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Don't know where to ask your question on the Stack Exchange Network? Give as much detail as possible about the question you'd like to ask, and the community will help you find the appropriate site.

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Question is on-topic for one site, but fits userbase knowledge of another where it would be off-topic

I very recently asked this question over on Super User about ZMODEM. This is fairly old technology and from what I've seen from browsing this site, it's something that a good few Stack Overflow users ...
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Questions about device drivers: Where would this even be on-topic?

I have several questions about how device drivers interact with modern PC hardware. However, I have no idea where such questions would actually be on-topic. Since I'm not trying to actually write a ...
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Should Microsoft Power Platform suite questions be asked in a different community?

I asked a question about Power Apps in Set collection to selected values in PowerApps form when opened in edit mode and even gave it a bounty of 200 points, but it receives very little traffic. I ...
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In which Stack Exchange community should I ask clarifications for the code written by another author?

I have posted this question on Someone made me realize that it is not the best place to ask that question as they expect me, as the author, to understand why the code is ...
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What is the proper Stack Exchange site to ask for legal advice on privacy policy?

The question I asked on Stack Overflow, was about the Google Maps API privacy policy: (i) real time navigation or route guidance, including but not limited to turn-by-turn route guidance that is ...
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Can someone suggest a better place for my Hadoop question?

I posted a detailed question about Hadoop a while back, and it was recently put on hold ...
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On what Stack Exchange site would questions about Google Data Studio go?

Lately I've been learning Google Data Studio and I've had a lot of questions related to working with custom fields + Data Studio functions. When I google search problems or errors I'm getting, I'...
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On which of the programming SE's should I ask about coding conventions/practices?

I was about to ask about the best way to comment something, and I found myself about to post on Programmers when I decided that it didn't seem to fit into the topics laid out there or on Stack ...
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Where do I need to ask question about Google Earth Engine?

I try to learn how to use Google Earth engine (GEE) for GIS and I don't know where to ask my questions. There are two solutions: SO where the TAG google-earth-engine is available SE GIS which seems ...
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Where do software strategy questions go?

I often don't know where to ask a question on Currently, I have a repository that I want to divide into two and have GitHub pages ( static only ) host my Front-End and have Heroku ...
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Where should I ask questions which are partially coding related?

I had questions which were related to coding Ruby on Rails (programming) and also related to a service like google-oauth (service). So mostly these questions were not completely related to a ...
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Where on Stack Exchange should one ask questions about SAP configuration and process?

I have a "how might one approach this problem in SAP" question, but I'm not looking for a programming answer, since I want process and configuration suggestions, not customisation. Despite there ...
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Where should [ros] questions be posted?

As already mentioned here, the robotics community is used to asking their questions on a different forum very similar to the Stack Exchange Network: There are about 25 questions ...
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Possible almost-duplicate question intended for CodeReview and Stack Overflow?

I’m inexperienced with Stack Exchange. After days of effort I think I have a way of doing something with technology that is new to me. I have two objectives: Learn if the solution I’ve come up with ...
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Why isn't there a cloud services related topic on Stack Exchange?

As a developer I often find myself substituting/moving pieces of codes by services (managed) already provided by cloud providers. Questions raise on how to use those services, programming against ...
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Where can I ask about the support status of Node.js for UNIX?

Is the following question on-topic for the main site? If not, is it on-topic on another SE site? I know the Node.js is available via freeBSD pkg or probably with ports. I have actually had an ...
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Where to ask question about disk usage by MySQL on CentOS?

I'm currently facing a problem where MySQL took 10 GB of my disk usage within a few hours due to some restoration errors with gz file. I'm not sure if I should ask this here, as it's full of MySQL ...
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To which Stack Exchange site does this question belong?

Question Link: This is a question on HTML and JavaScript. I do realize that the question doesn't ...
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Posting a question about a free Windows utility

I have a question about an issue (probably a bug) with a Windows search utility called Agent Ransack. Would it be appropriate to ask it somewhere on StackExchange and if yes, in which area.
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Tag-specific site recommendations

A fair number of the kubernetes questions are off-topic for Stack Overflow. Especially if a question is tagged kubeadm, that is a fairly clear indication that the question is about "installing a ...
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Ask questions about using an open API

Which Q&A site is best place to ask a question regarding the following issue: I send a request to an open API as I think according the specs I get an unexpected error (a field is not accepted) ...
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Are questions asking about project management features of programming tools on topic?

Occasionally (especially, for example, in the kanban), I'll see people ask about project management tools within programming tools. E.g.: Which is the difference between the swimlanes on Kanban board ...
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Where do you ask hybrid "accounting for programmers" questions?

I'm working on an ERP/accounting application and have some questions pertaining to data modeling that are just as much accounting questions as programming ones. Money.SE does not allow business ...
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What SE site should I post my GPGPU physical simulation questions to?

I've asked a question regarding particle simulation acceleration structures on SE, yet the question doesn't seem to get much attention (at this time only 36 views – and quite frankly I doubt starting ...
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Where to ask questions about secure programming approaches?

I have a question about how / whether you can secure an Azure Mobile Services instance under a set of requirements. I am not looking for an answer with specific code examples etc. I just want an ...
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Where can I ask about moving only MySQL database to Amazon EC2 servers?

I want to ask the following question: Move only MySQL database to Amazon EC2 servers? I have a website with users and a payment system (nothing special) which has a 5 GB big MySQL database. I ...
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Where to ask for a reasoning behind an approach?

I have a question about an approach used in one of open-source APIs. Namely, an old version significantly differs in approach to the new version, and I don't see any reasoning behind the change. Where ...
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Low-level protocol questions - here?

I have a question on a low-level protocol (CAN), related to arbitration of the bus etc. It would be a perfect question for Embedded Design, alas... Which SE site would currently handle this kind of ...
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I had a post recommended to be moved to ServerFault even though SO had tags for it

Concerning this question - As I state in my comment there, I wonder why the tags would be here because there ...
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Where can I ask about publishing an RSS feed app on Google Play?

I'm new here and I don't even know if this is the right place for my question, knowing that on Stack Overflow this type of question are not allowed. I'd like to ask this: I finished my first app ...
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Where can I send my program for evaluation and criticism?

Where can I send my program for evaluation and criticism? Recently I have finished my primitive console string calculator. It is my first largest program (400 lines) on C in comparison with training ...
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Where's the best place to ask questions about BPMN?

I have the book-learnin' end of BPMN, and am in my first real world scenario where nothing follows the textbook examples perfectly. While I can see BPMN tagged questions on Stack, they seem more ...
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Where is the right place to ask questions about Xdebug?

Xdebug is a debugging tool. But should I ask about it on Stack Overflow or on Super User?
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Is an easy Docker question about a command parameter and which does not have any programming in it off-topic on Stack Overflow?

This is linked to Should Docker questions go on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, or Super User? I am dealing with Docker and docker-compose for a few weeks only, still rather a beginner. Thus, I might be ...
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Where is the most appropriate place for posting DRBD questions?

Would this be the best place to post DRBD questions or is there another site specifically for DRBD questions?
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Is there a place on Stack Exchange to ask a question about the Google Play Console?

I am having a problem with the Google Play Developer Console (where you upload apps to the Google App Store) and a problem trying to use the Help form to ask about the problem. Can I turn to Stack ...
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