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Serial voting is the act of serially (repeatedly) up or downvoting another user's posts over a (usually short) period of time. If you feel someone has serially voted you: wait 24 hours to see if it's automatically reversed. If it's not auto-reversed, then raise an "in need of moderator intervention" flag and explain. Posting on meta about a specific case of someone serially voting is rarely productive, as non-moderators can't do anything about it.

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Does the serial voting script consider a question basis as well?

Recently I came across a good question on Meta about whether users should downvote answers to bad questions. I looked into this idea because it has happened to me twice recently. I'm okay with that, ...
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Sometimes I reward users by upvoting some of their answers and questions .. should it be discouraged? [duplicate]

Sometimes I feel that a user was particularly helpful. And I don't want to lose 100 of my own points, which I struggled to earn. So what I do? I go to their profile, I pick an answer they gave.. and ...
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Removing a downvoted question gives rep back when undeleting and when serial voting is reversed

Today I received 3 downvotes by the same user in a timespan of 1 minute. I removed one of the questions because I agreed with the downvotes. This brought me to a total of -4 reputation. However when ...
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Serial (down)voting because of MSO attention ("Meta Effect")?

I often see questions here on MSO regarding steps to take because of a bad question asked, for example. However while looking at these questions, I often see these questions being downvoted a lot ...
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"serial vote reverse" option has not reversed all the malicious actions

I experienced some sudden drop of my reputation. Someone has down voted lot of questions asked by myself (I can guess the person. It was for taking revenge). But Stack overflow serial down voting ...
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Is there a way to deal with a persistent hater? [duplicate]

It looks like in a last few weeks I really disappointed someone on SO. To such extent that I started to receive constant downvotes. Yes, I have received downvotes previously, but they looked more ...
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Serial UpVoting/DownVoting [duplicate]

Recently I have seen some threads regarding serial voting, and I was wondering if all the reputation was reverted, or just part of it. Example 1 User A posts a question User B answers ...
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Did Stack Overflow give us a Christmas bonus?

I don't usually get a lot of points on Stack Overflow. Maybe 5 or 10 every month or two. So I was kind of surprised to see that I had a 100 new reputation points this morning. The topics appear random ...
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Should one not go through a user's posts up/down/close voting? [duplicate]

If a user posts a bad question which is VTC/DV worthy, every now and then I'll look through their other posts. Often these other posts additionally lack the quality we strive for on this site and ...
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How actually Serial voting works? I lost reputation because of other user [duplicate]

Before some days I got notification from stack-overflow said "Serial upvoting reversed" and it has done (minus)-65 from my total reputation. I do not know who has serial voted to my questions and ...
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17 votes
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Serial Downvoting not fully removed, despite flag being marked as Helpful

On the 25th of November I had this happen - each of which are questions I've asked in the past: And on the 26th, 3 of those downvotes were reversed: I then raised a flag on one of the questions ...
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88 votes
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What to do when I am basically forced to serially downvote a user because they keep on posting crap in my tags?

So, there's a user (link removed, see note at the bottom) who is a member since today, has no idea how the site works and practices programming by iterative SO query. They've asked three python ...
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Serial Downvoting Script failed [closed]

If you take a look at my rep tab on Stack Overflow it appears someone went around and downvoted a bunch of my posts. It was obviously the same person because it was done all at the same time. https:/...
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How should I report suspected voting irregularities? [duplicate]

I received a bunch of downvotes within a few minutes, one on each of several recent answers I've made in the google-apps-script tag. One, two, three and four. IMHO the answers were helpful. ...
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Is it okay to encourage users to serial-vote in one's profile?

I personally don't think it is, but I've been unable to find a relevant question in that regard. This may also be a case-by-case basis thing.. But either way, I'm asking here. I do have a specific ...
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Revenge serial-downvoter with a few downvotes per time [duplicate]

I don't know why, but today someone that I don't know who, voted both of them in a few seconds. I'm sure this is serial downvoting, because these two questions have nothing to do with each other and ...
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Mod request to undo targeted downvotes

I recently saw three downvotes on my three most downvoted questions, all occurring within one minute. I have 10k+ rep, so I don't care about minus 6. The behavior itself though reeks of vandalism. I ...
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Are serial down-voters warned?

I know that the system ultimately reverses serial down-voting but does it (or a moderator, though it would seem to be a truckload of work) send a warning?
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When serial downvoting on answers is reversed, does the perpetrator get that rep back?

A few hours ago, I was (or I guess so) a victim of serial downvoting: I'm quite new here (for months now), but of course I'm confident that this will be reversed by the system script and those points ...
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Bulk of downvotes on most of my questions [duplicate]

Just an hour ago, I noticed a lot of downvotes on questions and answers of mine, some even being like three years old. While I am not shedding any tears over the rep points lost, I am just wondering ...
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33 votes
2 answers

How do I know if I am a victim of serial downvoting?

Today I have lost 192 reputation. Mostly due to a question being removed, in which my answer had received 18 upvotes, so all 180 points were removed. In addition, I've received 2 downvotes on an ...
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What to do when someone keeps serial-upvoting me?

