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Regarding questions that may be on-topic on Stack Overflow and other Stack Exchange sites

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What does "Should we add technical Q&A sites like Server Fault, Super User, and DevOps to Stack Overflow?" mean?

The site satisfaction survey has the question: Should we add technical Q&A sites like Server Fault, Super User, and DevOps to Stack Overflow? I find it very unclear what this means. It could ...
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Can I raise the same problem on different StackExchange websites, when I'm interested in different aspects?

Suppose I have a problem P I have been working on the problem, I have found and implemented solution X, but I'm not sure how "good" it is. I believe I should post it to CodeReview I am also working ...
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LilyPond programming questions on Stack Overflow

LilyPond is "a computer program and file format for music engraving" (quote from Wikipedia). There's a LilyPond tag on Stack Overflow and a LilyPond tag on Stack Exchange site Music: ...
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Please don't send camera questions not about photography to Photography Stack Exchange

The Photography Stack Exchange site is about the art and science of photography, which is the making of images with light. Many people want to use consumer cameras as sensors and measuring devices, ...
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What is the best way to reference a post of another SE community?

Suppose there are similar questions on the Stack Overflow. It is possible to flag one of the questions to report the question is a duplicate of another post. In this case a user who seeks a solution ...
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Question is on-topic for one site, but fits userbase knowledge of another where it would be off-topic

I very recently asked this question over on Super User about ZMODEM. This is fairly old technology and from what I've seen from browsing this site, it's something that a good few Stack Overflow users ...
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Should I ask questions that have been answered on other Q&A sites?

I was recently searching for a question that I found an answer to on a Google groups site. If I had not found the answer on that site, I probably would have asked the question on SO. Which has got ...
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How do I handle duplicates when they are asked on other SE sites?

I recently saw the same question asked in two SE sites and I got curious. What should I do if I am answering a question and there is an answer on another SE site. Should I flag the question as a ...
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Why does Stack Overflow partition out programming questions to many different sites? [duplicate]

I often come across excellent philosophical questions that the experts on Stack Overflow would be well-positioned to answer. However, the SO format guidelines require specific questions related to a ...
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Are 'related questions' automated or user contributed?

Generally speaking I've found the 'related questions' offered by the site when asking a question are either not related or only vaguely close to what is being asked. I'm wondering if the chosen "...
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How can I transfer a question on Stack Overflow to Project Management? [duplicate]

I found this question, which is irrelevant on Stack Overflow but would be a nice fit in the Project Management SE. Can anyone help me out, please, to do that?
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Should I ask a question about implementing a statistics analysis in a program on Stack Overflow or on Cross Validated?

I have a statistics question that I think bridges Stack Overflow and Cross Validated and don't know which would be best to post it in. I could write out the specific question I'm asking, but I think ...
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Answer to question on SO on unix.stackexchange

If there is a question on SO with an answer that solves the problem on unix.stackexchange, is it right (is it possible?) to close the question on SO as duplicate of the one on unix?
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What happens to specific questions, when new site in this area is created?

What happened to Drupal-tagged questions, when Drupal Answers were created? Were they all migrated to new site or new site is responsible only for accepting new questions? What is current SE politics ...
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Is it acceptable to ask a WordPress development question here AND on WP SE? [duplicate]

I know that WordPress SE exists. I am a member and, well, I have more than a few issues with that one SE. I'm trying to learn a whole new skill set (developing within WordPress) and I am starting to ...
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When is it OK to ask my unanswered question on a more specific SE site?

I asked a question on StackOverflow. It has not been answered for some time. I realized that although SO is completely appropriate, there is another SE site which is more specific to my question. Is ...
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Allow to close a question as a duplicate using a question from another Stack Exchange site

At the moment at Stack Overflow if I try to vote to close a question as a duplicate I have to choose an existing question from Stack Overflow. If I try to choose an existing question at ...
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A question that fits both to Stackoverflow and Programmers

I think this question fits in Stack Overflow as well as in Programmers. Both the programmer in front of a compiler and the one designing on a flipchart could provide useful insights from their ...
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How to Repost Question?

I have a situation where I posted a question on Super User and then realized it would be more likely to get an answer on Ask Ubuntu. So what should I do in this situation? As of right now I have it ...
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What is the best Stack Exchange site to discuss general artificial intelligence?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: I want to make an AI. How do I combine words to create context? I figured that AI would be mostly discussed on Stack Overflow, however it seems that ...
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Suggest the right stack exchange community for certain tags

I think SO should suggest other Stack Exchanges sites for questions tagged with specific tags. For example, all questions in SO tagged with machine-learning should get a warning suggesting the user ...
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Tag [rpm] has different meanings on different Stack Exchange sites

I work a lot with rpm (Redhat Package Manager) and like to follow the questions with the rpm tag. However I get some questions from "Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair" Stack Exchange site with ...
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Can I remove the Hot Meta Posts section from my view in SO? [duplicate]

Most of the questions on Meta seem to be answerable with some simple common sense. This really annoys me and i'd like to not see it. I have tried simply ignoring it but it draws me in like a bad ...
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Should there be support for the same question being visible to multiple communities, to handle cases of overlap?

A frequent occurrence with the algorithms tag is that questions get downvoted or closed by people who think such questions are better suited for Mathematics or Computer Science. I don't know if ...
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I had a question on Stack Overflow somebody migrated to Super User

I had a question on Stack Overflow that somebody migrated to Super User. I am OK with that, but the migrator didn't check to see if I have a user account for the destination site or how the actual ...
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Why are software recomendations shoved off into their own group?

I've posted questions in SR.Se on several occasions. I've yet to get a good answer. When I ask the question in the appropriate SE I either get shot down, or my question gets moved. This is counter ...
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Synchronize reputation, privileges, and badges across Stack Overflow, Software Engineering, and Code Review portals

On Stack Exchange there are 3 sites which are more or less targeted to the same audience — software developers, programmers, SWE: Stack Overflow Software Engineering Code Review What about ...
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Too much Android?

Here's a screenshot I took about 10 seconds ago: Isn't it time to make another site or direct such questions (with the [android] tag) to the Android Stack Exchange site??
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