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Questions also answered by the user asking, easily marked by the shaded user card attached to the answer.

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Is it acceptable to improve other people' answers to your own question?

Is it a good idea to improve on answers to your own question, once you know more about the topic? For example: I am new to Stack Overflow, and I asked a simple question. User TylerH gave me a simple ...
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Can we have a special checkbox or something for purposely self-answered questions?

As stated here, one can pose a question with the purpose of answering it oneself. Perhaps this is a tricky situation that you encountered in your own coding and fixed and the material does not ...
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How would I award my own Eureka moment?

Look at this: Getting depth-first traversal insted of breadth first in T-SQL I struggled a bit with this before I posted it, and couldn't find the answer I was looking for. (I must have had a lapse ...
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Tried to add a self-answered wiki-post, but just got downvotes [duplicate]

I've tried to contribute to the community by publishing a solution to a problem. I thought it is allowed and welcome on SE. But then I get many downvotes and that's it. What did I do wrong?
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Accepted answers by self?

In This Question the accepted answer is from the OP. Under what conditions is that possible?
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"Community wiki" checkbox state lost on failed post

I recently ran into this issue making a post. When answering your own question at the same time you post it, if you check the "community wiki" box but there is a problem with the post on submit (e.g. ...
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Can you answer your own questions on Stack Overflow?

As a new Stack Overflow user, I am learning about how to use the system (reputation, etc.). I have had many technical questions that I believe may be useful to post, but I answered them myself. Is ...
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