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Apply where the topic is the sides of pages when distinct zones, and their content on Stack Overflow.

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Hot Meta Questions link color is too bright & doesn't meet accessibility standards

Links in the Featured on Meta/Hot Meta Posts sidebar are #0095ff, while other links on the page are #07c. Does anyone else think this looks weird? The sidebar links are the same color as the Ask ...
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Stack Overflow Sidebar is a leftist

I just noticed that the sidebar on both Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow has no background, which under normal circumstances may not be a problem, but to guys with a large monitor and poor ...
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Clicking on the Stack Exchange site advertisement in the side bar, loads the Stack Overflow site in the advertisement place holder

There is one of the Stack Exchange site advertisement in the Stack Overflow sidebar (probably, when I clicked on the advertisement, instead of redirecting to the ...
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Linked questions should take priority over some items in the sidebar

I just answered a question where I linked a related question. I'm aware the link is in my answer, but I feel that if answers on a post link to other questions that might be useful to the OP or future ...
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Is it possible to filter the 'Hot Network Posts' tab?

I see a tab on the right side of Stack Overflow's webpage (this is just a cutout): There are a lot of top question of websites shown here. But, many of those do not interest me. I am mainly ...
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Long job title name does not fit into border

As described in the title I saw a job in the "Looking For a Job?" section with a pretty long name that kinda destroys the look of the page.
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Encoding issue in "Featured on Meta" box

This is what I currently see in the sidebar on Stack Overflow: Looks like the apostrophe is encoded one too many times. This appears to randomly come and go as evidenced by other reports.
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The info icons in the left sidebar on Stack Overflow are misaligned

In the left sidebar on Stack Overflow, the info icons () next to the Teams and Collectives headings are misaligned:
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What's with the big blank div on the sidebar under HMP/Announcements?

Recently there's a big blank spot underneath the HMP/Announcements box. This looks like a new div.js-sidebar-zone with min-height: 735px applied, but nothing seems to be put in it. Can this be fixed/...
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Adding a link to the Stack Overflow blog on side panel

Can we add a link to the Stack Overflow blog here (side panel): Right now, the easiest way to access the blog is to view an article and then navigate to other posts. The other way described here was ...
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Missing Hot Network Questions

While browsing, I noticed that the Hot Network Questions suddenly disappeared. I thought it was just an internet problem, so I reloaded, but it is still missing, even from other tabs with different ...
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Sidebar disappears in Safari and Mobile Safari

The sidebar vanishes when returning to the question list by using the back button or swiping from the left edge of the screen in Mobile Safari on both iPad and iPhone (IOS 9.1) - main SO site and Meta....
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Sidebar layout issue when navigating using wildcard [tag-*]

I often use wildcard searching on tags when looking for content on the site: [sql-server*]. This ends up producing a sidebar that looks a little like this (emphasis mine): You can probably see ...
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Show [Watched Tags] and/or [Custom Filters] boxes on Question Pages

If you're like me, you sometimes come here to check through questions and give back to the community. So I click on one of my Watched Tags on the side bar, say VBA and I select a question I wish to ...
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The left side navigation is missing or incorrectly positioned in Microsoft Edge

I noticed that the menu to the left sometimes disappear or goes to the bottom of the page. I only manage to get this result on Microsoft Edge when I scroll down while the page is loading. ...
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Long comments text is hidden by Careers AD or other regular side bar DIV's?

See here: That's a bug of the SE UI layout engine, isn't it?
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Intel Collective not visible in the sidebar

I don't know if there is a logic with which the collectives are displayed in the sidebar, or if this simply happens because it is the last added, but I wanted to point out that in the sidebar I see ...
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Missing home menu on left side from Meta Stack Overflow when checking all reviews

Since the new review look, I am missing the menu On the left side from all the review queues. See It is no major problem, but it should be fixed.
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Featured Meta.SE post shows on main sidebar but not meta

Today the post Setting Up a HackerOne Security Bug Bounty Program shows up on the sidebar on the main site But, when you visit meta, it is missing Is this a bug or do we not show the featured Meta....
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Right hand column overlapping left

See for example the comments on this thread. Return latest entry result providing there is a review or close entry The comments are partially concealed beneath the text on the right hand side. ...
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Make the 'Check out these companies' sidebar have less aggressive colors in dark mode

I use Stack Overflow in dark mode. It helps me concentrate and I found it more pleasant than the bright mode. In general the menus and sidebars are well integrated in terms of colors, however recently ...
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Linked / Related question titles in the sidebar are misaligned

Since recently the vote counts boxes next to question titles in the sidebar have become wider and have a new background color. Since then, the titles of these questions are not well-aligned with the ...
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