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Serial voting is the act of serially (repeatedly) up or downvoting another user's posts over a (usually short) period of time. If you feel someone has serially voted you: wait 24 hours to see if it's automatically reversed. If it's not auto-reversed, then raise an "in need of moderator intervention" flag and explain. Posting on meta about a specific case of someone serially voting is rarely productive, as non-moderators can't do anything about it.

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Should the association bonus be reversed if it was obtained by serial voting?

I stumbled upon an account where the reputation history looked like this: Due to a barrage of serial upvotes the user received the Association bonus for crossing the 200 reputation mark. The ...
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Are offending users notified about serial voting being reversed?

Yesterday I answered a question (within the comments, a bad habit, but the answer was trivial). As a result, it seems that the asker went through some of my posts and gave them serial upvotes. Today ...
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Serial voting should not be reversed when the questions/answers themselves are serial posts

Yesterday, I downvoted (and flagged) 5 answers that I stumbled upon in tools/new-answers-old-questions. I did not single out this user, I simply went through the list of answers. The system detected ...
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Example of Serial Upvoting?

Yesterday (2016-01-07), I received at least 14 upvotes within 10 minutes (see here). Although appreciative of upvotes and confident in my deserving them (;-), this does seem like an example of serial ...
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Revenge downvotes, not invalidated after two accepted flags

Last Wednesday, I left a comment on this question. Then the OP (who thought I was the one who had downvoted&voted for close) revenge downvoted three of my answers/questions and left a non-...
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Serial voting: reversal problem

Yesterday I suffered at the hands of a disgruntled user, who took it upon himself to downvote a number of answers I've posted. It happens. Today, the script the should sort this out has run, but it's ...
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How can I tell which serial voting episode a reversal is connected to?

A few days ago I had four posts serial-downvoted, which I suspect was a retaliatory action for some of my editing. I flagged it for a mod, who replied to say they agreed it looked like a serial voting,...
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Explain why "voting corrected" may only include one vote in the Help Center article

Today I asked question Serial Voting Bug? which was correctly closed as a duplicate of -10 Serial voting was reversed. I consider myself a guy who reads documentation before asking a question. ...
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Strange serial "un"upvote

Today, I have noticed a funny phenomenon as I got a lot of un-upvote in a short time period. I don't really care about the rep I am losing, but I am wondering why it's happening? Is there someone ...
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Change the title of to match "serial-voting-reversed"

I think we should Change the title of the help page from Why do I have a reputation change on my reputation page that says "voting corrected"?...
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How long it will take to revert serial up/down votes?

Suspected a serial voting because votes came with less than a minute! Flagged it to a moderator output -> helpful - I have escalated this to the CMs. and moderator did his job, grateful for that. ...
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What is the next step for a user who continuously downvotes me and is being rude to me?

I noticed that a user with who we had a disagreement in the past about when to downvote and when to leave a comment in an answer was downvoting me serially (but not e.g. 5 downvotes in 1 min, so the ...
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