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Questions tagged [spam-seeds]

A spam seed is a low quality question asked by a spammer with the purpose to post a spam answer to it.

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31 votes
1 answer

Something's fishy in [dolphindb]

Lately I've noticed a slew of low quality, mis-tagged questions all with one thing in common... the dolphindb tag. They all seem to be posted in batches from a handful of user accounts and rarely ...
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69 votes
2 answers

Extraordinary burnination: turn off the [tdengine]

The tdengine tag has been plagued for at least since one year (possibly more) by what look like a massive seeding attempt via automatically created accounts, or plain ban evasion, at best, but again ...
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53 votes
1 answer

I am seeing new Triality questions seemingly copy pasted on Stack Overflow. Intended?

Here is an example low-quality question and the verbatim one on Triality. The Stack Overflow question is all title with an advertisement body: The answers also read like advertising for the site with ...
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7 votes
0 answers

When should I mind my own business when reviewing posts? [duplicate]

I was reviewing Triage and First Posts awhile ago, and came across this question. This looked a lot like spam seed to me (see this answer on Meta), so I flagged it as such, which was declined (...
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12 votes
1 answer

How to deal with potential spam seeds?

I stumbled upon this awful question: How to use upload image in c sharp with wcf service The question was utterly rubbish. Made no sense whatsoever. So I did my duty: down-voted and voted to close ...
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