Similar to What to do when I feel that someone is stalking me? There's a guy that got banned from SO after it was discovered that he had multiple accounts and used them to down-vote people he didn't ...
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Is it possible to see deleted answers or at least who contributed a deleted answer?

I downvoted a completely wrong answer with a comment and in return the guy gave me a lot of downvotes. I want to identify the guy and hand him over to the moderators. Unfortunately, he has deleted his ...
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Will serial upvoting / downvoting on Meta Stack Overflow be reversed?

I am well aware of serial upvoting being reversed on the main site, but what about on this meta site? As voting is different and is to express opinions, I feel that there should be a difference, but ...
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Is it acceptable to flag one of your own posts notifying moderators of unreversed suspected serial voting?

The 3 downvotes yesterday in quick succession were not reversed. Were these legitimate downvotes? – bjb568 Aug 14 at 16:54 declined - We don't have any way of knowing. I'd assume that it'd find its ...
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What should you do if someone starts upvoting your posts as in gratitude?

I'm sure this seems a bit of a silly question to most, but recently I had a situation where I helped someone on chat in relation to a question they'd posted. It took some time to figure out and they ...
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What can I do against someone who downvotes all my posts? [duplicate]

I downvoted someones answer, he asked why and i gave him the answer. He insulted me with go get a life ... douche (or something like that) deleted his answer and is now downvoting all my posts. ...
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How many votes can a serial voter vote before a serial voter's votes are counted as serial? [duplicate]

According to meta, the number of serial votes a serial voter must vote before the system identifies them as a serial voter is 'unknown'. Is there any clarification? Is there a formula? Or are the ...
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Are moderators notified by the system when a user has serial votes reversed?

I was wondering if moderators ever get notified whenever a serial voting reversal event occurs for some user? For example, if a user who's got a bunch of duplicate accounts that he's using to ...
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11 votes
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Whats the minimum amount of up votes/down votes that can be tracked by the system to be reversed in next 24 hours?

I want to know that what is the minimum amount of up votes/down votes which can be detected by the system which can be reversed in 24 hours? I think its three because I confirmed with two mods, but ...
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I found users who appear to have been serially upvoted, why hasn't this been reversed?

I recently stumbled upon the Data Explorer and figured I'd give it a try to practise my SQL. I wrote a query to fetch all users that had received serial voting (here defined as having more than 10 ...
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Rage Downvotes - How do we deal with them? [duplicate]

I was wondering about something: A friend who is quite active on Stack Overflow told me recently that if he feels offended by somebody, he just goes on their profile, opens a couple of answers or ...
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How do I reverse serial downvoting on my posts? [duplicate]

I must have caused someone to be angry at me, because these two reputation changes happened within a few seconds: These two posts are the ones with the most votes, so they are on top of the lists ...
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Why aren't users suspected of multiple voting irregularities suspended indefinitely? I see in this one's reputation page, just on the first page: Pretty clear what's going on. Why isn't a user like that removed indefinitely, instead of ...
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Can there be legitimate serial downvoting?

If you stumble across a user whose answers and questions are just terrible, is it okay to downvote and vote to close as needed, or is that crossing the line of serial downvoting? It's nothing ...
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57 votes
3 answers

Preventing serial down voting when almost every question seems to show no research?

I'm wondering what we are to do now that massive amounts of questions "show no research." My basic concern is if I keep downvoting I'm going to get flagged, which makes me want to simply stay off ...
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3 answers

What to do when serial downvoting is not fully reversed?

I've been a 'victim' of a serial downvoter recently, so as other questions' answers say, I waited 24h. to let the point correction trigger. In sum, I was taken 12 points. So when it actually ...
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I received a series of downvotes [duplicate]

Recently I noticed that I had received a number of downvotes on about 10 answers in a span of 1 minute. That's about 6 seconds per question. Now I don't mind criticism at all but how is it humanly ...
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Random revenge downvote without a reason

I got recently a few downvotes done in a couple of seconds interval... Is it possible, that someone just didn't take my criticism and went through my answers and randomly downvoted some of them? What ...
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18 votes
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What happens when vote fraud gets past the script?

To start off, I realize there are already multitudes of topics on the subject of vote fraud.. though maybe this is a slightly different case; I'm unsure. Anyway though.. During my reviews, I ...
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How to diagnose three simultaneous downvotes on my answers?

I just got 3 simultaneous downvotes on my answers; this seems like an impossible coincidence. -2 01:41 downvote SSH fingerprint verification for Amazon AWS EC2 server with ECDSA? -2 01:40 ...
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Will upvoting a users answers while running through recent tag questions ever result in serial voting?

Often, when I first get on SO, I'll run through the recent (maybe 10 to 20) swing questions. When I do, if I see an answer that deserves an up-vote, I will vote it up accordingly. In many cases, there ...
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252 votes
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What can I do about getting a sudden flood of revenge downvotes?

I just got a flood of irrational downvotes on a bunch of my posts in a short period of time. I suspect they may have been targeted at me based on a disagreement with another user rather than due to ...
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Serial upvoting reversed

When today I logged in to my account and my reputation is down, I check what is the reason then it shows like this: Serial upvoting reversed What does that mean?
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