) answer be an audit in the Low Quality Posts Review Queue?

This relates to a deleted spam/offensive answer to the question How to simulate key press event?. Link to the specific review: here. Screenshot of the answer (for non-10K users): This doesn't ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Was this audit wrong or am I missing something?

I failed an audit but I think it might be unjustified. I voted "Looks okay" but it told me the answer was deleted because of spam or something offensive. I can't see what's wrong with this ...
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Where's the spam in this audit?

Today I failed this audit in the LQP queue. This was the answer which I thought was OK: It didn't mention any product and didn't contain any link. The text is factual. I know that the user card was a ...
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1 answer

Appeal for suspension due to commenting on an question that doesn't have any code

I got suspended for reviewing for 4 days due to this review. I didn't expect that clarifying a question with no code would get me suspended. (I only commented on the question). I was asking what ...
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Possibly bad review audit

I was reviewing the Triage, when I came through this audit. It does not show any attempt to solve the problem, and the question itself isn't too clear (it was mentioned in the comments as well), so ...
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Bad first question audit experience: incorrect audit, audit doesn't help reviewer, and unactionable after [duplicate]

I don't often review things, but decided to try out the first questions queue for fun. I got an audit which was bad for a few reasons: I believe the audit was just incorrect altogether. The question ...
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8 votes
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Are reviewers expected to research for internet-wide plagiarism in the First Answers review queue?

I just failed the following audit and was thus suspended from reviewing. A comment from a mod taught me that the seemingly innocent answer was copied without attribution from this off-SO origin. I don'...
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7 votes
1 answer

Is a plagiarism audit justified?

Today I faced the following audit: The question itself is one of the most popular Python question and the reply quickly summarizes what in fact a ...
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1 answer

How are audits created for review queues? (Complaint about one specific case)

I'm currently working on the reviews of the Re-open cases. I stumbled upon this question. The question basically says: I have an error with some code, and here is the code. The question was closed ...
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Review audit: Low quality answer seems acceptable for me [duplicate]

I failed the following review in the Low quality answers queue. It seems like a fair attempt to answer the question and while not a perfect ...
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1 answer

In "Low Quality Posts" is it required to cross-check external links with profile pages to identify Improper Self Promotion?

In the "Low Quality Answers" queue, how much cross-checking effort is required to verify that an external link in an otherwise-valid answer isn't improper self-promotion? In the "Low ...
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1 answer

How did this edit get approved?

How did this edit get approved? I noticed this post and made an edit, but couldn't save it then because it showed this error: Another edit is awaiting approval for this post. Further edits cannot be ...
-5 votes
3 answers

Review audit fail: Is a short answer always a bad answer?

I think that there are some questions in which the best possible answer is a concise one. So when I came to this review, after hesitating a bit (I often skip these traps), I decided to accept it ...
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1 answer

Is this a bad review audit? If so, what do I do?

I recently reviewed a Low Quality Post that turned out to be an audit. The answer didn't say anything useful (it was basically just a rant about how the company is ridiculous, etc.). I failed the ...
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1 answer

Please remove this incorrect first-post audit [duplicate]

This first post audit tasks the reviewer to flag or downvote the only correct answer to the question. Since the tag 'gem' is given, the currently accepted answer is incomplete (see also the asker's ...
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