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OK to leave months-late duplicate answers lying around?

Moderator says to flag months-late answers that roughly duplicate existing answers for mod attention. Recently I flagged a fairly blatant duplicate answer with "Late duplicate answers don't need to be ...
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Does this answer answer the question?

I had a review audit (don't worry, my post isn't about the actual audit) that gave me this answer in the First Posts queue: It was really badly worded, so I tried to edit to improve but I was told ...
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What should I do with "here are some of my answers that may help"?

There is a question that reads like I do not understand exactly what an application server like Tomcat, Weblogic, Websphere, GlassFish etc. does. ... I do not understand what exactly an application ...
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Possible spam that could also be an innocent Q/A - looking for advice

Tonight in the Triage review queue, I came across what looked at first sight like a run-of-the-mill low quality 'write my code for me' question. I was about to flag it as unsalvageable, since the ...
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Custom duplicate-answer flag marked "helpful," but no action taken

(There are lots of questions about flags having been marked helpful but not acted on, so I at least understand the mechanism that can cause this circumstance; however, each existing question seems ...
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Why was this answer to "numpy-like-package-for-node" deleted?

About a month ago, I posted an answer to this question: I created my own library here: Usage: var lynx = require("lynx-js") var arr = new lynx.NdArray([...
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I posted a new answer by editing my existing answer

I'm not entirely sure how I managed this, but as I was editing my existing answer I got a notification that the question just got another answer. I'm almost positive I didn't press any buttons. Upon ...
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Should I delete my (unaccepted) answer to a very esoteric question?

I proposed an answer to an esoteric question to a tag that doesn't get a ton of traffic. The asker didn't accept the answer; in fact he almost seems to want to have a debate in the comments why it ...
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Is there a way to recover my answer to another users deleted question?

A few times I have experienced that I spent time writing an answer to a question only to find that the question was deleted. This seems to cause my answer to simply disappear from the universe. Is ...
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Historical Joke/XKCD Answer in Low Quality Posts Review Queue

I recently ran into this answer in the Low Quality Posts review queue It indeed does not answer the question, but I'm afraid to mark it as such since it: has 25 upvotes and could be an audit. was ...
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Deleting own answer (bug?)

I just tried to delete an answer I'd posted on SO (it wasn't very good). Surprisingly I needed to delete it three times before the system would delete it even though I was logged in. Prior to today, ...
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Dealing with answers which just link to "possible duplicate" and copy a snippet from it

I saw this answer which contained the following: See this possible duplicate mapView.setStreetView(true); mapView.setSatellite(false); mapView.invalidate(); The code in the ...
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Accepted answer to my question deleted

A while back I asked a question and quickly got an answer that resolved it completely (and so I accepted it). If I recall correctly, it was the perfect pair of question and answer for the site, ...
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Someone voted to delete my answer - what's wrong with it?

After reading this and a few others, I can't fathom what's prompted the deletion vote on this answer I posted yesterday. I took time, went into detail about the two most common reasons why OpenCart ...
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Find specific answer

I'm almost positive that yesterday I was looking for a way to answer interactive questions inside a Dockerfile. I found how to do it using echo. While browsing through SO main site I saw a related ...
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Answer that refers to tool deleted (but similar answers weren't)

There's a question asking about how to calculate tree edit distance with 24 upvotes and 19 favs. The question is more than ten years old. These days, though, it might've gotten closed because it is ...
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Should this answer have been deleted via the LQP Queue?

This post was recently deleted via the LQP Queue. For the <10k users: Should this post have been deleted? I feel while it was wrong that the LQP queue should have deleted this answer (It did ...
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Deleted answer for UPnP Port Forwarding on ESP8266

I have extensively thickened my answer after it was deleted, added a lot of explaining as to how the package and UPnP port forwarding works with IGD API: ESP8266 UPnP Port Forwarding - IoT Can ...
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Adding namespace to C++ answer in an edit

I came across this edit and was furiouscurious about the addition of the namespace. I was thinking about immediately rolling the change back, but then, it's only a minor issue. Yet it bugs me enough ...
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Flag disputed on "I'm having this problem too" Answer

I recently found this question about integrating the MapBox API into a iOS Swift project. I flagged this answer as NAA because it does not really attempt to answer the question, and is mostly an "I'm ...
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I've got this answer that had been deleted but I don't know why

I wrote an answer to 'developing a GUI in C# on cosmos' - which you can easily find with a little googling. It was deleted and downvoted and I don't know why. What sorts of things should I add (or ...
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Stopping reputation gain on duplicate trivial question's answer?

The question [this answer] is posted under (by me) is a duplicate, and I think I earned too much reputation for answering a duplicate question which I didn't know was a duplicate at that time. Is ...
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Why was this post deleted by the community bot (but not as rude/spam)?

I recently encountered an answer that was listed as being deleted by the community bot. The post is obvious trolling, and the user account was cleaned up. Image for <10k: That being said, the text ...
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Should I undelete my answer?

In this question another user initially posted an answer that didn't address the problem and it was downvoted. After some (deleted my own comments) discussion and figuring things out I posted an ...
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Why did my answers get deleted?

I have posted answer to this question: Then I copied the answer to several related questions. However, all of them got deleted. I'm failing to see how ...
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