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Questions tagged [slack]

For questions about how Stack Overflow integrates with Slack, a popular team communication tool among developers. General questions about Slack are off-topic but could be asked on Super User.

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If I (a non-Teams admin) create a Slack notification, is it supposed to be visible to everyone on the Team? [closed]

I'm looking for some general information about how the Slack integration works in a Team. On Friday I created a Slack account and, because I was curious and had nothing else to do with it, I decided ...
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Slack integration goes to 404 from Meta Stack Overflow user profile settings [closed]

Slack integration settings for teams is shown correctly in the Stack Overflow main user profile settings. However, in my Meta Stack Overflow user profile, It goes to page not found ...
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Why does the Slack integration notify of my own activity? [closed]

I'm using Stack Overflow for teams and I have installed the Slack integration. It's pretty helpful, but I'd like to avoid unnecessary noise. Why does it notify me in Slack about my own activity? For ...
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Filter Slack notifications by watched tags [closed]

I use Slack to get notified about new activity in my Stack Overflow Teams workspace (I don't know if this question is Teams-specific). The configuration for these notifications already has "All Tags" ...
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Tag feeds do not generate `Newest` questions in Slack

After having changed the primary tag for a platform on Stack Overflow, I need to update some RSS feeds. I expected that I would be able to just change the old tag to the new tag and get similar ...
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Can SO's Slack integration be enabled without the im:history permission? [closed]

The Stack Overflow for Teams Slack integration requires a number of Slack permissions and scopes. One of these is im:history. Can the integration be enabled without this? If so, what features does ...
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Watched tags slack notifications in stack overflow for teams [closed]

Can you receive a slack notification for a question with a specific tag, if you use Stack Overflow for Teams? Documentation.
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